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  • 1. [Stacked villas +]zero energy housing[intro][vision][parameters][urban][architecture][energy][project view]a&d msc8 ark8 2010 Lasse Christensen + Ausrine Bredulyte + Michael Glad + Lasse Rodhe + Dovile Puraite + Tina Bredgaard

2. [Initial problem]Demands:Design = a zero energy housing complex [intro]Density= 80-120% (20% other functions)initial problemHeight = 3 stories sustainability project sitePrimary user= famillies (2 adults + 2 children)[vision]Apartment type = 110 m (3 bedrooms + 20 m ourtdoor area) 22[parameters][urban][architecture][energy][project view] 3. [Sustainability] Zero energy housing complex:[intro]initial problemsustainabilityEnvironmentalDiversity in usergroupsproject site(culture/social)Healthy lifestyle [vision] [parameters] Solar (technology)PV cells [urban] [architecture] Low-energy 85 kWh/m2 Primary energy [energy](climate) 15 kWh/m2 Space heat [project view] 4. [Godsbanearealet - qualities][intro] initial problem sustainability project site[vision][parameters]HistoryEasy accesEdge of the city[urban][architecture][energy][project view] Railroad tracks, ster Public transport, shops, school etc. Flow from city to suburbs 5. [Godsbanearealet- challenges] [intro]initial problemsustainabilityproject site [vision] [parameters]Traffic Shadows Suburban qualities [urban] [architecture] [energy] [project view]Noise, pollutionKennedy Arkaden Privacy, safety, green areas 6. V [intro] [vision]ision[parameters]The vision of the project is to design a sustainable housing project that willfulfil zero energy as well as aesthetical and functional requirements. The [urban]future housing complex must encourage healthy lifestyle and conscious ap-[architecture]proach to the nature and surroundings. The goal is to create a synergy be-tween sustainable strategies such as: cultural, social, solar and zero energy. [energy] [project view] 7. [Design parameters] [intro]Link Heights [vision]Linkcity project site suburban [parameters]HIGHTOLOW[urban] PRIVATE [architecture] PRIVATE PRIVATE [energy] SEMI-PRIVATE PUBLIC PUBLIC [project view] Zoning 8. [Design parameters]Total energy:47,4 kwh/m2 year CompactnessTotal energy:67,3 kwh/m2 year Climate and surroundingsTotal energy:58 kwh/m2 yearTotal energy: History52,5 kwh/m2 yearConnections [intro]traffic noise + pollution[vision] Reducing the surface perReducing the surface perReducing the surface per floor area with 20 %floor area with 12,5 %floor area with 25 %wind protection ventilation[parameters] solar cellsTotal energy:47,4 kwh/m2 year[urban]Reducing the surface perfloor area with 25 %[architecture]sun (south)[energy][project view] 9. [Urban concept] [intro] [vision] [parameters]DENSE CITY STACKED VILLAES OPEN CITY [urban]conceptmaster planflowbase Apartmentszoning ApartmentsPRIVATE SPACETraffic noise[architecture] SEMIPRIVATE SPACEShop Storage Parking OfficeRecreational areaPUBLIC SPACE [energy]Polluted ground [project view] 10. [Master plan][intro][vision][parameters][urban] concept master plan flow base zoning[architecture][energy][project view] 11. [Flow][intro] Acces by foot or bike: [vision][parameters][urban] concept master plan flow base zoning[architecture][energy] Acces by car:[project view] 12. [Base -mixed functions] [intro] [vision] [parameters] Offices [urban] Shopsconceptmaster planCafeesflowbasezoning [architecture]20 % other functions Public functions -clearly visible [energy] [project view] 13. [Public space - level 0] [intro] [vision] [parameters] [urban]conceptmaster planflowbasezoning [architecture] [energy] [project view] 14. [Semiprivate green space - level 1][intro][vision][parameters][urban] concept master plan flow base zoning[architecture][energy][project view] 15. [Private outdoor space - level 1] [intro] [vision] [parameters] [urban]conceptmaster planflowbasezoning [architecture] [energy] [project view] 16. [Architectural concept] [intro] [vision]From archetype to stacked villas [parameters] [urban] [architecture]conceptusersfloor plansdaily rhythmTypical single family house Sharing the family house Stacked multifamily house Sloped walls add complexity [energy] [project view] 17. [Users] [intro][110][70]+05Singles [vision] StaircaseFamilies elderly+04 [110][80][parameters]Families Singles elderly+03 [110][90][urban] Couples StaircaseFamilies elderly[110][100] [architecture]+02CouplesFamilies elderlyconcept [110]users+01 [110] floor plans StaircaseFamilies Couples elderlydaily rhythm00Parking ShopsOces [energy] [project view] 18. N[Floor plans] [intro] living/dining/kitchen 40 sq m bathroom6.7 sq m corridor10 sq m masterbedroom [vision]14 sq m evening terrace19 sq mbedroom10 sq mmorning terrace 15 sq m [parameters] [urban]bedroom9 sq m [architecture] W Econceptbedroom users10 sq mfloor plans bathroom 5.5sq m corridormaster bedroom 13 sq mdaily rhythm 5 sq mService spaces [energy] Service spaces [project view]DinnerWake up Breakfast Living/dining/ CookingLiving spacesevening terracemorning terracekitchenLiving spacesGo work15 sq m 40 sq m 11 sq m Come Home North S Second floor 19. [Floor plans] [intro] [vision] [parameters] [urban] [architecture]First oor plan Second oor plan Third oor planconceptusersfloor plansdaily rhythm [energy] [project view]Fourth oor plan Fifth oor plan Sixth oor plan 20. [Morning][intro][vision][parameters][urban][architecture] concept users floor plans daily rhythm[energy][project view] 21. [Noon] [intro] [vision] [parameters] [urban] [architecture]conceptusersfloor plansdaily rhythm [energy] [project view] 22. [Afternoon][intro][vision][parameters][urban][architecture] concept users floor plans daily rhythm[energy][project view] 23. [Energy concept] [intro]Building envelope[vision] [parameters] [urban] [architecture] [energy]conceptzero energyindoor climatePV cellsPushing in roof and south facade Pushing down roof end Pushing in east and west facades[project view]- Improved angle for solar cells - Reduce shadows cast - Shelter and privacy on balconies - Balconies act as integrated shading 24. [Reaching zero energy - Strategy][intro][vision][parameters]Active gains[3] Utilise active gains[urban]- Energy production, pv-cells- Use of heat recovery[architecture]Optimize the envelope[energy] - Reduce losses through the building - Create an air tight envelope - Effective windows[2] Preserve gains concept - Minimize thermal bridgeszero energy- Increase insulation indoor climate PV cells Basic design [project view] - Optimize passive gains- Compactness[1] Utilise passive gains 25. [Basic design]180 kWh/m2 [intro]152 kWh/m2[vision][1] 2 120 kWh/m15267kWh/m 2Excesselectricity [parameters] kWh/m22Basic design 85 kWh/m[urban]109,5- Optimize passive gains[architecture]2kWh/m- Compactness 74,585 2 2 kWh/mkWh/m2[energy]28 kWh/m 10,5 kWh/m 2 10,5 kWh/m 2 conceptExample Low-energy housePassive house standard Stacked Villas Zero energyzero energy Stacked Villas+ indoor climate PV cells Total energy consumption [Primary energy][project view] Space heat demand [Final energy x 0,7] Produced electricity from pv-cells [Primary energy] 26. [Optimizing the envelope] 180 kWh/m 2 [intro]152 kWh/m 2 [vision] [2]2120 kWh/m 15267kWh/m 2 Excess electricity [parameters]kWh/m22Optimize the envelope85 kWh/m [urban]109,5 - Reduce losses through the building [architecture]2 kWh/m74,5 85- Create an air tight envelope 22 kWh/m- Effective windowskWh/m 2 - Minimize thermal bridges - Increase insulation [energy] 28 kWh/m10,5 kWh/m210,5 kWh/m2concept Example Low-energy housePassive house standard Stacked VillasZero energy zero energy Stacked Villas+indoor climatePV cellsTotal energy consumption [Primary energy][project view]Space heat demand [Final energy x 0,7]Produced electricity from pv-cells [Primary energy] 27. [3]Active gains[Producing energy] - Energy production from pv-cells - Use of heat recovery 180 kWh/m 2[intro]2152 kWh/m2[vision]120 kWh/m 15267kWh/m 2Excesselectricity [parameters]kWh/m285 kWh/m 2[urban]109,5[architecture]2 kWh/m74,585 2 2 kWh/mkWh/m 2[energy] 28 kWh/m10,5 kWh/m210,5 kWh/m 2 concept Example Low-energy housePassive house standard Stacked VillasZero energyzero energy Stacked Villas+ indoor climate PV cellsTotal energy consumption [Primary energy] [project view]Space heat demand [Final energy x 0,7]Produced electricity from pv-cells [Primary energy] 28. [Indoor climate][intro][vision]1200[parameters]24 11001000[urban]18 900 800700[architecture] 12600500 [energy]400 6300concept200zero energy100indoor climate 0jan feb mar apr may junjulaug sep oct nov dec0jan feb mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov decPV cellsMinimum temp. Mean indoor temp.Maximum temp.Mean CO2 level indoor[project view]Maximum CO2 level 29. [PV cells - Integrated with the architecture] [intro] [vision]Slade [parameters] [urban]PV cells [architecture] [energy]conceptzero energyindoor climatePV cells [project view] 30. [Project view - Connecting Aalborg] 31. [Project view - Connecting Aalborg]Open residential neighbourhoods 32. [Project view - Connecting Aalborg] Open residential neighbourhoodsEnclosed city neighbourhoods 33. [Project view - Connecting Aalborg] Transition becomes the link!Open residential neighbourhoodsEnclosed city neighbourhoods 34. [Zoom 01 - New communities in the city][intro][vision][parameters][urban][architecture][energy][project view] 35. [Zoom 01 - New communities in the city]Connecting link[intro][vision][parameters][urban][architecture][energy][project view] 36. [Zoom 01 - New communities in the city] [intro] [vision] [parameters] [urban] [architecture] [energy] [project view]Public functions 37. [Zoom 01 - New communities in the city] [intro] [vision] [parameters] [urban] [architecture] [energy] [project view]City becomes residential 38. [Zoom 02 - New typology] [intro] [vision] [parameters] [urban] [architecture] [energy] [project view] 39. [Zoom 02 - New typology]The architecture creates