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    Volume 112 | DECEMBER 2014 | Stanfords monthly newspaper | R14

    028 341 0841 (Office) 072 639 6135 (Restaurant) R43 Stanford


    Village cheerVillage cheer

    Family friendly restaurant with unbeatable settingStanford Hills Estate wines at cellar door prices 08:30 - 17:00. Open every day from 16 December 2014 - 5 January 2015, closed Christmas and Boxing day. Remember to book early for our New Years Day Chillout braai dayspaces limited.


    editorial notes

    MONTHLY CONTRIBUTORS Andrew Herriot, Mike Horn, Olga Koorts, Karen McKee, Don MacIver, Martin Ranger, Bryan Robertson, Tania Weich and Tasha Saha.

    COVER PHOTOGRAPH: Taken by Grant Nale, Toy run read more on page 6.

    The frosted Christmas card image of snowflakes and snowmen, blanketed deodars and sledding are trumped by holiday time in Stanford. We cram endless activities and revelry into our African sea-breeze days and balmy, sunlit evenings. Our 'What's On' calendar has burst its seams as people end the year on a high note markets, festivals, charity events, amateur productions, carols by candlelight, and so much more. This December edition of Stanford River Talk is a Christmas special in which we feature local children with their favourite toys in 'These are a few of my favourite things' (page 12). Christmas time is usually filled with friends or family, and kitchens fill with hungry grazers. Bryan Robertson suggests some ways to make some space in your fridge with his take on 'Leftover Feast Treats' (Kitchen Talk, page 17). Tanya Weich suggests ways in which to best charm guests with local wines ('Christmas Cheers', page 16 ). Thank you to all our writers, readers and advertisers, without whom Stanford River Talk would not exist. This has been an action-packed year in our village which, with your help, we have reflected on our pages. Team River Talk would like to take this opportunity to wish all Christians in Stanford a blessed and peaceful Christmas. Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish readers. We hope you enjoy the time with your loved ones and we salute those who are absent from family tables this year.

    REFUSE REMOVALRefuse will be removed on Wednesday 24 December and Wednesday 30 December. This will afford the operational personnel the opportunity to spend two of the festive days with their families and loved ones.

    HOURS OF TRANSFER STATIONWeekdays: 08:00 18:00Sundays & Public Holidays: 09:00 14:00

    OFFICES HOURS DURING THE FESTIVE SEASONCLOSED: Tuesday 16/12/2014.CLOSED: Wednesday 24/12/2014 at 13:00CLOSED: Thursday & Friday 25 & 26/12/2014 CLOSED: Wednesday 31/12/2014 at 13:00CLOSED: Thursday & Friday 01 & 02/01/2015

    EMERGENCY NUMBERSOVERSTRAND: 028 313 8000, 028 313 8111POLICE: 028 341 0601

    MERRY CHRISTMAS AND BLESSINGS FOR 2015 To All Stanfordians from the Stanford Municipal Staff



    Editorial Contributions & Disclaimer Editorial contributions are welcome and should include top quality photos where relevant. Articles will be printed under the contributors name or an accepted nom-de-plume if the full name and address is provided. All contributions are voluntary and not paid for. The editor reserves the right to edit, amend, abridge or reject any article. Opinions of contributors do not necessarily reflect those of the editor. Copyright All material in this issue is copyrighted, and belongs to The Really Famous Publishing CC unless otherwise indicated. No part of the material may be reproduced without prior permission. Published and printed by The Really Famous Publishing CC.

    EDITOR Phil Murray 082 667 0619 ADVERTSING & LAYOUT Sandra Slabbert 079 523 8453 ACCOUNTS Michelle Hardie find our business page on FACEBOOK

    To all the Stanford Players and sponsorsIt is SO nice to be on the receiving end for a change and to win something wonderful! I am thrilled with the most amazing hamper filled with my favourite goodies vouchers from Platanna, Jeanne Retief Hair, Don Gelato and Graze. Thank you to all the sponsors and to the person who wrapped it so lovingly! I really look forward to the 'We are the World' production in December and hope you 'break-a-leg'. The time and effort you all put in is much appreciated by the community and is a highlight of the year.Pam Trevelyan

