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DESCRIPTION SUMMARY SLIDES: Learn how you can start a consulting business with the help of free mentors from SCORE. Copyright (C) SP Home Run Inc. SP Home Run is a registered trademark of SP Home Run Inc. All worldwide rights reserved.


  • 1.SPHomeRun.comStart a ConsultingBusiness with the Help of MentorsCourtesy of theSmall Business Computer Consulting Bloghttp://blog.sphomerun.comCreative Commons Image Source: Flickr elisasizzle

2. Sponsored by HowToStartAnITBusiness.comSPHomeRun.comYou Should beAware of the FreeMentoring ProgramsSponsored bySCORE 3. Sponsored by HowToStartAnITBusiness.comSPHomeRun.comA NonprofitSupported by theU.S. Small BusinessAdministration 4. Sponsored by HowToStartAnITBusiness.comSPHomeRun.comAccording to theNational SCOREWebsite, itsMentoring Serviceis Free 5. Sponsored by HowToStartAnITBusiness.comSPHomeRun.comand All Interactionsare Confidential 6. Sponsored by HowToStartAnITBusiness.comSPHomeRun.comDepending onYour Preference,You Can ChooseFrom In-Personor Email Mentoring: 7. Sponsored by HowToStartAnITBusiness.comSPHomeRun.comIn-PersonMentoring 8. Sponsored by HowToStartAnITBusiness.comSPHomeRun.comFrom theNational Website,You Can EnterYour Zip Codeand It Will Help You 9. Sponsored by Set Up an Appointment with a Mentor From Your Local SCORE Chapter 10. Sponsored by HowToStartAnITBusiness.comSPHomeRun.comThe Choices fromthe Drop-DownList Include: 11. Sponsored by Business Plans 12. Sponsored by Cash Flow Management 13. Sponsored by CustomerRelations 14. Sponsored by Legal Issues 15. Sponsored by Managing aBusiness 16. Sponsored by HowToStartAnITBusiness.comSPHomeRun.comThe SCOREWebsite AlsoPrompts Youto List YourSpecific Question 17. Sponsored by HowToStartAnITBusiness.comSPHomeRun.comand Provide YourContact Information 18. Sponsored by HowToStartAnITBusiness.comSPHomeRun.comEmail Mentoring 19. Sponsored by HowToStartAnITBusiness.comSPHomeRun.comYou Can Search byKeyword or Browseby Mentoring Skills, 20. Sponsored by HowToStartAnITBusiness.comSPHomeRun.comSuch as Finance,Business Strategy,Sales, or byIndustry ExperienceIncluding: 21. Sponsored by Government 22. Sponsored by Research,Business,Consulting 23. Sponsored by Restaurant / Hospitality 24. Sponsored by Retail andWholesale Trade 25. Sponsored by International Trade, Imports / Exports 26. Sponsored by HowToStartAnITBusiness.comSPHomeRun.comIf You Have Tipson SuccessfullyWorking withMentors 27. Sponsored by HowToStartAnITBusiness.comSPHomeRun.comShare Themin the CommentsSection Below 28. SPHomeRun.comRecommended Reading:How to Start a ComputerConsulting Business6 Proven Ways toBuild Your Initial Client BaseDownload this Free Special Report Now atHowToStartAnITBusiness.comCopyright SP Home Run Inc. All worldwide rights reserved.SP Home Run is a registered trademark of SP Home Run Inc.Creative Commons Image Source: Flickr elisasizzle