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Stanford Settlement Neighborhood Center celebrates its 75th anniversary of serving children, teens, seniors, & families residing in the north area of Sacramento. The mission is to help build healthy communities through individual, family, and neighborhood services. This slideshow is a snapshot of the history, mission, and impact of the organization from 1936-2011.


  • 1. celebrating
    75 years

2. helping build
healthy communities
through individual,
family, &
neighborhood services
3. The Stanford Mansion, where Stanford Settlement was founded by the Sisters of Social Service
4. our home from 1936-1963
5. moving to Gardenland in the 1960s
6. blessing of our first home in Gardenland
7. Executive Director Sister Leonora
8. celebrating a new home
9. where we moved in 1975
10. and still remain today
11. Executive Director Sister Anne Field
12. Sister Jeannes first day as Executive Director
July 1, 1976
13. 75 years of
14. learning to work together
15. having fun
16. being part of something meaningful
17. feeling a sense of belonging
18. working out problems
19. creating lasting friendships
20. learning to lean on others
21. knowing caring adults along the way
22. 75 years of
23. having a safe place to go
24. working together
25. learning new things
26. just hanging out
27. creating lasting memories
28. playing together
29. learning we are all in the same boat
30. the Carl R. Hansen Teen Center
dedicated 2009
31. 75 years of
32. going places together
33. keeping friendships alive
34. breaking ground for new space
35. the new Senior Center
dedicated 1993
36. staying active & healthy
37. feeling supported
38. remaining independent
39. celebrating life
40. 75 years of
41. being pioneers for a better world
42. hospitalitymaking welcome the stranger
43. reflecting values that respect
ALL people and things
44. cherishing the familial warmth of community
45. finding joy in the work
46. In gratitude to all those who have helped shape Stanford Settlement
the Sisters of Social Service
board members, staff, and volunteers
participants & the community at large
we thank you all!
47. 48. 2011 Stanford Settlement Neighborhood Center,slides& photos
Music by:SunghaJung,arranged by UlliBgershausen