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<ul><li><p>SPRING DETOX21-Day meal plan + Recipe guiDe</p><p>Samantha Gladish</p></li><li><p>2 Holistic Wellness 2015</p><p>21-Day Qualitarian Detox Meal Plan </p><p>Its time you eat like a Qualitarian!</p><p>Welcome to your 21-Day Spring Detox meal plan full of delicious and healthy food. </p><p>This isnt about going on a diet or depriving yourself. This is about eating quality food; being more conscious of the food you buy and just eating damn good! </p><p>Its important to eliminate processed food, sugar, gluten and alcohol (or at least limit it) so that you can thrive during this detox. This meal plan eliminates all the junk and leaves in all the good!</p><p>INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH</p><p>I need to prepare you for the fact that you may face a bit of a sticker shock at the cash register. Yes, your grocery bill will likely be higher than usual, but please... dont freak out!</p><p>Youre investing in your health and youre worth it! Heres how I think about it. You can either pay more upfront for fresh produce and real whole foods, or pay down the road with poor health and medical bills. Its an easy choice once we lay it out like that, right? So dont give yourself a hard time over a slightly higher grocery bill. Just embrace the fact that youre taking the opportunity to do something wonderful for your health, and be proud of yourself for that. You DO NOT need to buy everything organic and you can save lots of money by buying certain grocery items in bulk and shopping at local farmers markets. </p><p>GET YOUR SPOUSE AND FAMILY MEMBERS ON BOARD </p><p>You cant change anyone but yourself, however, you can ask them to support you on your journey. Let your family know you are embarking on a Qualitarian Journey and you would love their support, patience and mouths for taste testing all the new recipes youll be cooking! </p><p>Lets go over a few things regarding your meal plan and how you can make the most of it.</p><p>First off, its important to note that this plan is flexible. Use the recipes as you please and feel free to use the meal plan template to create your own meal plan for the week using your own favorite recipes. </p><p>So what do I mean by flexible? As much as I would love for you to follow the plan 100%, I completely understand that schedules and busy lives can get in the way of cooking and prepping meals. Incorporating just some of the recipes into your week will make a huge difference in your health, energy and vitality. </p></li><li><p>3 Holistic Wellness 2015</p><p>The last thing I want in my life and your life is complication. I want things to be easy peasy. So dont fret if you cant follow the plan 100% or fall off the wagon for a few days. Its all-good! You always have the opportunity to start fresh and new right where you are! </p><p>I will be posting new recipes to the Facebook Group periodically. You can use the new recipes to substitute the recipes in your meal plan if you like. If you have a healthy Qualitarian detox recipe that you love to cook in your house, share it in the group! </p><p>Lets cover some important things:</p><p>SERVING SIZES: (these are just rough estimates)</p><p> &gt; When it comes to PROTEIN, such as meat/poultry/fish, a rough serving size is roughly 4-6 oz. </p><p> &gt; For PROTEIN such as beans or legumes, a rough serving size is cup cup. &gt; STARCHES such as quinoa or rice should be roughly cup cooked. &gt; STARCHES such as sweet potato or squashes should be roughly 1 cup </p><p>mashed, or half a baked/cooked sweet potato/squash. &gt; GREENS, SALADS, VEGETABLES can be enjoyed in large amounts. Really </p><p>there is no limit to the amount of dark leafy greens or raw veggies youd like to consume. The more veggies the better!</p><p>FOOD SWAPS:</p><p> &gt; Feel free to use what you have on hand. For example, spinach can be swapped for kale or chard or vice versa. </p><p> &gt; Salmon can be swapped for other wild caught fish. &gt; Poultry such as chicken can be swapped for turkey. &gt; Meat such as lamb can be swapped for beef and so on and so on. </p><p>FOOD PREP:</p><p> &gt; I recommend taking a look over your week of suggested meals and use your shopping list template to fill out what you will need.