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    In this Institution, the medium of instruction is discipline, the first and second languages are duty and devotion. - Bhagawan Baba

    Maximum importance is attached to discipline in the Hostel. Students must note that on

    matters concerning discipline, the hostel authorities are extremely strict. Every student is

    required to carefully read the rules and regulations given below and strive earnestly to put

    them into practice.

    1. The daily routine of the hostel must be strictly adhered to.

    2. Punctuality and attendance at all prayer sessions including Suprabhatam, morning

    prayer at the Institute, bhajans and night prayer and other institute/hostel programs is

    mandatory. Students must retire to bed by 10.10 p.m.

    3. The first step in discipline is SILENCE. Students are strictly forbidden from

    indulging in idle chat and indecent and loud talk.

    4. Social service is one of the important features of the Institute. Active participation in

    social service activities is compulsory.

    5. Mutual courtesy and gentlemanly behaviour must be cultivated.

    6. Boys must have decent unostentatious dress habits. They are not expected to wear

    waist length shirts or t-shirts, knee-length/short pants and faded jeans. Sporting of

    long hair, long sideburns and remaining unshaven is strictly prohibited.

    7. The students can possess apart from study notes and text books, only spiritual

    literature of elevating and ennobling nature. NOVELS OF ANY TYPE ARE NOT

    ALLOWED in the hostel. Possession of any other literature will be permitted only

    with due approval.

    8. Singing of film songs, hooting and whistling inside the campus is to be avoided.

    9. The medium of communication inside the campus shall be English for all purposes.

    10. Personal possession by the student of any electronic or electrical devices/gadgets is

    strictly forbidden.

    (The students may have trimmers which are battery operated, and do not need a


    11. Going out of the Hostel premises for any reason is not allowed. Students can go home

    only during the vacations at the end of each semester.

    It must be noted that students will be allowed to go home only for the following


    a) Bereavement within the immediate family.

  • b) Marriage of only own brother(s)/sister(s).

    c) House warming ceremony of own house of parent(s).

    d) Health reasons which need urgent medical attention and care.

    In case of any of the above, the parent/guardian must personally seek in writing, from the

    Warden, permission for grant of leave.

    12. Visitors are not allowed inside the hostel. Parents and relatives may visit the students

    on Sundays or holidays between 10.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m. and on working days

    between 04.00 pm to 06.00 p.m.

    In case the student has to attend to programs of the hostel/institute on

    Sundays/holidays, visiting hours will have to be adjusted accordingly.


    There is no compromise on the issue of discipline. Any violation of the above and also

    such other disciplinary injunctions communicated to the students from time to time, will

    be strictly dealt with, with a warning in the first instance and later with expulsion from

    the hostel and college.

    The decision of the Institute authorities on matters of discipline is final.


    I have read and completely understood the above disciplinary regulations. I state that I

    will voluntarily abide by the discipline of the institution and strive to strictly adhere to

    its rules and regulations.

    Countersignature of Parent/Guardian Signature of student


  • SRI SATHYA SAI HOSTEL, SSSIHL, MUDDENAHALLI Procedure for Admission into Hostel and Information for New Entrants 31st May 2017.

    1. Sri Sathya Sai Hostel is a loving home granted by Bhagawan Baba to His students for their spiritual and all round growth. All students must use their precious years of stay in the Hostel for that purpose.

    2. All students must be accompanied by their parent(s) on the day of admission. Those students who are not survived by parent(s) may be accompanied by their guardian(s).

    3. The students should fill up the hostel application form and sign the same before arrival at the hostel. The application form along with the declaration form regarding hostel disciplinary regulations will have to be

    countersigned by the parent or guardian in charge. (Note: Form can be downloaded at the University


    4. HOSTEL CHARGES: The student will have to pay the boarding charges of Rs.20000, a caution deposit of Rs. 1500 and annual charges for transport (for visits to Prasanthi Nilayam for festivals) Rs.3000 totaling to

    Rs.24500, in one installment at the time of joining the Hostel. The caution deposit is refundable as and when

    the student leaves the Institute.

