st. joseph school mrs. bozek 6 th grade science 7 th grade science 8 th grade science

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St. Thomas the Apostle School

St. Joseph SchoolMrs. Bozek6th grade Science7th grade Science8th grade Science

1Our ClassroomDiscovery EducationEdmodoS.T.E.A.M. ProjectsCollaboration projectsVirtual LabsBrain pop6th grade ScienceThe eighth grade curriculum covers a wide range of earth science topics including:MatterMineralsRocks and the rock cycleViews of the EarthWeathering and soilWater erosion and depositionPlate tectonicsEarthquakesVolcanoesAtmosphereClimateSpace

7th grade ScienceThe seventh grade curriculum covers a wide range of life science topics including: Living thingsCells and cell theoryDichotomous keysGeneticsDNAEvolutionEcologyBody systemsHuman reproduction The environment

8th grade ScienceThe eighth grade curriculum covers a wide range of physical science topics including:Matter and energyMotion , force and Newtons Laws of MotionPhysical and chemical changesMeasurementAtomic structure, atoms and molecules energyThe periodic table of elementsHeating and coolingElectromagnetic spectrumSound wavesMagnetismMachines The 8th Grade NYS exam review.

Next Generation Science StandardsWhat are the Next Generation Science Standards?The standards were developed in collaboration with teachers, school administrators, and experts, to provide our children with a clear and consistent framework and fundamental skills to critically think and communicate with one another to compete in a global society. It will also help prepare our children for college and the workforce.

Parent Map for the Next Generation Science Standards

My Goals for Parents and StudentsMy mission, as an educator, is to provide a positive learning environment, a place where students come to school eager to learn.

Along with academic success, I plan to promote communication, critical thinking skills, intellectual, social, and physical growth within each student in the classroom.

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If you have any questions or concerns contact me any time!The connection between student, teacher, and parent(s) is an important bond that I intend to create. If any parent or student has any questions or concerns, please dont hesitate to contact me.You can e-mail me at: