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  • St. Mark Lutheran Church

    CrossBeams A publication of St. Mark Lutheran Church, Mount Prospect, Illinois

    October 2014 Volume 53 Issue 10

    God’s Work, Our Hands St. Mark serves our community on Sunday, September 7, 2014

    I want to let you know how much we appreciate you including us in your volunteer day at St. Mark. Gwen and Anne Marie were thrilled to get so much accomplished. You have been wonderful. Thank you.

    Margaret Flanagan Lucille Resale Shop/ Holy Family Ministries

  • CrossBeams October 2014

    Grace to you and peace…

    Thinking back on the six years of CrossBeams articles I’ve written, I recall that most of them reflect what I’ve been thinking about—nature, the Church, our relationship

    with God. But I don’t think I’ve ever written one about loss, and that’s what’s on my mind today.

    Lanny and I have suffered the loss of three good friends to death this year: my

    oldest friend, one of Lanny’s colleagues, and a man who came into our lives as a

    hired workman and stayed on as a friend. Each in his or her own way opened a

    window to the world for us that gave us new insights and a fuller, more generous

    way of looking at the world. And, sadly, each died at too young an age, before their


    In having lost friends, we are not unique—most of you have suffered the loss of

    someone near and dear to your heart. So perhaps you understand what I mean

    when I say that our lives are poorer because these people are no longer part of our

    daily landscape. In my grief I find myself asking, “God, why these three?” They

    were outwardly healthy, eating right, exercising; they left families—children and

    grandchildren—behind; they were nearing retirement and the earthly reward for their

    lifetime of labor. But the answer to these penetrating questions is not given to me to

    know. Instead, I take great comfort in knowing that in death, as in life, we are in

    God’s hands—God, who knew the pain of loss. I take solace in reading the story of

    Jesus’ tears shed at the death of his friend Lazarus. I take to heart Bible passages

    that reassure me of God’s eternal care.

    Such loss is a shock to both heart and soul. Much has been written about the

    healing process that must occur before recovery from such a shock can. For some,

    healing begins with a pivotal moment; but for most, recovery is gradual, not marked

    by any one event but simply a matter of applying tincture of time. Let our grieving

    be a sign of the deep love, respect and need we had for the one who died. Later we

    will rejoice that God has welcomed our loved one, but now we welcome God as we

    grieve for ourselves and for what we no longer have.

    In our culture, we don’t ‘do grief’ very well. Like an emotional Instagram, we want

    to hurry grief along. Yet lament has a central, necessary place in our faith life; God

    is with us. Words of the Christian lyricist Marty Haugen remind me that whether we

    live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s [Romans 14: 7-8].

    Through endless nights of weeping, through weary days of grief,

    my heart is in your keeping, my comfort, my relief.

    Come share my tears and sadness, come, suffer in my pain,

    oh, bring me home to gladness, restore my hope again.

    See you in the pew,

    Pr. Linnea

  • CrossBeams October 2014

    Thoughts from the Loft

    O God of Mercy, God of light, in love and mercy infinite,

    teach us, as ever in your sight, to live our lives in you. (ELW #714 vs. 1)

    Is music to you a matter of hearing or seeing? Olivier Messiaen, a 20th century French composer, said he saw colors when he heard music. He was also attuned

    to the sounds of nature, especially bird songs. So, music can be a matter of both hearing and seeing. We hear of God’s Grace and that teaches us to see our lives

    in the mercy and Joy of our heavenly Father. In this way, God orders our steps each day to hear his call and see his Grace. It is a song of Joy and Grace for all


    Peace, Tim

    What’s Happening in

    Youth & Family Ministry?

    I’m excited it is Autumn. I love the cooler weather and the changing leaf colors. It

    makes me happy.

    Autumn also means Corn Maze! On Sunday, October 12th, FaithWalk and SHINE! youth and friends will be traveling

    to Spring Grove to Richardson Farm for our annual adventure. It is great fun to

    see what the new maze of the year is and to wander through the corn. We make sure to arrive while it is still light out and

    then wander while it is getting darker and darker. The kids love it!! As we come out

    of the corn maze, we gather by the fire to roast hot dogs and marshmallows and make some s’mores. I look forward to

    this outing each year.

