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DESCRIPTION - We attended the 2014 Content Marketing World (#CMWorld) conference and came away with these strategies on how to stand out and persuade customers to trust you in our present world of content overload. Two keys lie in moving beyond the content comfort zone, and applying Agile Marketing methods to your management. But there's more inside. Check it out.


  • 1. Standing Out in a World of Content Overload7 Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2014

2. More content is beinggenerated than ever before 70% of B2B Content Marketers created more content this year 55% will increase and 32% will maintain Content Marketing spend How will your company stand out?1 3. The Buyers Journeyis not a guided tour Buyers cant usually be escorted in their journey fromawareness to purchase Understand where they land on their journey and establish apresence at each spot, including 3rd party sites, review sites,social platforms, search results Advanced: Be the potential buyers point of inspiration bycreating and sharing inspiring and authentic stories2 4. Integrate authentic storiesinto your content Find real stories that engage your audience Great stories generate: Conflict & suspense Empathy & authenticity Tap into emotions Foster aspirations in your audience Drive meaningful attention3 5. Unique Practices are betterthan Best Practices4Copying Content Marketing approaches (best practices) is lessvaluable than finding your unique approach. Some ways: Develop a strong, unforgettable voice Be the best at something (e.g. best digital teacher) Document (or create) compelling stories (see #3) Go beyond traditional content (see #5) 6. All content marketersneed to be great writers 5 Writing will never diminish as a key part of Content Marketing Even if your job description is not a writer, great writing isstill essential (for ads, emails, posts, press releases,slidesets, web content) Managers: hire people who can write well (look at samples) Marketers: continue to hone your writing skills 7. Move beyond yourcontent comfort zoneBlogging, eBooks, Infographics, webinars yes, we know the drill. What else? Understand your buyers ultimate goal and process Develop things that replace parts of their process Examples: Calculators, self-assessment tools, digital assets (like stockphotos or buttons for web), presentation templates (like a VC pitch deck),statistics (to help with internal pitches)6 8. Use agile marketingmanagement approaches 7 The online marketing world is complicated - cause and effectare often hard to connect Were also in a time of rapid change and need to stay nimble A Waterfall approach to marketing management (plan, build,measure, deliver) is sub-optimal in this environment Agile practices with long term planning, shorter work cyclesand active communication better allow marketing to align withchanging priorities 9. Lessons inspired by....1) Content Marketing Statistics: Content Marketing Institute, B2B ContentMarketing 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets andTrends North America,@CMWorld Buyers Journey: Andrew Davis, @TPLDrew Robert Rose, @Robert_Rose3) Authentic Stories: Kevin Spacey, @Kevin Spacey Andrew Davis, @TPLDrew Joe Pulizzi, @JoePulizzi4) Unique Practices: Ann Handley, @annhandley Marcus Sheridan, @thesaleslion Kevin Spacey, @Kevin Spacey Andrew Davis, @TPLDrew5) Great Writers: Ann Handley, @annhandley6) Content Comfort Zone: Jay Acunzo, @Jay_zo7) Agile Marketing Management: Scott Brinker, @chiefmartecContent Marketing World 2014 10. Collaboration & Project Management solutionsClick to learn about WrikeWrikes powerful cloud integrations 11. Photo Credits1)