state, society, and tibetan buddhism in contemporary china

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State, Society, and Tibetan Buddhism in Contemporary China

State, Society, and Tibetan Buddhism in Contemporary China Dr. Gerald, Politics, and the Sacred

TibetNot Just Tibetans, Not Just Buddhists

Tibetan BuddhismGeoffrey Samuel

Bodhi orientation

Pragmatic orientation

Karma orientation

Tibetan BuddhismGeoffrey Samuel

Mixed orientations

Tibetan BuddhismGeoffrey Samuel

Shamanic Buddhism

Clerical Buddhism

Tibetan BuddhismClerical and Shamanic

Tibetan BuddhismRobert Ekvall Religious Work

Faith: dadpa Verbalization: cheendon Offerings: mchodpa Salutations: shyag Circumambulation: korwa Divination: mo

State, Society, and Tibetan Buddhism STATESOCIETYBUDDHISM


State, Society, and Tibetan Buddhism SOCIETYBUDDHISMSTATE






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ImagesTibetan Muslims: anonymous, WeChatBodhi orientation; by Achmad Munasit : orientation; anonymous: orientation; by me: Mixed orientation; by me: Clerical Buddhism: Buddhism photograph by Lugyal BumClerical and Shamanic: Drolma Girl:;


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