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  • SpreeCommerce Admin Insights

    Extension Developed By Vinsol


  • Spree Admin Insights

    Provides extensive and targeted reports Financial Analysis

    Sales, payment methods, shipping etc... Product Analysis

    Product purchase, abandoned cart etc.. Promotional analysis

    Promotional costs etc... Search Analysis User Analysis

  • Insights Section'Insights' section added in menu in admin section

  • 1 - Financial Analysis Insights

    Choose from available financial repo

  • 1.1 - Payment Method Transaction CountPayment Method usage report

  • 1.2 - Payment Method Transaction Conversion RateSuccess / failure statistics of payment methods

  • 1.3 - Tabular InformationTabular information is also available

  • 1.4 - Sales PerformanceProfit / Loss incurred over period of time

  • 1.5 - Shipping CostMonthly shipping cost analysis

  • 1.6 - Sales Tax

    Sales Tax report for different zones

  • 2 - Product Analysis Insights

    Available product performance analysis :

  • 2.1 - Product Add to cart

    Add to cart projects number of times a product was added to the cart

  • 2.2 - Product Removed from cart

    Number of times product was removed from cart

  • 2.3 - Product Qty Updation

    Number of times product qty changed in the cart

  • 2.4 - Product Show Page View

  • 2.5 - Product View to Purchases

    Number of times product has been purchased after view

  • 2.6 - Unique Purchases Report

    Number of unique customers who have purchased a product

  • 2.7 - Best Selling Products

  • Returned Products

  • 3. Promotion Analysis Insights

    How well are the campaigns and sales doing. The following insights are available.

  • 3.1 - Promotional cost analysisPromotional discount and usage count

  • 3.2 - Annual Promotional Cost

  • 4. Trending Search Analysis

    Most searched keywords Better product tagging Better showcasing of products

  • 5. User Analysis

    The following insights are available for studying user behaviour and patterns.

  • 5.1 - User Pool

  • 5.2 - Users Not Converted

    Users who signed up but never placed an order

  • 5.3 - Users Who Purchased Recently

  • 5.4 - Search and Filter

    Search and filter facility is available for all reports. Depending upon the type of

    report, the parameters for each report vary. Below are a few examples.

  • Save Reports

    All reports can be saved in various formats

  • That's not all! You can also perform the following actions :

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    Download Spree Admin Insights[1]

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