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trend prediction for spring/summer 2012


  • Global Picnic

    Global Warming

    Eco Fashion

    Picnics and Garden Parties

    The Black Swan

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  • Global Picnic

  • The big trend for Spring/summer 2012 is GLOBAL PICNIC.Global Picnic is an overall trend based on the effects global warming is having on our world, as each year we are killing thousands of people. If we do not start to look asfter our world, we are going to be dealing with the serious consequences of our action. Therefore it is time for the world

    to turn GREEN.One huge step towards this in 2012 is by introducing Eco fashion back into our lives in a global scale. It is time to become more responsible,

    earth aware and even more fashionable than ever before.Through the Global Picnic trend we will become more aware of unfair la-bour, chemicals and pesticides and all other factors which are negatively

    affecting our world and the ways of fashion.The Global Picnic philosophy is to reduce consumption, buy fewer items, be more responsible and aware and buy more expensive items that will

    last for a longer period of time.Along with realising the effects of global warming and becoming more eco friendly, Global Picnic is also combining this with the theme of PICNICS

    and GARDEN PARTIES.As springtime comes around, there is fresh grass grown, newly bloomed flowers, birds singing and lambs bouncing about the fields. What better way to spend your days in spring and summer than laying out a rug and

    enjoying a chic picnic.Straw hats, chequered shirts, denim shorts and wedged sandals are all a

    perfect combination for that spring picnic look.From this start to think about the movie THE BLACK SWAN and com-bine elements of materials and looks such as tutus, ballet pumps and dia-

    mantes for that elegant and sophisticated ballet picnic style.And for that overall Global Picnic feel add refreshing SORBET COL-

    OURS to your look to give that fun, fresh and feminine vibe.Altogether the Global Picnic trend represents the new Green, earth aware, sophisticated, fun, feminine and outdoors fashion lifestyle that will take

    the world by storm.

  • Global Warming

  • Our planet is warming up, and not in a good way!

    Greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, water vapour, nitrous oxide and methane) have increased 70 per cent due to human activities.

    Because of the carelessness of humans, there have been and will be even more devastating effects on the world, Such as:

    - Rise in sea levels: displacing and even killing millions of people. The Maldives is already looking for a new home thanks to rising sea

    levels- More killer Storms: the severity of storms such as hurricanes and

    cyclones is increasing, again killing millions and destroying homes- Massive crop failure: there is a 90 per cent chance that 3 billion people worldwide will have to choose between moving their families to

    milder climates and going hungry within the next 100 years- Widespread extinction of species: could lead to the extinction of more tha a million species and this is devastating news for the human population as humans cannot exist without a diverse population of dif-

    ferent species- Disappearance of coral reefs: coral populations will collapse by

    the year 2100 which is a severe danger for ocean ecosystems.


    As a result of human actions we must take responsibility for what we have created and turn the world GREEN!

    The philosophy we must use is to skip going to the supermarket and grow our own at home, leave the car and choose to walk instead and

    say NO to mass production.


  • Green design and clothing is seen as high fashion, smart and sensitively produced without the use of pesticides, unfair labour,

    sustainable fabrics and practices. The 2012 Eco fashion trend is about being stylish, conscious,

    responsible and earth aware.Ecologically sensitive fabrics include:

    - Organically grown natural fabrics: cotton, hemp/linen, me-rino, wool, cashmere, ahisma silk

    - Fabrics made from natural materials like Soya, sea cell, bamboo, sasawashi, tencel

    - Fabrics made from recycled synthetic fibres including plas-tics, viscose and nylon

    - Fabrics dyed with natural dyes or non polluting dyes- Unbleached fabric- Handloom fabrics

    The most important fundamentals of eco fashion philosophy is the absence of waste. It is important to reduce consumption, buy fewer, more responsible, possibly more expensive clothes and use them over a long period of time rather than buying a large amount of less expensive clothing which isnt going to last.Many fashion designers such as Stella Mc Cartney and Phillip Lim are turning ti environmentally sensitive fabrics and pro-

    duction techniques.

    The 2012 era will see the world going back to basics, reserving our resources and using them to the full. We will be buying few-er, better quality and longer lasting clothing. We will be reduc-ing, reusing and recycling and buying items from vintage stores

    as well as charity stores.

    Together we will turn the world ECO GREEN.

  • What better way to welcome Spring/Summer 2012 than laying down a rug and settling down to a stylish picnic.

    Its feminine, its fun and it gets you up and out into the environment so you can appreciate the great outdoors.

    Spring/Summer 2012 will see the return of gingham and chequered shirts, along with straw hats, denim, sunglass-es, wedges, sandals and flat pumps, prom styled dresses, welly boots, light scarves, floral patterns, long flowing

    maxi dresses and vintage clothing.

    For the picnic look, a sense of humour and youthful opti-mism is a must.

    Make the most of spring and long summer days by indulg-ing in a sophisticated, chic picnic or garden party.

    Think sunshine, fresh spring air, newly bloomed flowers and trees, freshly grown grass in a wide open field filled with daisies with a large willow tree and a stream or river flowing gently beside and here is your perfect location for

    your chic picnic.

  • Film inspires fashion

    Natalie Portman plays an ambitious ballet dancer winning the lead in Swan Lake but slowly loses her mind as she becomes more like the black swan rather than the beauti-ful white swan intended.

    A refreshing, feminine and sophisticated ballet inspired trend will hit the catwalks and shops in spring/summer 2012.This may include tutus, leotards and cami-soles or simply just using the materials as-sociated with ballet such as tulle, organza, chiffon, netting, tarlatan and muslin.

    Another way the ballet trend could inspire people is through the specialist costumes used for different characters in ballet. Feathers and diamantes are big statement pieces which would glam up any outfit.

    The long flowing skirts made from the sheerest of chiffons and the tight pink leo-tards which hug our figures beautifully defi-nitely make every girl and womans dreams come true, as every little girl dreamed of being a ballerina, this trend can surely be a huge hit.

    Grand pli en pointe

  • Sorbet


  • Say goodbye to the dark and gloomy days of winter and welcome spring and summer 2012 with fresh eyes, ditch

    the hard-edged, hardware heavy looks and soften up.

    Think of a hot summers day and cooling down with an ice cold frozen sorbet ice cream.

    Sorbet colours are your must have for Spring/Summer 2012.

    They are fun, feminine and very refreshing.

    Succulent Raspberry, bitter lemon, Zingy lime, sweet li-lac, refreshing turquoise, sensational coral and luscious blood orange are all mouth watering shades of sorbet that are perfect for that spring/summer feminine look.

    Why not try the 2011 colour blocking trend with sorbet colours to give you that extra confident feminine touch.

    Sweeten your palette this spring/summer by thinking desserts and candy.

    Sweet, light and floaty fabrics will make you fashion eye candy.

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