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Download Starfish/Motorola Confidential 1 September 8, 2015 Starfish/Motorola Confidental Overview Starfish Software, Inc. Bob Koche (Ko-chee) Director of Partner

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  • Starfish/Motorola Confidential 1 September 8, 2015 Starfish/Motorola Confidental Overview Starfish Software, Inc. Bob Koche (Ko-chee) Director of Partner Programs
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  • Starfish/Motorola Confidential 2 Market Trends CONSUMER TRENDS ENTERPRISE TRENDS CARRIER TRENDS
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  • Starfish/Motorola Confidential 3 Market Trends Consumer trends In 2001, nearly 400M handsets shipped worldwide By 2010, there will be 700M to 1.3 billion 3G subscribers worldwide Information Appliance shipments are expected to grow at a CAGR of > 80%, and reach 18.5M shipments by 2005 (exceeding consumer PC shipments of 17M in 2005) Enterprise trends By 2005, IS organizations will manage 3 or more devices per user PDAs, pagers, car PCs, smart phones, set-top boxes, home PCs and Web stores PDAs will have the application power of todays notebook computers Web-based data stores will become commonplace By 2005, 40% of end user data will reside outside the enterprise Potential to at least double TCO per device Enterprise is going wireless Smart handheld device users are expected to reach 60M in 2004 Carrier trends Carriers are in the process of rolling out 2.5G services; by 2005, carriers will have adopted 3G devices and infrastructure Carriers are approaching enterprise Source: Gartner Group; IDC
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  • Starfish/Motorola Confidential 4 Starfish and SyncML Leadership in an Emerging Market Starfish is a founding member of the SyncML Initiative An open industry standard for universal data synchronization removes barriers for extended use of wireless and wireline devices Wide industry acceptance Device manufacturers, carriers, Internet services, and all major sync providers
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  • Starfish/Motorola Confidential 5 Starfish Overview Founded in 1994 Headquarters in Scotts Valley, California Wholly-owned independent subsidiary of Motorola; acquired in 1998 A forward-looking vision from the start
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  • Starfish/Motorola Confidential 6 Building on Success: A History of Accomplishment 1995: Starfish delivers first Windows 95 desktop organizer; development of device and server solutions begins 1996: Introduced first TrueSync solution to sync PalmPilot with leading PIM apps 1997: Launched multi-point sync platform between devices, servers and PCs; developed embedded Java apps; REX device breaks new ground in form factor and end-to-end optimized solutions 1998: Deployed first commercial TrueSync server as infrastructure for voice-based portal; extended REX line with REX Pro and DataSlim (Japan); acquired by Motorola 2000: TrueSync Everywhere!: Motorola wireless phones and pagers ship worldwide with TrueSync solutions; lead SyncML standard development; developed end-to-end extensible platform for PIM, messaging & imaging 2001: TrueSync first and leading platform for SyncML-based sync solutions; introduced Simplify Platform; extended to 2.5G/GPRS & Connectivity markets Founded 19942002 & Beyond 1999: TrueSync infrastructure deployed on leading portals; extended embedded technology to clipOn Organizer, TrueSync Desktop and Synchronization solution launched with Motorola 2002: Continue to lead SyncML; TrueSync & Simplify extend to 3G/WLAN; introduce Starfish DM platform
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  • Starfish/Motorola Confidential 7 End-to-End Mobile Data Management
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  • Starfish/Motorola Confidential 8 Managed Mobility Solutions Mobile Data Management Mobile Device Management TBD Category: Brand: Products: Desktop Solutions TrueSync Plus TrueSync Express TrueSync SDK Server Solutions TrueSync Server, Enterprise TrueSync Server, Carriers TrueSync Server APIs Internet Planner Device Solutions TrueSync Device Stack TrueSync Wireless SimplifyGPRS Simplify 3G Simplify WLAN TBD Server TBD Device Stack Mobile Connectivity Management Tagline: Internet Connectivity To Go Enter Information Once, Access Anywhere
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  • Starfish/Motorola Confidential 9 What we are looking for Partners Software system integrators Capable of implementing our system at mobile carriers Core competency in project management, enterprise application deployment, Java, UNIX (or NT) Experience or relationships with mobile carriers highly desirable Commissions paid to system integrators on licenses sold to carriers
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  • Starfish/Motorola Confidential 10 Back Up
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  • Starfish/Motorola Confidential 11 Starfish is Uniquely Positioned What we have today A complete, shipping, end-to-end data mobility solution, including data sync and GPRS connectivity A full range of tightly integrated Server, Desktop and Device solution components, with PSO services Excellent industry reputation for expertise, delivering on time and within budget Extensible, standards-based, brandable platform for carriers and OEMs Why customers will want to partner with us tomorrow Commitment and focus technology leadership allows customers to focus on their core competencies (extending datatypes, protocols, etc.) A commitment to SyncML and other open standard initiatives A complete device management solution, integrated with sync solutions Starfish will lead the market with a full spectrum of sync solutions for consumers through enterprise customers