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STAGES: connecting science to policy to support MSFD implementation. Blue Growth in the Mediterranean: Perspectives of Spain Palma de Mallorca 2-3 May 2013. Marisa Fernández- CETMAR. The MSFD. Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) IMP environmental pillar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • STAGES: connecting science to policy to support MSFD implementation

    Blue Growth in the Mediterranean: Perspectives of Spain

    Palma de Mallorca 2-3 May 2013

    Marisa Fernndez- CETMAR

  • The MSFD

    Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)IMP environmental pillar

    Delivery of Good Environmental Status (GES) in EU marine waters by 2020 applying the Ecosystem Approach

    MSFD phases and actionsTiming Assessment of GES in EU waters 2012Determination of GES 2012Establish appropriate environmental targets2012Establish monitoring programmes.2014Development of programmes of measures 2015MSFD Implementation 2016-2020Achievement of GES 2020

    MSFD Descriptors of Good Environmental Status1. Biological diversity 2. Non-indigenous species3. Population of commercial fish / shellfish4. Elements of marine food webs5. Eutrophication 6. Sea floor integrity7. Alteration of hydrographical conditions8. Contaminants 9. Contaminants in fish and seafood10. Marine litter11. Introduction of energy, including underwater noise

  • The Challenge

    What constitutes GES?

    Lack of knowledge that may hinder full implementation of the MSFD and the achievement of GES in EU waters.

    Need to develop additional scientific understanding for assessing GES in a coherent and holistic manner

    Relevant MSFD research results should be synthesized and passed to policy makersSTAGES (7FP ENV 2012)Science and Technology AdvancingGovernance and GES

    Improve the currentscientific knowledge base and connect science to policy to help achieve GES in marine waters and support MSFD implementation

    The Project

  • Identify, extract and synthesize the knowledge generated through EU and national research-funded activities relating to the MSFD, and make this information widely accessible to policy-makers and MSFD stakeholders.

    Establish where further research needs to be conducted to improve the scientific knowledge underpinning implementation of the MSFD.

    Provide pragmatic and ready-to-use recommendations to establish an effective European science-policy platform to support GES achievement and implementation of the MSFDObjectives and partnership September 2012 August 2014

    Budget: 999.692 Euros


  • Working Plan

  • WP1: Inventory of MSFD stakeholders

    Organized by categories

    Facilitate approach to relevant MSFD stakeholders

    Draw a first picture of a potential membership for a science/policy MSFD Platform.

    27 coastal countries

    >400 organizations> 540 experts

  • WP2: Identify, extract, analyze and synthesize the knowledge generated in EU and national research funded activities and make it available for policy makers and MSFD stakeholders

    Comprehensive knowledge collection from EU and national public research projects More than 1500 EU projects and 1200 national projects surveyed

    Analysis and classification of the information per MSFD major themes

    Expected ResultsLead User(s)Dissemination Inventory of relevant EU and national research projects

    State of the Art Synthesis Reports on MSFD ThemesEU Commission and Member States

    EU researchers and MSFD stakeholders Information will be uploaded on the On-line Knowledge Gate Portal.

  • WP3: Knowledge gap assessment and foresightIdentify the needs for further research to improve the scientific underpinning for the implementation of the MSFD

    Synthesis of incoming recommendations: JRC & ICES, RSC, EU and MS reports

    Foresight and consultation exercise (3 Workshops)Implementation of Monitoring Programmes (13-15 May 2013, Brussels)Pressures and their Impacts on Marine Ecosystems (September 2013)Socio-economic Analysis (October 2013)

    Expected ResultsLead User(s)Dissemination

    MSFD Knowledge Gaps

    Reports and Science-PolicyEC DG RTD & Horizon 2020JPI OceansNational and regional research programmesDelivery of STAGES reports on Research Gaps and Science Policy Briefings

  • WP4: Science-policy Interface planning Provide Concrete, Pragmatic and Ready-to-Use Recommendations on the Development of a a European Science-Policy Platform to Support Implementation of the MSFD

    Stakeholders Analysis Stakeholder identification / Survey implementation / Consultation WorkshopElaboration of a proposal for a SPI PlatformOutputs of Stakeholder Analysis, WP2 and WP3Analysis of Existing SPI Structures, Processes and Best Practices

    Expected ResultsLead User(s)Dissemination

    Proposal for a European science-policy Interface platformEuropean Commission

    DG ENVPosition paper targeted at European Commission Services

  • WP5: Knowledge transfer and communication Outputs will be transfered to primary lead users who have the capacity to uptake the knowledge and utilize it.

    Very targeted and taylor-made transfer of relevant outputs and materials to specific end users

    Inclusion of research project results in the Eurocean Knowledge Gate (September 2013)

    Final Conference (July 2014)

  • Impact and conclusions

    Effective science-based implementation of MSFDScience policy interface platform designed to meet the needs of MSFD Full access to, and best use of existing scientific knowledgeOptimum use of public research funding in support of MSFDTargeting science and technology funding investments towards addressing critical knowledge gapsStakeholder involvement and support to MSFD measuresSmoother implementation of MSFD through better stakeholder consultation and buy-in to measures needed to implement MSFD. A huge work has been developed to achieve the first MSFD targets in SpainMAGRAMA with the scientific and technical support of IEO and CEDEXCoordination, optimization and integration of public and private research and technological resources will be crucial for the MSFD implementationSupport from the Spanish Technological Platform for the protection of the coast and marine environment; PROTECMA (www, sustainable mechanisms to connect science to policy will be crucial to promote Blue Growth and implement IMP

  • Thanks for you attention !

    For more information:Project Coordinator: Marisa FernandezCentro Tecnolgico del Mar- CETMAR mfernandez@cetmar.orgTel. +34 986 247 047


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