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    Start Your Own Online Store Today

    The world has been reduced to the internet and more and more people are scampering to offer different

    services online. Currently, most people are doing their entire shopping online and this is thanks to the

    convenience that the internet affords them as well as the assurance. You actually get to enjoy a wide

    range of products and services to choose from without having to leave your home. Because of this, the

    ecommerce niche has become a very lucrative business making this the opportune time for you to start

    your own online store. Hosting providers such as TD Web Services have a variety of favorable services

    for such a venture. Should you decide to go down this path, how would you go about it?

    Why do I need an online store?

    Before you start breaking ground, you need to know why you need to start an online store and the

    opportunities that this has to offer.

    The internet is the way to go

    While the internet has been around for quiet sometime, it does not seem to be slowing down or running

    out of pace anytime soon. It is offering more and more new opportunities and even though it is about to

    hit its adulthood, it is still getting plenty of attention and hence making it the best invention for quite a

    number of years to come.

    Increases your sales and profits

    As opposed to opening up a shop you can be able to bump up your sales with much ease with an online

    store. You do not need to do a lot of advertising and even if you do, it is not half as expensive as it

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    would have been. All you have to do is make sure that you have a good website with relevant content

    and select your niche well.

    Enhance the image of your company

    A lot of people consider online presence a great way to ensure credibility and this could do a lot of

    good for your business.

    Become a global player

    By opening an online store, you are not only able to reach out the millions in your country but also the

    billions that are elsewhere in the world. It makes your products and your store available to the world

    which means more business for you.

    Choosing a Shopping cart

    Before you even start designing your website, you need to make sure that you are aware of the various

    options available for the ideal shopping cart. One that will offer you the best possible experience and

    will also fit in to your website design. Some of the options that you can look into include;


    This is an open source ecommerce platform and it puts to use the best and newest technologies that are

    available on the web. Some of its features include a catalog browser extended customer management

    and very advanced analytics and reporting just to mention a few. It also has an intuitive administrative

    interface not to mention that it is utterly scalable.


    This is in the same class as the Magento and is yet another open source shopping cart. It is very robust,

    friendly and powerful not to mention quite user friendly even for those that might be relatively new in

    this field.


    While this is still a relatively new player, it is constantly improving and is drumming up quite a number

    of users and hence you might want to look into it as well


    If you intend to build your website on WordPress or CMS, then woocommerce might be a better

    shopping cart for you. It is cost effective and offers a great number of features that include meta tags as

    well as SEO friendly links.

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    What you will need

    After you have decided on your shopping cart, then it is time to get down to the real work. You will


    A domain name

    This will require you to be creative since you want people to understand what your business is about

    from the domain name. It might also be tricky considering that there is a growing number of websites

    and the domain names are become scarce and harder to find. However, with a little creativity, you

    should be able to topple this.

    A hosting Provider

    You will also require a reliable and convenient Business Hosting. It is important to make sure that you

    take the time to get a good hosting service. This will directly affect how your website is able to perform

    and also the experience that your clients are able to get. It is also important to ensure that they have

    good support in case you need it. TD web service has a great enterprise hosting package that you might

    find quite helpful.

    An SSL Certificate

    You will also need an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer Protocol) certificate which encrypts the data between

    the browser and the server which is essential in protecting customer data. You might get this for free

    but to get a private one, you will be required to cough up a small amount.

    A Payment Gateway

    To access credit cards and allow people to easily make payments, you will need a payment gateway

    and preferably PayPal considering that it is the most popular and dominant payment method that the

    internet has to offer.

    Once all these tools and parts have been put in place, you are ready to break ground and start building

    your online store. You should not experience any trouble from here on out.

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    TD Web Services Common Platform for All Your Applications Needs

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