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  • 8/8/2019 Sports 2010 November GK Current Affairs


    2010 November GK Current AffairsQ Who has been appointed the interim president of the Hockey India in place of octagenarian Vidya Stokes, who resigned adays back?Mariamma Koshy

    Q Sri Lanka got their first ever series victory in cricket against Aussies in Australia. Who was named the man of the match inmatch?Upul Tharanga of Srilanka

    Q Who is the director of the opening ceremony of Asian Games in Guangzhou?Chen Weiya

    Q Who has been announced as the event ambassador of World Cup 2011 cricket tournament?Sachin Tendulkar

    Q How many flame symbols can be seen in the Guangzhou Asian Games logo?Seven

    Q Who carried the national flag for India in the opening ceremony of Guanzhou Asian Games?Gagan Narang

    Q Who is the President of Olympic Council of Asia?Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah

    Q What is the name of the ground in Melbourne which will be named after the famous Australian Cricketer Shane Warne as

    Shane Warne Oval?Junction Oval

    Q In Tennis who has won six tournaments to end the year as number one yet failed to reach a single grand slam final in 201Caroline Wozniacki

    Q India got the first gold medal in the 16th Asian Games in which sports event?Billiards

    Q Sebastian Vettel has been crowned as the youngest champion in the history of Formula One racing. He represents whichteam?Red Bull

    Q How many countries participate in the 16th Asian Games?45

    Q Which country's women team won their 10th successive Asian Games title in Gymnastics?China

    Q India's Mahesh Bhupathi paired with whom to win the Paris Masters Doubles Final?Belarussan Max Mirnyi

    Q Who became the only No.8 batsman in the Test Cricket to hit two consecutivecenturies?Harbhajan Singh

    Q China's Huang Guangyuan who has won a Wushu Gold Medal in the Asian Games put the credit to a Hongkong film star.

    Who is he?Jackie Chan

    Q In the India-New Zealand test cricket series, which NewZealand batsman scored most of the runs for his team?Brendon McCullum

    Q India finished third in the hockey in Asiad, 2010. Which nation was India's opponent?South Korea

    Q In Athletics Tintu Luka finished third and won bronze medal. How much metres was the event?800 metres
  • 8/8/2019 Sports 2010 November GK Current Affairs


    Q India's Vikas Krishna won the gold in men's 60 kg boxing. Who was his opponent?Qing Hu of China

    Q Which nation won the women's 400 metre hurdles?IndiaAshwini Chidananda Akkunji was the player.In men's 400 metre hurdles, Joseph Abraham of India won gold .

    Q Which nation won women's 4x400 metre relay?India

    Q Which nation won the silver in cricket in Asiad?Afghanistan

    Q Vijender Singh won the gold in boxing. Who was his opponent?Abbas Adoev of Uzbekistan

    Q Indian women team won the gold medal in Kabaddi in Asiad. This was their__________in the event in Asiad?First

    Q Mahendra Singh Dhoni along with which Indian cricketer came in top-bracketvaluation of 1.84 crores of Rupees in the 4thedition of IPL?Sachin Tendulkar

    1.What is the total number of Landlocked Developing Countries in the World ?Ans:33

    2.Who among the following has been included in a 19-member group of notables that will assist the UK government inpreparing business strategies and highlight priorities for the British economy?

    Ans:Ratan Tata

    3.Dr. P Rama Rao Committee is related to which of the following?Ans:Defense

    4.Shiv Nadar is related to which of the following companies?Ans: (A)HCL Technologies

    5.Divyadrishti comes under which of the following programmers of DRDO?Ans: (B)Interception, Monitoring, Direction & Finding & Analysis System (IMDFA)

    6.Golden Mahasheer is a variety of which of the following?Ans: (C)Fish

    7.Which among the following is the main source of Synthetic Fuel?Ans: (C)Coal

    8.What was UNIVAC?Ans: (A)A computer

    9.Which among the following is NOT a classical language?

    Ans: (D)Malayalam

    10.From which country, India is procuring Ultra Light Howitzers (ULH) for Indian Army very soon?Ans: (C)USA

    11.Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir is from which country?Ans: (A)Sudan

    12.In context with India, the N-LIST is a _______?Ans: (D)Student Resources in Electronic Form

    13.Which among the following are TOP 3 debtors of World Bank ?Ans: (B)India, Mexico, South Africa

  • 8/8/2019 Sports 2010 November GK Current Affairs


    14.What is the Asian Development Banks latest forecast about growth of Indias Economy?Ans: (B)8.5%

    15.Which among the following state was Indias largest vegetable producer in 2008-09?Ans: (D)West Bengal

    16.After the worlds largest sharesale of USD 70 Billion, Brazils state-run Petrobras has become worlds ______largesfirm by market capitalization. What is the correct term to fill the blank?

    Ans: (C)Third

    17.Gloria Stuart, who recently died was an ______?Ans: (A)Actress

    18.What is Governments Contribution in the Swavlamban account every year?Ans: (B)Rs. 1000

    19.Which among the following bank has the largest ATM network in the country?Ans: (A)State Bank of India

    20.Which among the following does not represent the correct Merger Deal?Ans: (D)ICICI Bank-Centurion Bank of Punjab


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