    Where are we heading?Imagine a gigantic nuclear plant on three kilometres of pristine beach at Bantamsklip. Picture power lines cutting through internationally respected botanical hot spots and nature reserves, the Agulhas National Park and the Nuwejaars Special Management Area on the Agulhas plains funded by the Global Environment Facility. Consider the impact on the marine life, the threat to the Great White Sharks and the impact this will have on the tourism industry. Whilst the planning for this Jurassic monstrosity is proceeding rapidly, the wind farm at Caledon is already producing more electricity than Hermanus presently uses (27 MW). The Jasper Solar Power Project near Kimberly (96MW, the largest in Africa) is fully operational, and supplies 80 000 homes with electricity. The rest of the world is rapidly moving towards renewable energy because it is more environmentally sustainable and makes economic sense in the long run. More than 300 000 new jobs have been created by the renewable energy industry in Germany in the last few years. We know the exact costs, implementation periods and economic benefits of renewable energy. The nuclear companies are still not able to give clear answers to any of these questions. Surely it is a no-brainer; if we want reliable energy to be quickly available, at predictable costs with the promise of a better future for our earth, we have to vote for renewable energy. We cannot ignore the consequences of our impact on our environment. We are surrounded by natural assets essential to our local economy which now teeter on the brink of devastation. A revolution is necessary. This revolution is to save the earth and ourselves from destruction and to set an example by building a sustainable future for the Overberg and our continent. For more information please go to www.savebantamsklip.orgwww.savebantamsklip.orgPiet Human and John Williams


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    7 km outside Stanford on Route 326 028 341 0693 | |


    Visit for a picnic lunch or tea with cake, a cheese tasting and to stock up on Klein River cheese while the children enjoy the play park and farm animals! Farm now open daily.

    Visit for a picnic lunch or tea with cake; a cheese tasting; and to stock up on Klein River cheese all while the children enjoy the play park and farm

    animals! Farm now open daily!

    Plenty of holiday fun!


    WARD COMMITTEE REPORTMeeting held 13 November 2014

    news and updates

    A NEW LOOK CPF IN 2015 The following 18 Stanford organisations have registered as members of the Community Police Forum: Ratepayers, Tourism, Rotary, Okkie Smuts, The Neighbourhood Watch, The Victims Empowerment Organisation, Volvertroue, KRAB (Klein River Association of Boating), Stanford Clinic, Fynbos Community Foundation, Missiodei Ministries, Badisa, Mooi Hawens Ministries, die Bron Primary School, SAFE Security, Stanford Animal Welfare and the Christelike Forum. The main focus of the CPF is to work with SAPS in eradicating crime. More community based projects will also be implemented and it is hoped that this widely representative group could be a forerunner to the creation of a broader interest Stanford Civic Association.

    BEWARE THE SILLY SEASON! Although the festive season is mostly one of great happiness and quality family time, SAPS would like to remind all residents and visitors that it is a time when unfortunate and reckless behaviour occurs. In addition, it is a fact that there is always a spike in crime in December and January. Please take extra care and precautions in safeguarding your homes and possessions during this time.

    A NEW LOOK NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Next year will see a smarter team of crime watchers patrolling the streets in their brand new turquoise T-shirts. Chairman of Stanford South Neighbourhood Watch, Sarah Phillips, would like to thank the members for the weekend nightly foot patrols they undertook throughout 2014. She wishes the community a merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year. Stuart Anderson

    On 21 November, Gabriel Athiros and John Gribble gave a lively talk on the shipwrecks of the Cape. More than 2000 ships have been wrecked on the South African coast and Gabriel and John brought some of the more famous ones to life, including the story of the Flying Dutchman. The Birkenhead shipwreck, which gave the Birkenhead Brewery its name, was the first time where the protocol 'women and children first' was followed when the ship was going down. The evening was a huge success. Over 70 people in attendance were riveted by the tragic yet fascinating stories about our Cape of Storms. John and Gabriels book 'Wrecked at the Cape, Part One' is available for purchase at Stanford Tourism. Read the stories behind the great shipwrecks of the West Coast. 'Wrecked at the Cape, Part Two' is due for publication in