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  1. 1. InstallationProcedure and Use of StarfishFXBinary OptionEA 1. Downloadthe installationfile 2. Save it to the desktopforease of locatingitto run the installation. 3. Double clickonthe installationfile. 4. The followingscreenwill appear.Clickonthe Runbutton. (Run) 5. Clickon the Nextbuttonto proceedwiththe installation. (Next)
  2. 2. 6. Selectthe installationpathbelongingtoStarfishFX, (StarfishFX) 7. Whenyouhave selectedthe installationpath,clickonthe Nextbuttontoproceed. (Next)
  3. 3. 8. The installationpackage isnowreadyforinstallation.Clickonthe Installbuttontobeginthe installation. (Install) 9. Once the installationpackagesare installed,clickonthe Finishbuttontocompletethe installationprocess. (Finish)
  4. 4. 10. You have nowsuccessfullycompletedthe installation. 11. OpenyourinstalledStarfishMT4 terminal. StarfishMT4 12. Clickon the menuToolsatthe top of yourMT4 terminal andthen selectOptionsfromthe sub-menu. MT4 (Tools) (Options)
  5. 5. 13. Make sure that the checkboxesinballoon1& 2 are checked.Once theyare checked,youmay clickthe OKbutton. OK 14. On the top leftof yourMT4, clickon the icon as illustratedinthe picture above toopenthe Navigatorview. MT4
  6. 6. 15. Notice underthe ExpertAdvisors, the EA named BinaryOptions. ExpertAdvisors() BinaryOption() 16. If you cannot findthis,please checkthatyouhave selectedthe correctinstallationpathduring the installationprocess. 17. Openupany chart on your MT4 terminal.Example:openupthe USDJPYor USDJPYbo chart. MT4 // 18. Double clickonthe BinaryOptions EA fromthe Navigatortoput the EA on the openedchart. BinaryOption 19. The windowasin the picture belowshouldappear.Youshouldsee thatthe checkboxes(inred circle) are checked.Clickonthe OKbuttonto complete the installationof the ExpertAdvisor. OK
  7. 7. 20. In a moment,youshouldsee atthe taskbar the appearance of a Starfishicon 21. Selectandclickthe one on the right andyou shouldsee the followingwindowappeared. 22. If you like tohave the BinaryOptionswindow tostayon topof all your application,thenclickon the PIN icon at the top of window.
  8. 8. 23. You are nowreadyto trade Binary Optionsbyselectingthe currencypairof your choice. 24. Next,setyourdesiredexpiryperiod.
  9. 9. 25. Finally,setthe investmentamountbyclickingonthe and to increase ordecrease the amount. 26. Alternatively,youmayalsouse the keyboardtotype inthe desiredinvestmentamount. 27. For eachinvestmentamount,the potential gainwill be shown. 28. Once you have completedthe trade settings,youare now readyto place yourtrades.
  10. 10. 29. To buy CALL options,clickonthe UPbutton. UP() 30. To buy PUT options,clickonthe DOWNbutton. DOWN() 31. If you wishtosee your active tradesor yourtrade history,youmayuse the MT4 terminal window. MT4 Active Trade
  11. 11. Trade History End Note : If you encounteranydifficultiesorprobleminstallingoronthe use of the ExpertAdvisor,please email ourcustomerservice department. It wouldbe veryhelpful if youcaninclude atwhichstepof the installationoruse of thisEA by quotingthe paragraphnumber.