    5. The hostel charges may be paid by the following TWO MODES only. CASH will not be accepted.

    A) The amount may be paid or transferred online by remitting the same to the hostel account through challan

    under the Power Jyothi Scheme of State Bank of India, at any branch of SBI. (Note: Challan can be

    downloaded at University website)

    Details of Hostel Account at SBI, Chickballapur:

    Account no. : 34027843675

    IFSC: SBIN0007908

    Branch Code: 7908


    The Power Jyothi challan counterfoil marked HOSTEL COPY must necessarily be submitted at the hostel office

    on arrival for admission.

    B) Online transfer of funds through SBI Collect. Please make the payment by going to the web page of as mentioned below:

    Proof of transaction/payment made using SBI Collect must be submitted at the Hostel Office on arrival for


    The Hostel adopts a dividing system of accounting, which facilitates equal division of hostel expenditure among all the

    residents. Deficit if any will be charged at the end of the semester. The student will also have to pay the transport

    charges for his visits to Prasanthi Nilayam, as part of the curriculum.

  • 6. Every student must equip himself with the following essential items at the time of joining the hostel:

    a) At least four (4) pairs of white dresses

    b) 2 3 pairs of sober coloured dresses of appropriate length (Bermudas and shorts are not allowed)

    c) Two sets of track suits

    d) Bedding with blanket and bed spreads

    e) Bucket and mug

    f) Plate and tumbler

    g) A pair of sports shoes (Canvas or any other type)

    h) Warm clothing like sweater, shawl etc., for the winter.

    7. Students must submit twelve (12) recent passport size and twelve (12) stamp size photographs taken in formal white dress, with well-groomed hair, short sideburns, and clean shaven face. Photographs in colour dress will

    not be accepted. The photographs will be used for the records of the University, Hostel and bank.

    8. Admission to the Hostel is provisional until the student undergoes a medical examination conducted by the Hostel doctor. Any history of chronic ailments should be mentioned in the Student's Health Record provided.

    Admission to the Hostel will be confirmed only after certification by the doctor.


  • SSSIHL/MDH/Hostel Office/17-18 Application No_______________


    01 Name of Student (In Capital Letters)

    02 Date of Birth Affix your recent

    colour passport

    size photograph

    (in white dress)

    03 Year and Class Admitted to:

    04 Blood Group

    05 Name of Parent/Guardian

    (In Capital Letters)

    06 Address for Communication

    Pin Code:


    Contact Details of Parent/Guardian

    Phone No. :

    (with STD code)

    Mobile No.:

    E-mail ID:


    Profession of Parent/Guardian:

    (with full details)

    09 Annual Income of Parent/Guardian

    10 Local guardians name, address and

    contact details (e-mail and phone no.)



  • 11. Number of years of your stay in SRI SATHYA SAI HOSTELS:

    SSS Primary School

    Prasanthi Nilayam

    SSS Higher Sec. School

    Prasanthi Nilayam

    Any other Sai School

    Total years of


    12. Academic Record in School:

    Class Xth XIth XIIth

    Percent Obtained (%)

    13. Academic Distinctions / Medals received in the past: (Give Details if any)

    14. Exposure to Bal Vikas / EHV / Pre-Seva Dal / Seva Dal:

    (Mention work in any other spiritual / Service organization, NGO if any)

    15. Write briefly, about the development of your personality during your exposure to Bal

    Vikas / EHV / Pre-Seva Dal / Seva Dal or stay at Bhagavans Hostel(s)

  • 16. Name(s) of relative(s) who may have already studied or are studying in our educational


    Name Institution Place Course Period of Study Relationship

    17. Any Chronic Ailment? If Yes, Please furnish details:

    18. Extra Curricular


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