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Download STAINLESS STEEL VAGINAL SPECULA - LTL   | TOLL FREE 1 [800] 910-8303 FAX 1 [805] 579-9415   Graves Speculum Product No. Description LTL-GS300 LTL-GS400 LTL-GS450

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    Graves SpeculumProduct No. DescriptionLTL-GS300LTL-GS400LTL-GS450LTL-GS700

    Pederson SpeculumProduct No. DescriptionLTL-PS305LTL-PS300LTL-PS400LTL-PS450LTL-PS455LTL-PS700

    Graves Speculum, Small 3 x .75Graves Speculum, Medium 4 x 1.5Graves Speculum, Large 4.50 x 1.5Graves Speculum, XL 7 x 1.5

    Pederson Speculum, Virginal 3 x .5Pederson Speculum, Small 3 x 1Pederson Speculum, Medium 4 x 1Pederson Speculum, Large 4.5 x 1Pederson Speculum, Extra Narrow 4.5 x .5Pederson Speculum, XL 7 x 1

    Weisman-Graves Speculum, Medium, Right Open 4 x 1.5Weisman-Graves Speculum, Large, Right Open 4.5 x 1.5Weisman-Graves Speculum, Medium, Left Open 4 x 1.5Weisman-Graves Speculum, Large, Left Open 4.5 x 1.5Weisman-Pederson Speculum, Medium, Right Open 4 x 1Weisman-Pederson Speculum, Large, Right Open 4.5 x 1Weisman-Pederson Speculum, Medium, Left Open 4 x 1Weisman-Prderspm Speculum, Large, Left Open 4.5 x 1

    Open Sided SpeculumProduct No. DescriptionLTL-WGR400LTL-WGR450LTL-WGL400LTL-WGL450LTL-WPR400LTL-WPR450LTL-WPL400LTL-WPL450


    *We also offer wide view (4cm) and full view (7cm) openings.

  • Tischler [Morgan] 7mm x 3mmProduct No. DescriptionLTL-BP108 8.25 shaftLTL-BP110 10 shaft

    Baby Tischler 4mm x 2mmProduct No. DescriptionLTL-BP208 8.25 shaftLTL-BP210 10 shaft

    Tischler Kevorkian 9.5mm x 3mmProduct No. DescriptionLTL-BP308 8.25 shaftLTL-BP310 10 shaft

    Kevorkian [Pacific] 8mm x 3mmProduct No. DescriptionLTL-BP408 8.25 shaftLTL-BP410 10 shaft

    Burke [Oval] 5.5mm x 3.25mmProduct No. DescriptionLTL-BP508 8.25 shaftLTL-BP510 10 shaft

    Wittner 8mm x 4mmProduct No. DescriptionLTL-BP600 9 straightLTL-BP601 9 curved

    Additional Biopsy Punch StylesProduct No. DescriptionLTL-BP700LTL-BP800LTL-BP801LTL-BP908LTL-BP910

    *Please ask about rotating handles.

    Eppendorfer, 9 shaft 4 mm x 8 mm biteSchubert, Straight, 11 shaft 4.5 mm x 8 mm biteSchubert, Curved, 11 shaft 4.5 mm x 8 mm biteBaggish, 8.25 shaft 4 mm x 6.5 mm biteBaggish, 10 shaft 4 mm x 6.5 mm bite

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    Rotating StyleStandard Style

  • Endometrial CurettesProduct No. DescriptionLTL-EC200 Novak Curette, 1mm 9.75LTL-EC201 Novak Curette, 2mm 9.75LTL-EC202 Novak Curette, 3mm 9.75LTL-EC203 Novak Curette, 4mm 9.75LTL-EC204 Randall Curette, 1mm 9.75LTL-EC205 Randall Curette, 2mm 9.75LTL-EC206 Randall Curette, 3mm 9.75LTL-EC207 Randall Curette, 4mm 9.75

    Cervical Tenaculum and ForcepsProduct No. DescriptionLTL-CT100LTL-CT200LTL-CT300LTL-CT400LTL-CT500

    Schroeder Tenaculum 9.5Braun Tenaculum 9.5Atramatic Tenaculum 9, .12 jawAtramatic Tenaculum 9, .25 jawForester Sponge Forceps 10

