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    spr ing2012 Volume2 1 Number1

  • The House of Mouse has long been home to celebrated characters with insulting monikers. Names like Dopey, Dumbo and Foulfellow. They arent bad. Theyre just named that way. (Okay, so Foulfellows a little shady.) If that friendly fraternity of negatively named characters has a class clown, its got to be Goofy. The artist formerly known as Dippy Dawg is animations king of comedy, having amassed a resume of screen credits unlike any other in Hollywood. So to help celebrate the debut of Goofys re-imagined Magic Kingdom attraction and to embrace the irreverent spirit of April Fools Day, Disney Files Magazine is pleased to dedicate this issue to Maxs dimwitted Dad. A one-on-one interview with Disney Legend and Goofy voice actor Bill Farmer (pages 3-4) begins our appropriately distinguished salute, which continues with a subtle nod to Goofys famed series of How To animated shorts in the form of a lighthearted guide to making an online reservation at a Disney Vacation Club Resort (pages 5-6). Arguably the most highly anticipated addition to the Member experience since the introduction of the trading pin, this recently launched tool gives new meaning to the notion of Disney magic starting with a mouse. Goofys aforementioned Magic Kingdom attraction grabs the spotlight on page 18, delivering the inside scoop about a kid-friendly coaster that now casts our foolhardy friend in the high-flying role of The Great Goofini. A rite of passage for young thrill-seekers since 1996, The Barnstormer returns this spring with its daring new storyline as Storybook Circus emerges as part of the ongoing Fantasyland expansion project. Goofy must be feeling confident about his daredevil act, as hes already pumping money into one of his overseas homes and will soon ask Guests to help him redecorate (page 22). Add a Goofy-resume retrospective from Disney Heritage columnist Jim Korkis (pages 27-28) and a photographic look at one of Goofys earlier Walt Disney World stunts on our back cover, and you have a magazine that, like its staff, is as goofy as it is informative. Welcome home,

    Ryan MarchDisney Files Editor




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    VOL. 21 NO. 1

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  • I must say, my first months on the job at Disney Vacation Club have been absolutely incredible! Every meeting I attend and every conversation I have in the hallway sheds more light on how dynamic this vacation-ownership community is, and how much enjoyment it brings to our Members. In my more than two decades with Disney, Ive never felt so inspired. Im truly honored to be part of this hard-working team, dedicated to creating cherished family memories. Of course, my most meaningful experiences so far have been my interactions with Members, whether its one-on-one dialogue or part of a larger gathering. Two recent events afforded me the opportunity to really immerse myself in this unique Disney community and made me even more excited about our future together. While many of you may have experienced one of these gatherings in the past, the two over which I presided in Florida and Hawaii in December were my first, and they were arguably the most variety-filled gatherings Ive ever attended. We shared news, reviewed and approved budgets, answered Member questions, celebrated milestones, ate cookies always a sign of a good meeting and even enjoyed live entertainment. Im talking about the annual meetings of Disney Vacation Club Condominium Associations. They were part business update, part town hall and part Member reunion. Hundreds of you joined us in person for the Florida meeting, while others of you tuned in by phone from

    Anaheim or attended the separate session on Oahu for Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas, Ko Olina, Hawaii. Of course, lots of you couldnt attend, so I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the exciting news we covered

    at the meetings. Perhaps most welcomed was word that the long-awaited online booking system has become a reality. Youll find more details about this new Disney Vacation Club Resort reservation option in this edition of Disney Files Magazine, and I hope

    youll agree its a tremendous enhancement to the convenience of Membership. In other news, we shared that Disney Vacation Club Resorts now feature a broader lineup of satellite television networks; were expanding inventory at Disneys Grand Californian Hotel & Spa by making traditional hotel rooms at

    that location available again on vacation points beginning later this spring; and an

    unprecedented pair of S.S. Member Cruise sailings will allow more Members than ever

    to enjoy this signature event. Well share more information about these and other new offerings as the stories develop. Looking even further down the road, we also confirmed that Disney Vacation Club is moving forward with plans to develop villas at Disneys Grand Floridian Resort & Spa! I look forward to seeing you at the 2012 meeting, scheduled to take place on Dec. 13 at the Walt Disney World Resort. In the meantime, best wishes for the most magical and memorable of Disney vacations!

    By Claire Bilby, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Disney Vacation Club

    ABOVE: Crews are developing an estimated 147 Disney Vacation Club villas near Disneys Wedding Pavilion at Disneys Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. The resort is estimated to open in late 2013.


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  • Some kids take offense at being called goofy. Bill Farmer took it as professional advice.Born with the gift of comedic gab, Bill turned his ability to channel stars both real and imagined

    into an illustrious show-business career as a comedian and voice actor. While the Kansas native has voiced a colorful array of animated characters since moving to Hollywood in 1986, none are nearer or dearer to his heart than Goofy. More than providing Goofys voice, Bill has long been the characters soul. From exploring the dim-witted Dads emotional depth in the standout film A Goofy Movie to engaging a new generation of Goofy fans through his Emmy-nominated performances in the hit television series Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Bills immeasurable contributions to one of Disneys most iconic stars have been recognized with everything from the immortalizing Disney Legend award to the prestigious Friz Freleng Award for Excellence in Animation. As Goofy prepares to star as the Great Goofini in his re-imagined attraction (see page 18), Disney Files Magazine Editor Ryan March sits down for a visit with the legendary funnyman, fresh off the 25th anniversary of his Goofy career.

    Ryan: While youve been doing funny voices since you were a kid, your career didnt begin in the world of comedy.

    Bill: Thats true. I graduated with a journalism degree from the University of Kansas. While working at a radio station as an engineer, I was looking at a manual for a piece of equipment and saw a warning that read, Caution: Death On Contact. I thought to myself, Hmmm, Id better go learn more about this stuff, and decided to study electronics at the Elkins Institute in Dallas. Later, while still in Dallas, I started to pursue commercial acting and stand-up comedy, all while working overnights repairing and testing computers. Id sometimes be up for 24 hours straight. My lovely fiance, Jennifer, said she didnt want to marry a zombie, so it was time to focus on one career path. It was actually the day before we got married that Jen and I both quit our jobs to focus full time on my career in comedy.

    Ryan: That mustve thrilled the in-laws.

    Bill: Oh yes, its what every father-in-law wants to hear before the wedding. Here was this intimidating military man hearing that his daughters husband-to-be was quitting a perfectly steady job to start telling jokes. I think his actual quote was, Why doesnt he do something worthwhile, like taking out the trash?

    Ryan: Obviously, that proved to be a wise decision, as your

    eventual move to Hollywood quickly led to an audition that would change your life.

    Bill: Absolutely. The Disney studio was looking for actors to voice some of its core characters, so my agent sent me on the audition. My Donald Duck impression was pretty much limited to a single sound and my Mickey was a bit off, but Goofy was right in my wheelhouse, and I got the gig. My life has never been the same since.

    Ryan: And how long after that did Jennifers Dad warm up to your career choices?

    Bill: Well, fast forward a few years, as Im getting him backstage access to Walt Disney World attractions and inviting him to private parties with celebrities, and the tide definitely turned. Ill never forget going with him to an event at his church in Melbourne, Fla., and having him introduce me to his friends. Heres exactly what he said: Id like you to meet my son-in-law, Billand his wife, Jennifer. I had arrived


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