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  • St. Mark Catholic Church 643 St. Mark Place ~ Boynton Beach, FL 33435

    561-734-9330 ~ Fax: 561-735-3463

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    Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:00PM

    Closed Noon - 1:00PM (Lunch)

    Mass Schedule: Saturday Vigil: 4:00 PM & 5:45 PM

    Sunday: 8:00AM, 10:00AM & 12:00PM Spanish Mass:

    Sunday: 4:00PM 6:00PM Mass Will Begin Next Week - October 5th!

    Daily Mass 8:00 AM & 5:00PM

    Morning Prayer 7:40 AM

    Evening Prayer 5:30 PM

    Confession Saturdays:

    8:30 AM- 9:00AM & 3:00 PM - 3:45PM and by appointment

    Knights of Columbus St. Mark Council No. 12414 Grand Knight - Jerry Taylor

    561-734-7940 Meetings Every First Thursday of the Month

    at 7:00PM in the St. Francis Center

    Secretary: Mrs. Janet Eleshewich Bookkeeper: Mrs. Patty Schultz Bereavement Ministry & Ministry to the Sick: Sr. Mary Joan Millecan, OSF, Pastoral Minister (561) 735-3530 Parish Catechetical Leader/ Youth Minister: Mrs. Margaret Castor, PCL (561)734-9330 Music Ministry: Dr. Ronald F. Albano, Director of Music Marriage: Contact the Parish Office at least four months in advance.

    Faith Formation for Children & Teens: Please contact Mrs. Margaret Castor in the Parish Office Baptism : Contact Mrs. Margaret Castor in the Parish Office to register. Parents must be registered parishioners and attend our baptismal instruction. The sooner you call the better, even during your pregnancy. Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults: Anyone who is interested in becoming a Catholic or completing his/her Christian Initiation as a Catholic, should call the Parish Office.

    Perpetual Novena to St. Anthony Every Tuesday

    at the 8:00AM Mass

    Please see Holy Hour information on page 4

    Parish Holy Hour for LIFE Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month

    11:00AM—Noon in the Chapel.

    Anniversary Celebrations If you are celebrating a wedding anniversary in October and would like to renew your vows Sunday, October 26, at the 12:00PM Mass please call the parish office to register your names, and we will prepare a certificate for you.

    Vocation Chalice Each week at Mass, a family will accept the responsibility of

    praying for vocations. The family is called up to the altar after communion to receive a Chalice, which has been set aside for this purpose.

    The Legion of Mary meets on Wednesday mornings after the 8:00AM Mass in the Chapel where we recite the Rosary and have a short meeting. The Legion offers an opportunity for both spiritual and active enrichment. We invite our auxiliary members to join us and always welcome new members. Women’s Prayer Group The Women’s Prayer Group calls the women of St. Mark parish who wish to deepen their relationship with the Lord and one another to prayerful discussions of scripture and Church teaching on a variety of themes. It seeks to support, befriend, and bond the women of the parish as they seek to integrate faith with their vocations as married, single and religious Catholic women of the twenty first century. The giving and receiving of spiritual support is the fruit of the women’s gathering which takes place in the prayerful setting of our parish every third Friday evening of the month at 7:30PM in the St. Clare Room. Please contact Joanne Bock at 561-752-5602 if you wish further information.

    Starting October 11th! The St. Mark Council of Catholic Women meets the second Saturday of each month at 10:00 AM in the Parish Center cafeteria. New members are always welcome. Please come and try us out! For more information, call Maureen Fulop at 704-8771 or Marge LaViola at 329-4667.

    Bible Study All Parishioners and their guests are invited to join us on Tuesday evenings from 7-8 PM (Starting September 30th) in the St. Clare room of the St. Francis Center. We will be studying the Book of Acts which tells the story of the spread of the Gospel and the growth of the early church from its beginnings at Pentecost, following the Ascension of Jesus. We will learn how the Holy Spirit empowers the preaching of Peter, Paul, and the other disciples to take the faith from Jerusalem, to Judea, throughout Samaria and ultimately to the ends of the earth. Please call Vic Coppola, 561 736 7812. A free will offering of $15.00 is requested for the study guides.

    Friar Priests: Fr. Dan G. Fink, OFM Conv. Pastor

    Fr. Germain Kopaczynski, OFM Conv. Parochial Vicar

    Fr. Samuel Zebron, OFM Conv. Priest in Residence


    Mark Lizardi, Permanent Deacon

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    Names are on the prayer list for approximately one month. Please call the Parish Office to add or delete a name from the list.

    Recent Deaths Our condolences are extended to the families of those who recently passed away, especially Frank McGinn, Margaret Mazzolini & Dan Beecher. May the Lord bless them and keep them. May he turn his face toward them and give them peace.

    If you would like to offer the altar flowers, bread & wine or the sanctuary candle for the week, please come to the

    Parish Office to make arrangements.