    Endocervical CurettesProduct No. DescriptionLTL-EC100LTL-EC101LTL-EC102LTL-EC103LTL-EC104LTL-EC105LTL-EC106LTL-EC107LTL-EC108

    Kevorkian Curette with Basket, Rigid 12Kevorkian Curette with Basket, Malleable 12Kevorkian Curette without Basket, Rigid 12Kevorkian Curette without Basket, Rigid 12Townsend Curette without Basket 12Duncan Curette with Basket 12Duncan Curette without Basket 12London Curette 12Heaney Curette, Malleable 9.5

    Uterine CurettesProduct No. DescriptionLTL-UC001LTL-UC100LTL-UC101LTL-UC102LTL-UC103LTL-UC104LTL-UC105LTL-UC106LTL-UC201LTL-UC202LTL-UC203LTL-UC204LTL-UC205LTL-UC206

    Sims Curette, Sharp #00 3mmSims Curette, Sharp #0 5mmSims Curette, Sharp #1 7mmSims Curette, Sharp #2 9mmSims Curette, Sharp #3 11mmSims Curette, Sharp #4 13mmSims Curette, Sharp #5 15mmSims Curette, Sharp #6 17mmThomas Curette, Blunt #1 7mmThomas Curette, Blunt #2 9mmThomas Curette, Blunt #3 11mmThomas Curette, Blunt #4 13mmThomas Curette, Blunt #5 15mmThomas Curette, Blunt #6 17mm

    Novak Curette Randall Curette

    Sims Curette

    Townsend Curette Duncan Curette


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    Kevorkian Curette

    Schroeder Tenaculum

  • Emmet HookProduct No. DescriptionLTL-CH100 Small Curve 9.5

    I.U.D. HooksProduct No. DescriptionLTL-CH001 Simple IUD Hook 10LTL-CH002 Double IUD Hook 10.5

    Kogan Endocervical Speculum with RatchetProduct No. DescriptionLTL-ES100 Standard Tips 11LTL-ES200 Narrow Tips 11

    Kogan Endocervical Speculum with Screw LockProduct No. DescriptionLTL-ES300 Standard Tips 11LTL-ES400 Narrow Tips 11

    Emmet HookProduct No. DescriptionLTL-CH300 Double Hook 9.5

    Iris HookProduct No. DescriptionLTL-CH600 9

    Emmet HookProduct No. DescriptionLTL-CH200 Right Angle 9.5

    Additional Cervical HoooksProduct No. DescriptionLTL-CH400 Emmet Hook, Acute Curve 9.5LTL-CH500 Emmet Hook, Full Curve 9.5LTL-CH700 Two Prong Hook, Curved 9.5LTL-CH800 Three Prong Hook, Curved 9.5LTL-CH900 Corkscrew Hook 9.5



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  • Dilator/SoundProduct No. DescriptionLTL-SD100LTL-SD101LTL-SD200LTL-SD201

    Sims Sound, Graduated in centimeters 12Sims Sound, Graduated in inches 12Simpson Sound, Graduated in centimeters 12Simpson Sound, Graduated in inches 12

    Silicone Vaginal Dilator SetsReusable set includes four graduated sizes of dilators used to enlarge thevagina for examination, surgical procedures, or relief of vaginismus.

    Large Size Set #DT-A Medium Size Set #DT-B Small Size Set #DT-C


    5| TOLL FREE 1 [800] 910-8303 FAX 1 [805] 579-9415 WWW.LTLMEDICAL.NET

    Hegar Dilator Set Mini Dilator Set

    Sims Sound

    Hegar Dilator 5-6mm 7.5Hegar Dilator 7-8mm 7.5Hegar Dilator 9-10mm 7.5Hegar Dilator 11-12mm 7.5Hegar Dilator 13-14mm 7.5Hegar Dilator 15-16mm 7.5Hegar Dilator 17-18mm 7.5Hank Dilator Set of 6 11Hank Dilator 9/10 FR 11Hank Dilator 11/12 FR 11Hank Dilator 13/14 FR 11Hank Dilator 15/16 FR 11Hank Dilator 17/18 FR 11Hank Dilator 19/20 FR 11Pratt Dilator Set of 8 11.5Pratt Dilator 13/15 FR 11.5Pratt Dilator 17/19 FR 11.5

