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St. JoSephS

Secondary School

Newsletter May 2018

Vol. 18 Issue 4 Proud of our Past, Confident of our Future

Dear Parents/Guardians and prospective Parents/Guardians, Our end of year Newsletter for the 2017/18 school year contains lots of information on what hap-

pened in St. Josephs during the school year, both academically and in the sporting arena. Our

school enrolment is increasing year on year and the new school year in September 2018 will see

the student population increase from 780

to 830 students. September will also see

the senior management team change with

Deputy Principal Mr Savage taking up the

position of Principal.

St. Josephs has a fine tradition in school

sports and our teams have competed suc-

cessfully again this year. This includes

our U15 soccer team winning its first sil-

verware in the history of the school and

our chess team becoming All Ireland

Champions. There are other sports suc-

cesses detailed in this Newsletter together

with extra curricular and co-curricular activities. Of particular note was the hosting of our first Cul-

ture Week in this school year.

We are continually improving our services for supporting our students so that they can achieve to

their full potential. We provide supervised study each evening after school, on Saturday mornings

and during school holidays. We are oper-

ating a Homework Club for 1st and 2nd

year students each week. These addition-

al services have been made possible by

the hard work of our Parents Council in

fundraising to subsidise supervised

study and fund our Breakfast Club.

The school website contains up to date

information on many aspects of the

school and for prospective parents/

guardians there is a link to a short infor-

mation video. The schools website ad-

dress is:

Best wishes,

David Madden.



Peadar Mc Cann

Annual Awards

30th April 2018

Ben Matthews 6.5 presented with the Peadar Mc Cann Award for Creative Arts by guest of honour and past pupil Dr Gene Carolan.

Past pupil Scott Murphy presented with the Jim Mooney medal for English by Ms Mc Gowan.

Luke Mc Carthy, Sean Carolan and Conor Mc Kenna awarded Junior Cert Gold Medals for Excellence with Deputy Principal Mr Savage. Sean was additionally awarded the Peadar Mc Cann Junior Cert winner for the top JC results in 2017.

Class of 1978 past pupils Gerry Kelly FMFM, Stanley Buckley and Professor Patrick Flood DCU presenting the Br Mc Kenney Cup to 5th year student Cathal Doherty for excellence in Physics.

Construction Studies teacher Ms Murphy presents the Leav-ing Cert Award for Construction Studies to James Tester 6.5.

Leaving Certificate Technology Award winner Anthony Kent 6.1 with Technolo-gy teacher Mr Farrell and Deputy Principal Mr Savage.

Leaving Certificate 2017 overall winner past pupil Scott Murphy with fellow past pupil Dr Gene Carolan and Deputy Principal Mr Savage.

Niall Keane, son of the late former Deputy Principal Noel Keane, presents the Noel Keane Cup to Sen Rice 6.5 as Business Student of the Year.


Academic Achievement Awards

1st years

Back: Mr Savage, Tadhg Dunne 1F, Peter Meegan 1R, Luke Moran 1N, Mr Mathews. Front: Temitayo Laiyemo 1T, Eoghan Sayers 1S.

2nd years

Back: Femi Laiyemo 2S, Daniel Butterly 2T, James Ford 2F, Mr Sharkey. Front: Niall Collins 2R, Stephen Kinch 2N, Alex Smith 2U.

3rd years Back: Mr Ryan, Niall Moore 3F, Liam Vainio-Matila 3T, Ronan Collins 4R. Front: Cillian Tracey 3N, Adam Leech 3S.

Transition Years

Matthew Leech TY3, Conor Mc Kenna TY2.

5th years Back: Sen Carolan 5.1, Ryan Mc Evoy 5.5, Ms Mac Namee, Aaron Sharkey 5.4. Front: Neil Holdcroft 5.3, Ron Bondoc 5.2.

6th years

Back: Mr Stephenson, Christian Shaw LCA 2, Luke Byrne 6.5, Joe Linogao 6.1. Front: Luke Campbell 6.4, Rian Akpitanyi 6.3, Matthew Askins 6.2.


With over thirty countries represented in 1st year alone, St. Josephs Secondary School has a rich

and diverse range of nationalities permeating their student population. We celebrated this diversity

with a special Culture Week from April 23rd to 27th in the school and it was sponsored by Drogheda

Credit Union.

Students who hail from countries such as

Nigeria, Latvia, Germany and the Philippines

are valued members of the school community

and they celebrated their contributions dur-

ing Culture Week.

The week began with an inter-faith ceremony

for all 1st Year and TY students and was attended by

representatives from the Board of Management, Parents

Council, trustees E.R.S.T and the sponsors Drogheda

Credit Union.

Throughout the week students engaged in various work-

shops provided by Boomerang Youth Caf, Give Racism

the Red Card and Create School. Fund raising events took place including a World Cup Final for

1st Years, a Basketball play-off, Food Culture Day and a non-uniform day.