</p><p> &gt; Choose 2-3 days a week that you can devote 1-2 hours to prepping food. &gt; Cook extra vegetables, meat, fish, poultry or beans, slice up raw veggies as </p><p>snacks or prepare some raw almond energy balls and freeze to keep on hand for a treat. Prep is key!</p></li><li><p>4 Holistic Wellness 2015</p><p>SOME THINGS TO kEEP IN MIND:</p><p>Always start your day with The Slimming Sip or warm water with lemon to help cleanse the liver and stimulate peristalsis (i.e. a bowel movement!). </p><p>The Giddy Up Liver Elixir on page 124 in The Qualitarian Life is a great drink to sip throughout the day or to make in the a.m. and drink in place of the Slimming Sip. You can alternate between these 2 recipes if you like. </p><p>As mentioned in The Qualitarian Life eBook, we want to start our day with protein and fat. This is because protein and fat will help to rev our metabolism, but also help to balance our cortisol levels in the a.m. Most breakfast recipes on your meal plan do contain protein and fat, but not all of them. Be sure to incorporate a high-quality protein powder or hemp seeds in your smoothie or enjoy some boiled eggs for a protein boost in the morning. Enjoy a teaspoon full of MCT oil or coconut oil to get in some quality fat. Or cook your eggs in grass-fed butter or coconut oil. There are many ways to get healthy fats and protein. Just get creative!</p><p>What about carbs? Your body becomes more insulin sensitive in the afternoon and early evening. Dont you find yourself craving for something sweet at 3pm? Well thats because your cortisol starts to lower and in turn, your insulin rises, so you start to crave more comfort food. Incorporating cup of quinoa or 1 cup mashed sweet potato or 2 cups of starchy vegetables for lunch will help to balance out your hormones and keep you feeling energized and balanced. Its all about listening to your body and choosing the healthiest options for you!</p><p>What about snacks? Theres nothing like indulging in some raw almond energy balls or quinoa bars, but we also want to be conscious of our sugar intake. Most of the snacks are small servings, so be sure to limit yourself to a few bites or just 1 serving. Remember, fresh fruit and veggies make great snacks! An apple or celery stick with almond butter or raw carrots with hummus is a great afternoon snack. Again, its important to listen to your body. If you dont feel hungry, dont snack on anything. Enjoy some herbal tea or infused herbal water instead. </p><p>Dont hesitate to reach out and ask questions in the Facebook Forum. Share your successes or failures with us! Were here to help! </p><p>Happy Cooking, Prepping and Eating!</p></li><li><p>5 Holistic Wellness 2015</p><p>Qualitarian Spring Detox Meal Plan Week 1</p><p>Here is your week 1 Qualitarian Spring Detox meal plan to help keep you on track! </p><p>Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner snack</p><p>Sunday Turkey Broccoli Mushroom Frittata </p><p>Chinese Ginger Chicken </p><p>+ choice of salad or veg </p><p>Simple Detox Salad</p><p>Bone Broth (sip </p><p>throughout the week)</p><p>Monday Sweet Greens Morning SmoothieLeftover Frittata </p><p>+ side salad or veg</p><p>Leftover Chinese Ginger Chicken </p><p>+ Roasted Tamari Broccoli </p><p>Herbal Tea</p><p>TuesdayEggless Breakfast Scramble + fresh </p><p>berries</p><p>Creamy Asparagus Soup</p><p>Warm Spring Tacos + add choice of protein Herbal Tea</p><p>WednesdayRaw Lemony </p><p>Buckwheat Porridge (prepare night before)</p><p>Leftover Creamy Asparagus Soup Cool Lentil Salad</p><p>Sweet Pea Dip w/ raw </p><p>veggies or flax crackers</p><p>Thursday key Lime SmoothieBroccoli-Beet Detox </p><p>Salad + choice of protein </p><p>Dill Herbed Salmon + Roasted Asparagus </p><p>+ Cauliflower rice</p><p>Superfood Trail Mix </p><p>Friday Eggs &amp; SauerkrautAvocado Tomato </p><p>Salad + leftover Dill Herbed </p><p>Salmon</p><p>Simple Detox Salad Herbal Tea</p><p>SaturdayPaleo Pumpkin </p><p>Pancakes+ Vitality Green Juice</p><p>Grilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich </p><p>+ side salad + Carrot &amp; Parsnip </p><p>Fries </p><p>Roasted Spring Vegetables w/ choice </p><p>of protein</p><p>Spicy Quacamole Dip w/ raw </p><p>veggies or flax crackers</p></li><li><p>6 Holistic Wellness 2015</p><p>Qualitarian Spring Detox Meal Plan Week 2</p><p>Here is your week 2 Qualitarian Spring Detox meal plan to help keep you on track!