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Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project LIS. SPMU, UP WELCOMEs. WORLD BANK TEAM 12 th June 2014 Component wise Progress. Component A Capacity Building of Institutions. Capacity Building & Training for SWSM, SPMU, UPJN & PRD officials - PowerPoint PPT Presentation




Component wise ProgressRural Water Supply and Sanitation Project LIS

Component ACapacity Building of InstitutionsCapacity Building & Training for SWSM, SPMU, UPJN & PRD officialsSPMU Induction conducted from 20th to 22nd March 2014.Mixed team of SPMU, PRD & UPJN officers attended Communication & Capacity Building Plan development workshop at Guwahati on 1st & 2nd May 2014 Exposure trip of mixed group of SPMU, PRD & UPJN officers to Kerala between 10th to 13th May 2014.SPMU team attended the Good Practices Workshop in Dehradun on 20th & 21st May 2014.SPMU Specialist appointed Nodal Officers for each district.Component ACapacity Building of InstitutionsCapacity Building at District/ Block levelOrientation for district officials held on:- 23rd January 201324th August 2013.16th January 2014.

Component ACapacity Building of InstitutionsStrengthening of GPs/ GPWSCs (Includes Training Programs and Exposure Visits)GP members of the 3 pilot schemes oriented on the project during field visitsPlan for training of other GP/ GPWSC members through LTA (SIRD) preparedComponent ACapacity Building of InstitutionsStrengthening of Training InstitutionsFramework for assessment of Training Institutions developed.Data base of government training institutions developed. Terms of Reference (TOR) and Request for Proposal (RFP) developed for selection of Training Support & Mentoring Agency (TSMA). Uttranchal Academy of Administration to be hired as TSMA.Terms of Reference (TOR) and Request for Proposal (RFP) developed for selection of Lead Training Agency (LTA). Single Source Selection (SSS) Justification for hiring SIRD as the LTA sent to WB & NPMU. Approval awaited. State Institute of Rural Development to be hired as LTA.Capacity Building Strategy & Plan developed for Phase I. Estimated cost Rs.554.90 Lakhs.

Component AProject IEC/ BCC Activities Communication Strategy & Plan for Phase I developed. Estimated cost Rs.361.22 Lakhs.Set of Radio jingles/spots developed. Airing of radio jingles/spots initiated.Component ASector Development StudiesPreparatory studies commissioned and completed.Social Assessment, including Capacity Building and Communication Strategy Environmental Assessment and Environmental Management Framework Assessing Rural Drinking Water Supply Services for the RWSSP in Uttar Pradesh.All reports incorporating all comments have been uploaded on the SWSM website.

Component AMonitoring and EvaluationGP selection criteria prepared and approved by World BankBaseline formats for collection of Household, Habitation, GP and Institutions finalized3 nos of Tablets for real time monitoring procured.Formats for monitoring of Pre-planning, Planning Phase activities drafted in the workshop held in New Delhi on 23-24 May 2014M&E Specialist, SPMU, UP attended workshop in Dhaka, Bangladesh for Project Impact Assessment.ToR for Impact Assessment under preparationWebsite of the project spmuup.org development and hosted

Component BInfrastructure ComponentS.NoScheme TypeTarget for Batch 1DPRs preparedAdministrative Approvals ReceivedAdministrative Sanctions ReceivedTechnical Sanctions Received1SHS243544352SGS19512577771253SMVS1313131313Total23217394941734Catchment Area Protection-----5Water Quality Management (No. of Labs)3Component BInfrastructure developmentAnnual Implementation Plan for Sanitation activities including Batch 1 GPs prepared in 8 project districtsSLWM DPR prepared for one pilot scheme in GP Chinani, Block Karchana, District AllahabadEnvironmental Assessment Format developed and shared with WB and field tested in GP ChinaniWater Security Plan template prepared and shared with the WB and field test in GP Chinani

Component BInfrastructureEngineering Support Project Support Cell at UPJNOne time establishment cost - Rs. 24.03 Lacs.Operating costs - Rs.35.10 LakhsProject Support Cell at PRD______________Community SupportDetailed Terms of Reference developed for Support Organizations. RFP and Draft Agreement for Support Organizations finalized.Expression of Interest (EOI) for advertisement finalized & published.