    Product No. DescriptionLTL-DL204LTL-DL205LTL-DL206LTL-DL207LTL-DL208LTL-DL209LTL-DL210LTL-DL301LTL-DL302LTL-DL303LTL-DL304LTL-DL305LTL-DL306LTL-DL307LTL-DL401LTL-DL402LTL-DL403

    Product No. DescriptionLTL-DL404LTL-DL405LTL-DL406LTL-DL407LTL-DL408LTL-DL409LTL-DL410LTL-DL411LTL-DL412LTL-DL413LTL-DL414LTL-DL415LTL-DL416LTL-DL417LTL-DL418

    Pratt Dilator 21/23 FR 11.5Pratt Dilator 25/27 FR 11.5Pratt Dilator 29/31 FR 11.5Pratt Dilator 33/35 FR 11.5Pratt Dilator 37/39 FR 11.5Pratt Dilator 41/43 FR 11.5Pratt Dilator 45/47 FR 11.5Pratt Dilator 49/51 FR 11.5Pratt Dilator 53/55 FR 11.5Pratt Dilator 57/59 FR 11.5Pratt Dilator 61/63 FR 11.5Pratt Dilator 65/67 FR 11.5Pratt Dilator 69/71 FR 11.5Pratt Dilator 73/75 FR 11.5Pratt Dilator 77/79 FR 11.5

    Product No. DescriptionLTL-DL001LTL-DL002LTL-DL003LTL-DL004LTL-DL010LTL-DL011LTL-DL012LTL-DL101LTL-DL102LTL-DL103LTL-DL104LTL-DL105LTL-DL106LTL-DL107LTL-DL201LTL-DL202LTL-DL203

    Goodell Uterine Dilator, Small 11Goodell Uterine Dilator, Large 13Mini Dilator Set of 5 9Kleegman DilatorKollman Dilator STR BR Long 10Kollman Dilator CVD BR Short 10Kollman Dilator CVD BR Long 10Small Dilator Set 1-6mm 7.5Single Dilator 1mm 7.5Single Dilator 2mm 7.5Single Dilator 3mm 7.5Single Dilator 4mm 7.5Single Dilator 5mm 7.5Single Dilator 6mm 7.5Hegar Dilator Set of 8 7.5Hegar Dilator 1-2mm 7.5Hegar Dilator 3-4mm 7.5

    OD ODFamily Length Small LargeDT-A/XL 150.0 30.0 38.0DT-A/L 138.0 25.5 32.0DT-A/M 128.0 22.5 28.0DT-A/S 120.0 19.5 24.0

    OD ODFamily Length Small LargeDT-B/XL 95.0 26.0 33.0DT-B/L 86.0 22.5 28.0DT-B/M 78.0 19.5 23.0DT-B/S 75.0 12.5 17.0

    OD ODFamily Length Small LargeDT-C/XL 75.0 13.5 18.0DT-C/L 65.0 12.0 16.0DT-C/M 60.0 10.5 14.0DT-C/S 50.0 9.50 13.0

  • Disposable Uterine SoundProduct No. DescriptionLTL-BA100 Disposable Uterine Sound, Box of 20

    Reusable OS Finder SetProduct No. DescriptionLTL-OS100 Reusable OS Finder Set, Set of 3

    LaminariaLaminaria is an ETO sterlized natural product useful as a non-traumatic softnerand dilator of the cervical canal.Product No. DescriptionL102L103L104L105L106

    2 mm OD, Box of 123 mm OD, Box of 124 mm OD, Box of 125 mm OD, Box of 126 mm OD, Box of 12

    Disposable OS FindersPacked individually (Sterile)8.5 lengthConvenient for immediate useProduct No. DescriptionLTL-OS200 Disposable OS Finder, Box of 50


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  • Preferred CuretteThe 3.0 mm Preferred Curette and the Sure Flex Curette are used to obtain samples ofmucosal lining for histological study in cancer screening, endometrial dating, or bacterialcultering.Product No. DescriptionM0014M0015

    Preferred Curette 25 units/boxSure Flex Preferred Curette 25 units/box

    CuretteThe 3.0 mm suction Curette with a Randall-type cutting edge is packaged with a twist-and-lock syringe. It is used to obtain uterine samples of endometrial tissue for histologicalstudy.Product No. DescriptionRD003 Curette 25 units/box

    Cytology BrushesCytology brushes are used to collect samples from the cervix for Pap Smear