springtime self-improvement tips for people with disabilities

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1. Spring Into Action Advice for Springtime Self-Improvement from Shepherd Center Experts 2. Let the Sun Shine In Pleasant weather can improve mood, memory and thinking. So get outside! What you do does not matter as much as doing it consistently. Just go to the mailbox. Visit the patio to soak in some rays and listen to the birds. Meditate outside, listening to the sounds around you rather than the chatter in your head. Schedule time on your calendar to meditate. Leave your cell phone inside, or at least on the vibrate setting. Urszula Klich, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Shepherd Pain Institute 3. Ideas for Outdoor Fun Go to a park. Visit a zoo. Work in your garden. Try a new sport. Exercise outdoors. Explore a local trail. Invite friends for a visit on the patio. 4. Words to the WISE Wear sunscreen and check your skin often for sunburn. Wear loose clothing. Layering always helps. Drink plenty of water. In warmer weather, exercise outside in the morning when its cooler to avoid overheating. Take breaks during outdoor exercise to conserve energy. Involve a caregiver, friend or family member in outdoor activities to enhance support and happiness. 5. For More Information Recreation Therapy Shepherd Center Sports Teams Adventure Skills Workshop Wheelchair Division of the Peachtree Road Race www.shepherd.org/resources/sports-recreation ProMotion Fitness Center www.shepherd.org/about/patient-and-family- guide/promotion-fitness-center Beyond Therapy www.beyond-therapy.org