spring 2013 final exam review. zora neale hurston “dust tracks on the road” is an example of:...

Download Spring 2013 Final Exam Review. Zora Neale Hurston “Dust Tracks on the Road” is an example of: Autobiograpy Zora described her personality as: Bold and

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Spring 2013 Final Exam Review Slide 2 Zora Neale Hurston Dust Tracks on the Road is an example of: Autobiograpy Zora described her personality as: Bold and brazen Zora caught the attention of the visiting white ladies with her: Excellent reading skills Slide 3 Zora Neale Hurston The white ladies sent Zora: Clothes and books _____ were her favorite gift. The books Zora really liked stories about: Mythology and bloody battles Slide 4 Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen Hughes and Cullen were major poets of: The Harlem Renaissance Their poems focused on issues of: Race and cultural identity Slide 5 The Modernists Due to the influence of two World Wars and a Great Depression, Modernists believed that the world was a place that was: Spiritually barren, empty of meaning Slide 6 T.S. Eliot and The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock In The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, what does he dare not do? Eat a peach Of what two things is he so afraid? What other people think and DEATH In what sad way has he measured his life? In coffee-spoons Slide 7 Imagists Imagists use ______ to create their poems. Word pictures _____ and _____ were important American poets who were part of the Imagist movement. Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams _____ was more important than quantity. Quality Slide 8 A Rose for Emily William Faulkner was known for his stream of consciousness writing, jumbled time sequences and his _____ sentences. Page-long Miss Emily irritates the town by: Not paying taxes Strange smells from her house Associating with a low-born Yankee Slide 9 A Rose for Emily Shortly after Emily purchases _____ Homer Barron disappears. Arsenic Years later, after her death, the community finds: Homers body in an upstairs bedroom What is particularly gruesome is the fact that: She slept with the rotting body for years! Slide 10 Alice Walker and Everyday Use Alice Walker was born in Eatonton, _____: Georgia She was the daughter of ______: Sharecroppers After a terrible accident with a BB gun, she managed to become valedictorian, prom queen, and then attend _____ College Spelman Slide 11 Alice Walker and Everyday Use Dee/Wangero returns home to: Take family artifacts such as quilts because theyre now cool and valuable Maggie, her sister, loves the quilts because: They represent family Maggie is willing to give up the quilts because: She never wins.Dee/Wangero always does Mama has a realization and decides that: Maggie will take the quilts Slide 12 F. Scott Fitzgerald Fitzgeralds father lost his business, but through his mother he was able to attend prep school. Even though he was the poor boy, he managed to win friends through his: Writing abilities Being a football star at Princeton was out of the question, but despite his writing success he was kicked out due to too much: Partying Slide 13 F. Scott Fitzgerald Fitzgeralds fiance, Zelda, broke off the engagement when he landed a $35/week job in NYC. What did he do to win her back? Wrote This Side of Paradise When their partying lifestyle got out of control they moved to: France, where it continued Fitzgerald wrote ____ there. The Great Gatsby Slide 14 F. Scott Fitzgerald At age 28, Zelda was hospitalized after deciding to become a professional: Ballerina She was eventually diagnosed with: Schizophrenia and institutionalized Slide 15 The Great Gatsby The story is set during which decade? The Roaring Twenties _____ is the 1 st person narrator. Nick Carraway He is _____ cousin. Daisys Slide 16 The Great Gatsby Nick and Gatsby both live in: West Egg, while Daisy lives in: East Egg Daisys husband Tom has a mistress____: Myrtle They have a secret apartment in ___ where she keeps the _____ Tom bought her on the street. NYC/puppy Slide 17 The Great Gatsby Gatsby said his money was from: Family Wolfsheim said he: Made Gatsby what he was Wolfsheim had cufflinks made of: Human teeth What might we assume about Gatsbys money? Criminal enterprise Slide 18 And the rest Vocabulary #10 50 questions total=100 point Final Exam Dont be lazy like these cats! Study!!!!!!


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