</p><p>Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner snack</p><p>SundaySkin Purifier</p><p> Juice + 30 Second Energy Breakfast Bites</p><p>Collard or Lettuce Wrap + add in choice </p><p>of protein</p><p>Roasted Lemon Rosemary Chicken </p><p>+ choice of veg</p><p>Raspberry Cacao Hemp </p><p>Squares </p><p>Monday Super Seed Muesli</p><p>Leftover Rosemary Chicken </p><p>+ choice of salad + option to add wild/basmati rice/squash/</p><p>quinoa</p><p>Miso Soup with Sea Veggies Herbal Tea</p><p>Tuesday Berry Almond Blast SmoothieBroccoli Avovado </p><p>Detox SoupHerb Stuffed </p><p>PeppersWarm Chai + Ginger Tea</p><p>WednesdayEggless Breakfast Scramble + fresh </p><p>berries</p><p>Gorgeous Glow Salad</p><p>Turkey Broccoli Mushroom Frittata </p><p>+ side salad or veggies</p><p>Apple Almond Butter Rings</p><p>ThursdayBlood Purifier Juice </p><p>+ 30 Second Energy Breakfast Bites</p><p>Leftover Turkey Broccoli Mushroom </p><p>Frittata + side salad or veggies</p><p>Curried Red Lentil Bisque</p><p>Bone Broth (sip </p><p>throughout the week)</p><p>Friday</p><p>For the Love of Chocolate Smoothie </p><p>(add in protein powder or additional hemp </p><p>seeds)</p><p>Leftover Curried Red Lentil Bisque</p><p>Sunflower Seed Salmon Pate</p><p>Cucumber Boats</p><p>SaturdayRaspberry Chia </p><p>Pudding + Vitality Green Juice </p><p>Miso Soup with Sea Veggies Warm Spring Tacos Herbal Tea</p></li><li><p>7 Holistic Wellness 2015</p><p>Qualitarian Spring Detox Meal Plan Week 3</p><p>Here is your week 3 Qualitarian Spring Detox meal plan to help keep you on track! </p><p>Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner snack</p><p>SundaySuper Seed Museli + Antioxidant Booster </p><p>Juice</p><p>Chunky Vegetable Soup</p><p>Dill Herbed Salmon+ Roasted Asparagus + wild or basmati rice</p><p>Detox Pesto + Raw Veggies</p><p>Monday Sweet Greens Morning SmoothieEggless Breakfast </p><p>Scramble with fresh berries</p><p>Leftover Chunky Vegetable Soup Herbal Tea</p><p>Tuesday key Lime SmoothieGoji Berry Mixed </p><p>Green Salad w/ choice of protein</p><p>Collard or Lettuce Wraps + add choice of </p><p>protein</p><p>Bone Broth (sip throughout the </p><p>week)</p><p>Wednesday Pumpkin Pie SmoothieCreamy Asparagus </p><p>Soup</p><p>Broccoli-Beet Detox Salad </p><p>+ choice of proteinHerbal Tea</p><p>ThursdayScrambled eggs + sauted greens </p><p>+ avocado</p><p>Leftover Creamy Asparagus Soup Cool Lentil Salad</p><p>Sweet Pea Dip w/ Basil w/ raw veggies </p><p>or flax crackers</p><p>FridayRaw Lemony </p><p>Buckwheat Porridge (prepare night before)</p><p>Gorgeous Glow Salad (option to add </p><p>protein)</p><p>Herb Stuffed Peppers Herbal Tea</p><p>Saturday Avocado Toast with Poached EggsBerry Almond Blast </p><p>Smoothie</p><p>Butternut Squash &amp; Pesto Pizza + side salad</p><p>Avocado Chocolate Pudding </p></li><li><p>8 Holistic Wellness 2015</p><p>Qualitarian Meal Tracker</p><p>Feel free to use this meal plan tracker as a guide and/or food journal to prep your own meals for the week. </p><p>Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner snack</p><p>Sunday</p><p>Monday</p><p>Tuesday</p><p>Wednesday</p><p>Thursday</p><p>Friday</p><p>Saturday</p></li><li><p>9 Holistic Wellness 2015</p><p>Qualitarian Grocery Shopping List</p><p>VegetaBLes fruits + Legumes meat &amp; eggs</p><p>seasonings + herBs oiLs, spreaD, etc canneD gooDs</p><p>BeVerages &amp; LiquiDs nuts + seeDs aDDitionaL gooDs</p></li><li><p>10 Holistic Wellness 2015</p><p>Warm Chai with Ginger and SteviaServes 2</p><p>Ingredients: &gt; 1 cup dairy free milk &gt; 1 tea bag chai tea &gt; Dash of ground ginger &gt; 1 teaspoon stevia or raw honey (optional)</p><p>Directions: In a small saucepan heat milk of choice, once simmering remove from heat and add teabag. Remove tea bag and stir in sweetener of choice if desired, top with a dash of ginger and serve. </p></li><li><p>11 Holistic Wellness 2015</p><p>Key Lime SmoothieServes 2</p><p>This