    On October 19th, St. Mark will once again be participating in the Northwest

    Community CROP Hunger Walk. This year

    it is being hosted by the Lutheran Church of Martha and Mary on Golf Rd in Mt.

    Prospect. It is the 25th anniversary of the walk here in the Northwest Suburbs. Come out and walk or help by

    volunteering. St. Mark will be hosting a water station along the route and we need

    volunteers to pass out water to the walkers. If you can spare about 2 hours, let me know.

    WOW, FaithWalk and SHINE have begun

    for the new program year. We have 14 children registered for WOW and 18 youth

    participating in FaithWalk. These are both lively groups and excited about learning.

    Soon we will be registering 8th graders through seniors in high school for the

    ELCA Youth Gathering that will take place in July, 2015. Adult leaders are needed (especially male). If you are interested in

    joining me on this adventure, let me know.

    Peace be with you! Jill Galyon, Interim Youth Coordinator

  • CrossBeams October 2014

    SSHHIINNEE!! && FFaaiitthhWWaallkk Are

    Going to the


    At Richardson Farm in Spring Grove, IL

    When: Sunday, October 12, 2014

    Time: 4:30 pm to about 10:30 pm

    Cost: $15 per person

    RSVP by signing up in the Narthex at church or

    contacting Jill Galyon by Wednesday, October 8th


    Calling all FaithWalk and 3rd- 5th grade WOW Students….



    9 – 11 am

    Learn how to use your Bible


    Games and Activities

  • St. Mark Preschool is back in session!

    Daycare started a few weeks ago and the preschool programs began last

    week. We are excited to welcome 43

    children to our daycare, preschool, and STEM kindergarten enrichment

    program. With the help of so many church members, staff, and preschool

    families, our numbers continue to grow and we are thriving! The school

    year began with our four year olds learning all about families and our

    threes cuddled up with teddy bears from home at a teddy bear picnic. Our

    STEM program kicked off the year learning all about sound. The greatest

    sounds we hear are children laughing, having fun with friends, and enjoying

    learning at St. Mark.

    Fundraiser This fall, St. Mark Preschool will be selling the freshest fruit you can get! Located in Vero Beach, Florida, in the heart of the world famous "INDIAN RIVER" district, The Florida Fruit Association has been producing delicious, high quality fruit for customers for 25 years. You will receive the very freshest fruit available...handpicked at peak flavor and rushed to you directly from the grove. Choose from our popular items like Navel Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit, multiple Combination Packs and more. Our fruit is USDA inspected and Florida Fruit Association approved. You won't find fruit any fresher, we promise! To order, contact Danielle Freeman at or


    (or anyone who would like to join us)

    Thursday, October 23, 2014

    Mina Restaurant

    1724 W. Golf Rd.

    Mt. Prospect

    Meet at restaurant at 1:00 pm

    RSVP to Marilyn by 10/20

    Tuesday, November 25, 2014

    Thanksgiving Celebration Pot Luck

    Lunch & Worship Service

    Worship Service at 11:00 am followed

    by Pot Luck Lunch in Fellowship Hall

    At 12:30 pm.

    RSVP to Marilyn by 11/20 to sign up

    for a dish to pass. Turkey & dessert

    will be provided.

    (Offering to Mt. Prospect Food Pantry)

    Thursday, December 18, 2014

    Christmas Lunch

    Des Plaines Elks Club

    495 Lee St.

    Des Plaines, IL

    Meet at the Elks Club at

    1:00 pm

    RSVP to Marilyn by 12/15

    Music by Tim

    Referrals Rewarded St. Mark members who refer a student to the St.

    Mark Preschool and Enrichment Center, who

    remains for 30 days or longer, will receive a $25

    gasoline gift card. Please notify the Preschool

    office of the student y


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