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2. Globalstaf, LLC is an emerging Human Resource leader in the provision of staffingservices and qualified talent across multiple industries, with a growing focus on IT staffing. Astructured Human Resource plan plays a key role in helping companies deal with a fast-changingcompetitive environment and the greater demand for quality employees. We aim to buildrelationships that look beyond the immediate needs of recruitment and placement. We GoBeyond Hiring! Getting a helping hand in the hiring process for your company can easily be thought of astaffing; weither its full temporary or Temp-to-Hire.Outsourcing has rapidly become apreferred method of hiring for many modern companies. Companies want to hire the mosttalented, cost sufficient, best suited candidate to represent their companies. By Partnering withGlobalstaf, LLCs staffing division; employers build a relationship with a team of staffingconsultants who are skilled experts at matching and understanding our client needs. 3. Temporary StaffingSupplement the needs of your existing workforceTemporary work implies that the work cycle will be a limited arrangement established with no thought of continuance but with the idea of being changed soon. During employee absences, temporary skill shortages, seasonal workloads and special projects; Globalstaf has carefully pre-screened employees ready to be assigned to the tasks.Temporary-to-HireBefore committing.Globalstaf provides you the luxury of a trial cycle during which you can measure an employeebefore committing to a full-time employment relationship. Candidates take advantage of theflexible placement trial cycle because they can learn about a company before joining the team.After the completion of the trial cycle, the client may make a full time offer to our candidate withno additional fees associated. If the client desires to make the full-time offer before the trial cyclehas elapsed, a fair fee is negotiated based on the remaining trial cycle. Placement or Direct-HireNo Fees, No Obligations...With Direct Hire placement we offer employers our expertise in screening, recruiting, andevaluating candidates for open positions within your business. Our knowledgeable staff willmatch the candidates that meet your skill and experience requirements, confirm all staffingtransactions and sooth the burden of the entire process. The employer will pay the placement fee 4. for a direct hire. There is no fee obligation until and unless the candidate actually beginsemployment. Equal Opportunity Employer Licensed Insured & Bonded Professional Errors and Omissions Insurance Liabilities Insurance Standard Background Check State and Federal Criminal Records Check Pre-Employment Career Screening Pre-Employment Verification Basic Social Security Verification Reference Check of Candidates previous employment history THE PROCESS: 5. GlobalStaf delivers on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance;..our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.GlobalStaf welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. the difference we make I believe the best way to run a business is to make sure your office Operates. This clich is like buyinga toy, plugging in the batteries, and pressing play. The expectation is that toy should operate in a sinceof desired manner. If you incorporate this clich into your business; your company could operate in adesired manner. You must ask yourself, what are the expectations for your firm, what job position(s) areneeded, and what personnel is required to implement the task-list of duties? Getting a helping hand in the hiring process for your company can easily be thought of a staffing;Full-time, Temporary or Temp-to-Hire. Outsourcing has rapidly become a preferred method of hiring formany modern companies. Companies want to hire the most talented, cost sufficient, best suited candidateto represent their companies. By Partnering with Globalstaf, LLCs staffing division; employers build a 6. relationship with a team of staffing consultants who are skilled experts at matching and understanding ourclient needs. HR Manager Globalstaf, LLCIn using temp agencies companies have stumbled upon some unexpected benefits. One is guaranteedperformance. If you bring in a temporary employee and they are not working to your standard, a simplephone call to our agency is all it takes to have them replaced. The other unexpected benefit is the temp-to-perm phenomenon. Hiring workers as temporaries before making a decision about offering them apermanent job is undoubtedly the single most reliable selection method. It gives the company a chance totest drive the worker and the worker a chance to see what it is really like working for the company. COST : There is No cost to View the Resumes & Interview Candidates.. Direct-Hire Many Candidates come to us with extensive experience and for various reasons, are looking for anew position, but would like to be hired directly by the client. We refer to these situations asdirect-hire placements. With direct-hire placements, our clients have specific needs and mayrequire several interviews or meetings with the candidates to determine if we have made anappropriate match. During your time with our staff, please provide all information that you feelis relevant in assisting us to make your job match more comprehensive. Our clients rely on us toprovide them with qualified, experienced and professional candidates. Placement fee: If youchoose to directly hire a candidate, we assess a one-time fee based on the first years annualearnings. You take the salary and multiply it by the proposed fee (see contract) and voila - you 7. have your upfront cost. If a candidate terminates themselves within 30-45 days, the placementfee is refundable minus the candidates accumulated work-wages. Temporary A temporary (emergency) hire is the selection and placement of an individual without an openrecruitment into a non-faculty, non-executive temporary position. Temporary positions can benon-exempt, exempt or student and are not benefit eligible. Temporary hire requests may begranted for the following reasons: To cover an employee on emergency or short-term, temporary leave; To assist with an unexpected increase in work load for a short-term, temporary period; To temporarily fill a vacancy for the duration of a normal recruitment/hiring process; To assist with a project that cannot be accomplished through regular staffing. No Placement fees or finder fees are associated; however, a competitive hourly wage isrequired. Temp-to-HireDecrease your interview time and recruitment timeframe from months to days by allowingGlobalstaf, LLC to handle the phone calling, scheduling, screening, hiring and firing process.Typically, the client will suggest a competitive hourly rate to hire a candidate (under theassumption) that the candidate will have the opportunity to be hired directly by the client. 8. Buy-out: If you wish to hire an employee before the end of a temp to hire conversion, we chargea placement fee, with a credit for the temporary hours already worked. If you choose to directlyhire a candidate, we assess a one-time fee based on the first years annual earnings. Return on Investment (ROI)Businesses rarely do any kind of ROI around hiring temporary help, its simply a matter of workneeding to be done and getting help quickly. However, for flexible staffing it is possible to do aformal ROI, and the results can be impressive.If you are able to reduce your permanent staffing in a unit from 100 to 75 then it is easy tocalculate the savings. Add to this the cost of overtime caused by peaks in demandnot tomention the loss of customers due to backlogsand you have all the information you need for anROI calculation. The returns are usually so large that its not necessary to spend time sweatingover specific estimateseven the most pessimistic estimates show flexible staffing will providea solid return.Dont think of your temp agency as simply someplace you call to fill a short-term vacancy.Think of it as a service provider who can regularly source top talent for you and permanentlyreduce your costs. 9. Globalstaf, LLCs Personnel offers services to assist clients with staffing for expected peek-periods such aseasonal, project basis, Long term placement, temporary to permanent hire, as well as short termsolutions for on-site support. Basically, we assist with creating positions for extra work load that existingstaff would rather not do, such as downsizing, upgrading, office relocation, and or implementingchanges in work rules.


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