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Starting the SACE. What you need to know. Stage 1 and Stage 2. There are two ‘stages’ of the SACE: Stage 1 is generally completed in Year 11 Stage 2 is generally completed in Year 12 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Starting the SACEWhat you need to know

  • Stage 1 and Stage 2There are two stages of the SACE:Stage 1 is generally completed in Year 11Stage 2 is generally completed in Year 12This can vary between schools and students (e.g. BHS offer the Stage 1 Personal Learning Plan in Year 10 and Stage 2 Research Project in Year 11)

  • Flexible pathwaysThe SACE is flexible, and caters for learning both in and outside schoolStudents can combine study and part-time work, a traineeship or school-based apprenticeshipStudents can receive credit for SACE subjects, vocational education and training, community learning, and university studies

  • SACE requirements

  • SACE requirementsStudents need 200 credits to achieve the SACEMost 10-credit subjects are studied over one semester and most 20-credit subjects are studied over two semestersStudents need to achieve a C grade or higher for Stage 1 requirements and a C- grade or higher for Stage 2 requirements to achieve the SACE

  • Stage 1

  • Stage 1Subjects are graded from A to EAll tasks are assessed by teachers at the schoolAssessment is externally checked (moderated) in Mathematics, English and the Personal Learning Plan

  • SACE requirementsLiteracy from a range of English subjects or courses (20 credits) completed in Yr11Numeracy from a range of mathematics subjects or courses (10 credits) completed in Yr11PLP (10 credits) completed in Yr10Students must achieve at least a C grade at Stage 1 (C- Research Project)

  • Year 11 at Blackwood High SchoolBlackwood High School Students will generally complete 14 x 10 credit Stage 1 Subjects or equivalent recognized learning during Year 11 Included in these subjects are the compulsory English and Maths requirementsPlus Stage 2 Research Project in Semester 2

  • The Research ProjectAll SACE students study the Research ProjectA chance to do in-depth research and study a topic that interests the studentDevelop skills in planning, research, analysis and communicationTertiary-style study; skills valued by employers and invaluable in completing investigation tasks in all Year 12 subjects

  • Stage 2To achieve Stage 2, students need to complete at C- or better

    60 credits Stage 2 subjects and/or VET Research Project (completed in Yr 11 at BHS)

  • Year 12 at Blackwood High School

    Blackwood High School Students will generally complete 4 x 20 credit subjects during Year 12 or equivalent recognized learning

  • SACE Credits

  • Individual circumstances

  • Students with a disabilityThe SACE Board offers modified subjects at Stage 1 and Stage 2 for students with identified intellectual disabilitiesA student studying a modified subject will gain credits towards the SACE but not a grade for the subject; instead successful achievement is recorded as CompletedAny modified subjects a student has studied will be listed on their SACE certificate

  • Special ProvisionsSpecial provisions are available if a student has an illness, disability or unforeseen circumstance which significantly impacts their ability to participate in an assessmentIf a student applies for special provisions they need to provide evidence of how this impacts their ability to access assessment conditionsMore information is on the SACE website under Students and Families > Special Provisions

  • Further study

  • The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR)A measure of a students overall achievement in the SACE compared with other studentsUsed by universities in the selection of school leavers for a place in university coursesRanges from 0 to 99.95An ATAR is calculated from the aggregate of SACE subject results

  • ATAR EligibilityQualify for the SACEComply with the rules regarding precluded combinationsComply with the rules regarding counting restrictionsComplete at least 90 credits of study in Tertiary Admissions Subjects (TAS) and Recognised Subjects at Stage 2 in a maximum of 3 attemptsOf the 90 credits of study a minimum of 60 credits of study must be from 20 credit Tertiary Admissions Subjects(TAS) and a maximum of 20 credits can be Recognised Studies

  • TAFE Selection ScoreA TAFE selection score can be used for entrance to higher courses offered through TafeSAThe TAFE selection score is calculated directly form the best 60 credits of Stage 2 study.

  • Further information

  • Further informationVisit the SACE website particularly the Students and Families and Subjects sections: a copy of the Achieve handbook, Stage 1 or Stage 2 editionTalk to the teachers at your school

  • Other subjects and courses

  • Recognised learningThe SACE recognises learning both in and outside school, for example:Vocational Education and Training courses (VET)University and TAFE coursesCommunity learning (such as the Duke of Edinburghs Award or volunteer work)