    The Altar Bread & Wine

    For the week of September 27th-October 3rd Is for All Our Special Intentions

    The Sanctuary Candle For the week of September 27th-October 3rd

    Is for All Our Special Intentions

    Saturday : September 27th St. Vincent de Paul 8:00 AM +Yvonne Awad by John & Karen Tringali 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time 4:00 PM +Santo Benvenuto by his daughter, Annette Feminella 5:45 PM In Thanksgiving to St. Anthony by Fernande Salomon Sunday : September 28th 8:00 AM +Lena Madison by Elizabeth Passanisi 10:00 AM +Florianne Bazinet by Huguette Conway 12:00 PM All Parishioners and Benefactors of St. Mark Parish 4:00 PM Spanish Mass Monday : September 29th Saint Michael, Gabriel & Raphael Archangels 8:00 AM +Campasano & Sibula Families by the Shortley Family 5:00 PM +Cornelius Manning by Lillian Ostiguy Tuesday : September 30th St. Jerome 8:00 AM +Vincent Townley by Patsy Tarpey 5:00 PM +Paddy Greene by Mary & Ed Greene Wednesday: October 1st St. Therese 8:00 AM +Babe & Dave Roberts by the Shortley Family 5:00 PM +Alfreda Garner by Urban & Carol Rump Thursday: October 2nd The Holy Guardian Angels 8:00 AM +Linda Radovich by John & Sandra Farrell 5:00 PM +Agnes Byrne by Fern Trepanier & Fran Steele Friday: October 3rd 8:00 AM +Vincent Townley by Patsy Tarpey 5:00 PM +Kenneth Dougan by Mr. & Mrs. A. Barbierri Saturday: October 4th Solemnity of St. Francis of Assisi 10:00 AM +Maria Montagano by Pietro & Nicolina Montagano 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time 4:00 PM All Parishioners and Benefactors of St. Mark Parish 5:45 PM +Karen F. Drumm-Lombardi by Mary Ann & Joseph Cagnazzi Sunday: October 5th 8:00 AM +Jennifer Isaacs by John & Suzanne Malone 10:00 AM +Flora E. Langan by Tom & Christine Langan 12:00 PM +Mary Nadolny & Jennie Weinert by the Family 4:00 PM Spanish Mass 6:00 PM +Kenneth Dugan by Janet Eleshewich & Family The Altar Flowers

    For the Week of September 27th-October 3rd In Memory of Betty Kokinakis for her Birthday

    From her husband The Second Collection is for the

    Students of St. Mark Church who attend Catholic Schools.

    Dottie Tougas Fran & Maria Welch

    Priscilla Simone Theresa Verdichizzi Philip Verdichizzi

    Anthony Cordovano David Murphy

    Catherine LaPort Toni Drayson Alma Kountz Frank Murphy

    Joanne Kaestner & Family

    Todd Edward Logan Williams Don Murnane

    Anthony Bordonaro

    Jack Cuccia A special intention

    The Harkins Family Rita Desnoyers The Homeless Dale Surnick

    Theresa O’Connor Giovanna Franco

    Carmela & Joe SantaLucia Thomas Cappello

    Lillian Grace Piasecki William Archer Sr.

    Mary Gallagher Helen Coryer

    Dorothy & Pat Pomponio

    Carole Genovese Erdich Cosmeus

    Marianne McNulty Jeff Williams

    Barbara Keane Richard Marini Andrea Matson Danny English Marion Milner John Merkal

    Leonard Bartek James Gleason

    Mark Jones Bart Iannetta Jr.

    Stephanie A. Eileen Guptill

    Christopher Josef

    We Will Say a Special Prayer for these men and women serving our country - Especially: Lt. Geoffrey Davis; Sgt. Jason N. Brown, who is currently serving in the U.S. Army Cpl. Toni Diesel; EMFR Michael D. Katte ENG/EE US Navy; Lt. Kenneth Doyle, USN; Sr. Airman Michael Marshall, USAF; Staff Sgt. Anthony Sadolfo; AW/SW James Paino; Capt. David Liberti, USAF; Gy Sgt. Charles F. Heck IV, USMC; Warrant Officer, Stanley Masnica; US Navy Seal Michael Fink; Lt. Thomas R. Weadon; Pvt. Chris Rodriguez; Capt. Christopher Seamans, USAF; Captain John D. O’Connell USMC; YN2 James Paino (SW/AW); Cpt. Robert Carter US Army; Col. Dr. William Venanzi; Pvt. Joseph Neceda Jr.; Col. Andrew Torelli USAF; Patrick R. Neenan US Navy, Pvt. 1st Class US Army Christopher McCarty, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Douglas R. Sanders; Robbie Josef Army Ranger/Special Forces Lt. Godney Pulin, Christopher Lester US Army; Damian Vaudo Specialist in the


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