smoothie is incredibly refreshing. It contains electrolyte minerals such as potassium and magnesium, plus a healthy dose of hormone balancing fats. If you like key lime pie, youll love this smoothie! Its also great to have post workout due to the electrolyte content, plus the alkalizing benefits of wheatgrass. </p><p>Ingredients: &gt; 2 cups homemade coconut milk or coconut water &gt; Juice of 1 lime &gt; an avocado &gt; 1 cube frozen wheatgrass (optional) &gt; 1 cup spinach or kale &gt; 2 tsp shredded coconut &gt; 2 tsp hemp seeds &gt; 1 scoop vanilla protein powder or 1 tsp ground vanilla </p><p>Directions: Add all ingredients into blender and blend on high until well combined. Drink and enjoy. </p></li><li><p>13 Holistic Wellness 2015</p><p>Vitality Green JuiceServes 2</p><p>Ingredients: &gt; 1 cucumber &gt; 3 celery ribs &gt; 1 broccoli stalk &gt; 3 romaine lettuce leaves &gt; cup parsley &gt; green apple &gt; a lemon &gt; 1 inch piece ginger root</p><p>Directions: Press all ingredients through your juicer.</p><p>Blood PurifierServes 1</p><p>Ingredients: &gt; 1 beet &gt; 1 carrot &gt; 2 kale leaves &gt; a lemon</p><p>Directions: Press all ingredients through your juicer.</p></li><li><p>14 Holistic Wellness 2015</p><p>Skin PurifierServes 1</p><p>Ingredients: &gt; 1 broccoli stalk &gt; a cucumber &gt; 1 carrot &gt; 1 celery rib &gt; a lemon</p><p>Directions: Press all ingredients through your juicer.</p><p>Antioxidant BoosterServes 1</p><p>Ingredients: &gt; 2 tomatoes &gt; 2 red bell peppers &gt; 2 kale leaves &gt; cup parsley &gt; a lemon</p><p>Directions: Press all ingredients through your juicer.</p></li><li><p>15 Holistic Wellness 2015</p><p>For the Love of ChocolateServes 2</p><p>When I say chocolate, I mean cacao. Real, raw, mineral rich, unprocessed cacao. I always have some organic cacao powder stocked in my cupboards at home. From smoothies to desserts, I use cacao quite frequently. It contains a ton of magnesium, which is essential for detoxification. This smoothie also provides you with plant based protein, healthy fats, plus adrenal and hormone support from maca. </p><p>Ingredients: &gt; 2 cups homemade almond or coconut milk &gt; 1 tbsp cacao powder (I use Giddy Yoyo) &gt; 2 tsp maca powder &gt; a frozen banana &gt; 1 tbsp hemp seeds &gt; 1 tsp chia seeds &gt; 2 tsp cinnamon &gt; 1 tbsp nut butter of choice (cashew or almond work well) &gt; 2 tsp cacao nibs (optional)</p><p>Directions: Add all ingredients into blender and blend on high until well combined. Top with cacao nibs. Drink and enjoy. </p></li><li><p>17 Holistic Wellness 2015</p><p>Chai Rooibos SmoothieServes 1</p><p>Ingredients: &gt; 1 cup brewed rooibos chai tea (brew tea and let cool) &gt; 1-2 scoops vanilla protein powder &gt; 1 teaspoon cinnamon &gt; teaspoons allspice &gt; 2 teaspoons ground ginger &gt; cup unsweetened almond or coconut milk &gt; 2 tablespoons almond or cashew butter &gt; Stevia to taste (optional)</p><p>Directions: Add all ingredients to blender and blend until well combined.</p><p>* If you cant find rooibos chai tea, use rooibos tea or chai tea on its own, both of which are easy to find teas.</p></li><li><p>18 Holistic Wellness 2015</p><p>Sweet Green Morning Smoothie Serves 2</p><p>My green smoothies are so near and dear to me. Its easy to throw a few handfuls of greens into your blender and instantly feel the energizing and alkalizing benefits. Kale and spinach can be quite bitter when eaten raw. Combining them with sweet pear gives this smoothie the perfect sweetness. </p><p>Ingredients: &gt; 2 cups spring water or coconut water &gt; 1 pear or 1/2 cup fresh chopped pineapple &gt; Large handful of kale, washed and de-stemmed &gt; Large handful of spinach, washed &gt; 1 tbsp hemp seeds &gt; 1 tsp chia seeds &gt; 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (optional, I use Progressive </p><p>Organic Whey or Hemp) &gt; 1 tsp cinnamon</p><p>Directions: Add all ingredients into blender and blend on high until well combined. Drink and enjoy. </p></li><li><p>19 Holistic Wellness 2015</p><p>Pumpkin Pie SmoothieServes 1</p><p>I love pumpkin! I just cant get enough of it. It makes me so happy knowing that I can pick up organic pum...</p></li></ul>