Students works of art, technology and poetry were displayed whilst language students delivered

presentations in various languages. The week also celebrated the official launch of the India Project

and students travelling to India later in the

year delivered a number of presentations on

the nature and purpose of their trip.

Not to be left out, our teachers attended a

presentation by Lizzy Noone from Worldwise

Schools who talked about development edu-

cation. All in all it was a busy and engaging

week as we came together to applaud all the

diverse members of our student body. Credit

to Deputy Principal Mr Traynor and teachers

Ms O Doherty and Mr Lynch for co-ordinating

the Culture Week.




Joeys Intermediate athletics team make

All-Ireland Finals.

St. Josephs inter (U17) team put in a

memorable performance at the Leinster final on the

21st of February to secure a coveted spot at this

years All Ireland.

Having qualified as silver medallists from the North

Leinster zone where they trailed an impressive Mul-

lingar CBS by 50 points an All-Ireland seemed an

unattainable goal.

However such was the desire and hunger from the

Drogheda sextet Tadgh Donnelly (6), Peter Meegan

(14), Tom Cummins (24), Neal Hodgins (44) total

score tied them for second spot. Frank and Hugh

Mc Clean 45 & 55 also ran splendid races over the

4500m at Santry.

Back: Cillian Tracey, Emran Yasser Moustafa, Eoin Reynolds, Bethany Odukoya, Rory Fitzpatrick, Kristofer Tarvids, James Andrews, Callum Thomson, Kacper Olszewski. Middle: Joshua Reilly, Adam Heavy, Jack Kennedy, Rodney Omosigho, Robert McDonnell, Owen Murphy,, Steven Adeyemo, Felim Ryan, Adam Pervaiz, Conor Kirwan, Kevin Silvester. Front: hane Lynch, Aidan McCormack, Patrick McGeary, James Feehan, Lee Grifferty, Charlie Mohan, Farrell Olalere.

Back: Hugh McClean, Tom Cummins, Tadhg Everitt Thomson, Peter Meegan, Neal Hodgins, Eoin Flanagan, Emmet Delaney, Cathal OReilly, Mark Oduberu, Frank McClean. Middle: Ms Daly, Aaron Garvey, Bailey Kerr, Abubakar Cisse, Emmet Murray, Eseosa Omoregbe, Lee Grifferty, Aidan McCormack, Oisin McCann, Max Butterly, Jamie Donagh, Mr Stephenson. Front: Zac Levins, Stephen Kerr, Rhys Fordham, Tristan Rowe, Aaron McGlew, Ciaran Connor, Liam Flynn, David Moro-ney.

Back: Ms Daly, Hugh McClean, Eseosa Omoregbe, Frank McClean, Mr Ste-phenson. Front: Peter Meegan, Tom Cummins, Neal Hodgins.

Students Council



1st Year Basketball Team. Back: Emmanuel Okafor, Jude Woods, Tadhg Martin, Franz Ferdinand II Queypo, Ahmed Oyelola, Layne Coulter. Middle: Tadgh OReilly, Mehbub Hussain Syed, Muhammad Ahmed, Leanne Patrick Ison, Jaimie OMara, Roberts Ruta. Front: Thomas Flanagan, Alans Upenieks, Igor Debski, Daniel Kolesnikovs, Fateem Kekere-Ekun.

Under 14 Basketball team. Back: Daniel Back Herke, Ciaran Agnew, Angus Cardosa, Sam Reilly, Joshua Nino Flores, Alex Carolan. Front: Felim Ryan, Steven Adeyemo, Stefan Okobi, Carl Louise Soriano, Colm Smith.

Under 16 Basketball team. Back: Mr Graham, Donal Oseni, Arturs Smirnovs, Arnas Simkus, Denzel Ebose, Conor Brennan, John Patrick Hughes. Front: Sultan Alatise, Angus Cardoso, Eoin Hackett, Ciaran Agnew, Nikita Koush.

Senior Basketball Team. Back: Ross Barromeo, Ryan Benedo, Eniola Odusanya Smith, Lloyd Olalere, Sen Butter-ly, Luke Kelly, Joshua Reilly Front: Tolani Oyelola, John Prendergast, Denzel Ebose, Joshua Sokan, Michael Collins, Dave Dumaplin.

Denzel Wbose Senior and Ciarn Agnew Junior Player of the year in Basketball.

U 16 team captain Eoin Hackett with the trophy for North Leinster A division win-ners trophy presented by basketball coach Ciaran Mc Groggan.


School trip to Stratford-upon-Avon. William Kavanagh 3R For our Junior Cert English we have been studying the

Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet. So over the

Easter break our teacher Ms Hackett brought us on a

trip to Stratford-U