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Company Profile

What is Binary Option?

StarfishFX Security

How to Trade Binary Option?



Strategy 1: Moving Average

Strategy 2: Bollinger Bands

Strategy 3: Mother and Baby

Strategy 4: RSI

Risk Managements

Compensation Plan

Trader (T)




Company Profile

Starfish FX is managed by Starfish Markets Ltd. We have a strong commitment to maintaining a long term relationship with our clients. From our main office in New Zealand, we strive to provide our clients with the very best service and the most competitive conditions in the industry.

Starfish MarketsLtd is formed by a group of experienced and established finance professionals with over 20 years of experience; each diversified in the financial management field. All of our founders are passionate investors who have seen the explosive growth of financial markets brought on by the pervasive prevalence of the Internet in the last 20 years. Experts in their own field-Banking, Institutional Investment, Fund Management and Info Technology.


New Zealand forex trading platform

Currently regulated under New Zealand FSP, registration number FSP272925

Customer base in various regions of the world:

Oceania, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa

Starfish FX(New Zealand Certificate of Incorporation)


Starfish FX

Founded in 2003.

A regulated brokerage for 11 years.

Zero Complaint for the past 11 years.

Global Banking & Finance Review

Best Trading Platform Asia 2013

Global Banking & Finance Review

Best Trading Platform Asia 2014

Global Banking & Finance Review

Most Innovative Binary Options Broker Asia 2014

Most Credible & Influential Brand Award
in Financial Service in China 2013

aaThe STAR of the Event

Once again, Starfish FX was the STAR of the event at the Ninth Investment Management Financial Fair which conclude on 2nd June 2013 in Shanghai, the financial hub of China.

The exciting expo packed to the brim with amazing crowd closed on an exceptionally high note for Starfish FX as we were presented the Asias Top Brand award in recognition of excellent service and performance as well as the preferred choice of brokerage.It was an incredible honor, but one that was not short and experience accumulated over the years understanding the Chinese market and providing the right sets of tools,service and products that best cater to the needs of local traders.

2013 Shanghai Money Fair

The Keynote Guest for Alpha Asia 2012International Renowned Investment Expert and Co-Founder of QuantumFund - Mr Jim Rogers

International Events

Starfish FX was the official Gold Sponsor For 2013 Jim Rogers Event

International Events

2012 Guangzhou Investment & Finance Expo

Media Release For 2012 Guangzhou Expo

2013 Shanghai Money Fair

2014 Shanghai Money Fair

Starfish FX International Seminars

Seminars in Cambodia

Seminars in Cambodia

Seminars in Cambodia


Wire Transfer


China Unionpay



Priority Deposit Cards


Award winning internationally renowned platform

Regulated by New Zealand FSP and member of FSCL with segregated account

Strong interbank liquidity

1st in industry to introduce MT4 Binary Options

1st and only in the industry to introduce EA based MT4 Binary Options

Multiple deposit options


Every signal, coupled with bollinger bands as a guide to support and resistance, gives us an average 70% chance of profiting

Out of 100 trades, there will be 70 wins and 30 losses

Based on a 10USD minimum trade,

Profit = 10USD x 70 x 76% = 532USD

Losses = 10USD x 30 = 300USD

Net profit = 232USD



Highest PriceClosed PriceOpen PriceLowest Price

Highest PriceOpen PriceClosed PriceLowest Price


ShadowMain Body


Bollinger Band Moving Average


Strategy 1: Bollinger Bands

50% -70% (Down)50% -70% (Up)

Strategy 1: Bollinger Bands c80% (Down)80% (Up)

Strategy 1: Bollinger Bands 90% (Down)90% (Up)

Strategy 2: Moving Average

Moving Average

Moving Average

Strategy 3: Mother and Baby

Strategy 3: Mother and Baby

Strategy 4: RSI

Risk Management

Follow the strategy to trade

Long shadow & Short body, Mother baby

Bollinger bands

Moving average

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

Use 4 strategy combine together is more confident.

Before trade must look economics calendar, be careful to trade with which currency high effect.

Trade 5 minute for beginner, 5 minute stable than 1 minute.

Time stable for trade is from 3pm 12am (Cambodia time)

Currency stable for trade is effect with USD have 7 currency (EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY).

Bollinger bands straight line is stable than open.

Market not move, dont trade.

No time, dont trade.

Do not trade when you stress or not good feeling.

Do not use your emotion or your feeling to trade.

Do not greedy when you win.

Do not back up when you lose.

Do not trade like a gambler.

Do not follow other peoples trade wrong strategy.

Do not trade test with new strategy that create by yourself.

Trade 1% of balance.

Set limit for trade 1hour-2hour a day.

Set limit for trade 5 to 10 time a day.

Set limit for win 2-4% and 4-8% a day.

Set limit for lose 2% and 4% a day.

Withdraw 100% of profit until get capital back.

Withdraw 100% the same but when receive money deposit 30% back for compound balance.

When market goes against you


when you choose to go double

When you choose to go double

Based on the above case,

Trade 1 = 10USD

Trade 2 = 20USD

Trade 3 = 50USD

Trade 4 = 120USD

Trade 5 = 360USD

Trade 6 = 1000USD

Total 1560USD traded


What will you do?

Wait for next opportunity

Trade again with double the trade size?

Point to note

This method is to catch reversal trends

Stick with 1 symbol until the trend ends

Once you start, DO NOT carry on your double-up to other symbols until this symbol ends

If you do so, chances are that you will catch multiple false entries and fail

Minimize Risk in binary options

Economic calendar avoid news release. If you like exciting trades, you can choose to bet on news release, but DO NOT DOUBLE UP!

You can find an economic calendar on

Know the market opening hours of different currencies. Movement will be bigger in a currency when its market opens

Golden rule of any financial product

Always follow the rules of trading. When you go against the rules, no matter how small, you are gambling. No gambler wins. Not in casino, not in forex, not in Binary Options

Know when to stop. Be it winning or losing, have a target in mind everyday and stop trading when the win-loss target is reached

After stopping, keep your hands away from the computer so that they do not get itchy

Company plans for 2015

24 hour customer service will be introduced in March 2015

Binary Options for mobile is currently developing, and estimated date of delivery will be September 2015

Compensation Plans


Trader (T)

Introducing Broker (IB)

Master Introducing Broker (MIB)

Platinum Introducing Broker (PIB)


Requirement to IB

Total volum trade personal 10,000$

Verify 2 lines

Total direct sponser deposit 10,000$

Total volum trade sponser 50,000$


If you got 10 trader below

Average 1 trader have volume trade 1000$/day

10 trader = 10000$ volume trade

150$ 20 Day = 3000$


Requirement to MIB

Verify 2 IB Diffirence lines

Whole team deposit 100,000$

Volume trade whole team 1,000,000$


Requirement to PIB

Verify MIB 5 lines


www.starfishfx.comCustomer Servicecs@starfishfx.comThank you

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