startup storytelling - how to use storytelling to engage customers, investors & recruits

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1. @susanfsu startup storytelling 2. Good storytelling is like good design. When its done right, it looks effortless and captivating... ...and people forget theyre on your ride. 3. The story is about your business but its really about your customer 4. Brechts smokers theatre 5. Storytelling is NOT just pitching. 6. GOOD STORIES Consistent Recognizable Functional Emotional PERSONAL 7. WHERE EMAIL welcome email, reiterated in onboarding, as part of engagement and recapture PRESS pitches, press kit, boilerplate, press releases FUNDRAISING deck, pitches WEBSITE /about, /team, /why-us, /press PROFILES crunchbase, angel list, linkedin, Facebook, twitter, moar EVENTS speaking engagements, networking, meetups 8. STRUCTURE ONE consistent story... different formats: short 3 word medium few sentences long few paragraphs 9. PSYCHOLOGY Relateability Curiosity Triumph Underdog (vulnerability, doubt) Innovation CONFLICT