Component CProject Management ComponentSPMU established vide Office Order No. 04/WB-503/2012 dated 05, November 2012Project approved by Cabinet and GO No. 710/38-5-13-27sam/2012 dated 31st March 2013 issued.SPMU office fully functional with all Subject Specialists in position and office setup.

Component CProject Management ComponentDPMU posts sanctioned vide GO. No. 551/38-5-14-27 sam/2012 dated 27th March 2014Advertisement for filling up the DPMU positions on Deputation published on 28th May 2014. Last date for submission of application is 16th June 2014EoI for hiring of an HR Agency published on 29th May 2014. Last date for submission of proposal is 16th June 2014GO issued for utilizing the services of IEC/ HRD, M&E and WQ Consultants of DWSC in the Project.

Component CProject Management ComponentNotification No. 2951/33-1-13 for formation of GPWSC issued by Department of Panchayati Raj, GoUP on 28th January 2014GO. No 4/2013 dated 17th February 2014 by Director, PR and GO No. 496/38-5-2014-27 sam/2012 TC dated 18th March 2014 by Secretary, RD also issued for formation of GPWSC33 nos of GPWSC formed in the Batch 1 GPs

Brief of Procurement Plan of 18 MonthsAmount in Rs. LakhsTotalWorld Bank ShareGOI ShareUP Govt. ShareCommunity ShareConsultancy Component ACapacity Building of InstitutionsProject IEC/BCC ActivitiesSector Devel. StudiesMonitoring & Evaluation: Sub-TotalComponent BIndependent Const. Verification AgencySLWM DPR Preparation Infrastructure Support:Engineering Support (Water Supply )Recurring Cost (PRD Cell ): Recurring Cost (UPJN Cell):SO Cost Community Mobilization Sub-TotalComponent - CRecurring Expenses (office Management & Admin. Cost) Sub-Total Total Component A+B+C458.48309.320.0098.76866.5660.00205.594381.2552.2045.901851.316,596.25

957.67957.67 8,420.48229.24154.6600.0049.38433.2830.00102.802190.6226.1022.95925.653298.12




Brief of Procurement Plan of 18 MonthsAmount in Rs. LakhsTotalWorld Bank ShareGOI ShareUP Govt. ShareCommunity ShareGoods:Component- A Non- Consulting Services Printing Material Sub-TotalComponent- BLab- equipmentsFixed Cost PRD Cell (i) Furniture & Fixtures (ii) SoftwareFixed Cost UPJN Cell Furniture & FixturesSoftware Sub- TotalComponent- CHardware & SoftwareFurniture & Fixture Recurring Expenses Sub-Total Total Component (A+B+C)9.7518.7528.50120.00 3.700.255.7015.25144.9069.3944.00126.40239.79413.194.879.3714.2460.001.850.122.857.6272.4434.6922.0063.20119.89206.574.889.3814.2660.000.930.071.433.8266.2517.3511.0031.6059.95140.46---0.920.061.423.816.2117.3511.0031.6059.9566.16---------Brief of Procurement Plan of 18 MonthsAmount in Rs. LakhsTotalWorld Bank ShareGOI ShareUP Govt. ShareCommunity ShareWorks:A-WaterWater Supply Part-A Sub- TotalB- SanitationSLWM Work for GPs2. Catchment Area Program3. Lab Construction work4. Lab Sample Test Cost Sub- Total Total (A+B)34832.7134832.712920.9393.9155.005.303075.14 37,907.8517416.3517416.351460.4646.9527.502.651537.5618953.918708.188708.181022.3346.9619.251.861090.409798.588325.028325.02438.14-8.250.79447.188772.20383.16383.16-----383.16Category-wise Reimbursable Amount(Amount in Rs. Lakhs)Period31.03.2013 to 06.02.201407.02.14 to 09.06.14TotalSources of Funds:Funds from GOIFunds from WSSOBank Interest Total-261.15-261.15999.0030.001.391030.39999.00291.151.391291.54Application of Funds:Component-A(Capacity Building Sector Development)Component-B(Infrastructure Investments)(c ) Component C(Project Management Support) Total Balance Amount60.60-134.26194.8628.23-53.8082.0388.83-188.06276.891014.65Thank You