Stained Glass & Mosaics

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Stained Glass & Mosaics. Beautiful Glass. Stained Glass. History of Stained Glass. Where is it usually found? What is its purpose? Aleksandra Puzyn, stained glass artist: South Rose Window, Notre Dame de Paris. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Stained Glass & Mosaics

Stained Glass & MosaicsBeautiful GlassStained GlassHistory of Stained Glass

Where is it usually found?

What is its purpose?

Aleksandra Puzyn, stained glass artist: Rose Window, Notre Dame de ParisSouth Rose Window, Notre Dame de ParisLouis Comfort TiffanyAmerican, 1948 -1933 Son of Tiffany & Co founder

Magnolia and Irises, ca. 1908

Contemporary Stained GlassContemporary Stained GlassMosaicsByzantine Empire - propogandaSmall pieces of glass or tile, called tesserae, are attached a stable surface to make an imageGrout fills the spaces between the tesserae

MosaicsEmpress Theodora and Her AttendantsEmperor Justinian and his Attendants Dedicated by Bishop Maximian, 547 CE


Byzantine stylistic features:(check out feet!)____________________________________________________________________________________________

Justinian and his Attendants Contemporary Mosaicstable topdishCompare & ContrastWhat are some similarities between mosaics and stained glass?

What are some differences?Project CriteriaImagine you are a well-known glass artisan. You are going to create a piece in honor of someone who is very important to you.

In your glass masterpiece, you must include symbols that represent your honored person.

Mosaic honoring Ms. Louise Ray, youth mentor and community activist.