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Stacey-lee Samantha Machelm

Stacey-lee Samantha MachelmSuccinct insight with regard to my skills developed at Marais Muller Hendricks Inc.

Skills acquired and enhanced at Marais Muller Hendricks Inc.Interpersonal communication skillsServices, acting as a correspondent for a law firm who does not have jurisdiction.Professional conduct and appearance within a courtroom, office, etc.Legal drafting such as:(a) Drafting a Summons(b) Completion of a particulars of a claim(c) Drafting a Request for Default Judgment(d) Drafting a Warrant of Execution against property(e) Completion of liquidation forms in respect of a business, ie special resolution document and statement of affairs.(f) Drafting lettersCourtroom proceedings Legal research skills Responsibility in respect of the amount of workload to be completed within a certain period of time.Legal draftingLegal writingListening skillsConfidential nature amongst clientsOrganisational skillsTeamwork

Continuation of skills acquired and enhanced at Marais Muller Hendricks Inc.Initiative and responsibilityProfessionalismUnderstanding in respect of the manner in which a PIE Application ought to be drafted.

Summary of professional nature

Summary of professional natureAbility to work efficiently under immense pressureTime on taskEfficient legal research skills in respect of primary and secondary sources as well as modern writers.I aim to do my utmost best and always excel to do betterAnalytical and evaluative skillsOrganisational skillsInitiative and responsibilityWriting skillsAbility to draw reasonable and logical conclusionsGoal orientatedTeamworkCritical thinking, reading and writingAttention to detailAbility to set goals and achieve it, SMART.Efficient public speakingPerseveranceResponsivenessInterpersonal communication skills

Summary of personal nature

Summary of personal natureBesides having a passion for my studies in law, I am a rather spontaneous being who enjoys life itself.I personally enjoy outdoor adventures and getting into contact with nature.Animals are profoundly one of my many likes, or rather things I love.I am fond of reading, mainly crime fiction books.I am a rather straightforward person, but believe that it is part of being honest.I do not approve of any judgmental nature.I refer to myself as a rather humble person.I can adapt to any situation and conduct myself accordingly.I have the ability to transform obstacles into stepping stones for achievement.Often I seek for things where to others generally is nothing. In doing so I apply my creative mind to new tasks at hand.Although I strive to do my best, I always excel to do better.Putting myself first is something I seldom do, as the needs of others are to me of utmost importance.I have a lot of self-confidence, however I do not belittle anyone but instead motivate them.I enjoy having my voice heard and ensure that I have clearly stated my opinion.

Thank you for gathering the necessary time to peruse through this presentation.It is merely a succinct insight to my professional, as well as my personal nature.I sincerely hope that this presentation was of efficient use.

Yours sincerelyStacey-lee