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This is the 4th newsletter from Spiritually Guiding


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  • 2nd April 2013:

    Dear Spiritually Guiding Friend

    First of all a very warm welcome to our 4th Spiritually Guiding Newsletter.

    Here you will find a run down of what has been happening in our Facebook

    Page and our new Group Page. Inside read the stories from our friends and

    what has been happening over the last month.

    Like our previous Spiritually Guiding page Tarot of the Day has proved to be

    popular again as well as Pendulum Readings where we had a great turn out of

    questions being asked.

    I would like to thank Dawn Rogers for being a guest writer for us which you

    can see on page 9.

    Missed volume three of Spiritually Guiding Newsletter? Volume Two can be

    found in Spiritually Guiding Facebook Page, Notes and then Spiritually

    Guiding Previous Newsletters.

    Free Tarot Course started 18th February and still going strong, thank you to

    all who is taking part. You are all doing so well.

    I hope you can continue to enjoy Spiritually Guiding with us and I hope you

    enjoy the newsletter, I would love to know your feedback.

    I hope everyone has a brilliant Easter.

    Do YOU want to write an article for Spiritually Guiding? Please get in touch

    with me at spirituallyguiding@yahoo.co.uk

    Regards, Julie, Spiritually Guiding Founder

    Good News and Positive Thread


    How to sense a presence of an Angel


    What gift do I have? 4

    Auras 5

    Tarot card of the Month 6

    Haunting of Bobby Mackeys


    Anything happened spiritu-ally?


    How to see and sense the aura?


    Spiritual signs 10

    Poems from Quotes for



    Inside this issue:

    Page 2 Issue 4

  • Page 3 Issue 4

    Good News and Positive Thread

    In Spiritually Guiding Group Page we have a brand new thread called Good News/Positive Thread. This is a thread that was first mentioned by our lovely member Lyn Naismith Kelly. Kelly mentioned that because there is so much doom and gloom in the world these days why not have a positive thread where member post what has made them happy/smile. We had some lovely comments that I want to share with you below, hopefully these stories will also make you smile:

    Louise Cascarino Have had three days off work and I've had three great days of quality time with my 3 year old son, its been lovely xxx Debra Dawn Bone i have had a testing 3 months and a hard decision

    to make but with the help of others iv made the decision and hopefully a positive outcome Natasha Fererro Pavey I have just spent a lovely week away at my parents house with my 2 boys - off home in a bit though x Elaine Fleming-Watt very grateful for the relationship I have with my kids, been a bloody long road but we're getting there :)))) Selma Snurd well I am working on a treasure chest for a Bridal shower and it is almost done....yea.....I enjoy making things for parties and events...the wedding is going to be on a Beach so that is y a treasure chest for the "wishing well" gifts.

    Isabell Lillie I was in a lovely mood yesterday when we could see the snowdrops and the start of the daffodils what a wonderful feeling that is and we could Actually see the sun lovely uplift . ~~~ Thank you to everyone who commented on this thread and made it what it is.

    How to sense a presence of an Angel

    Below are a few signs that may indicate the presence of an Angel

    The temperature in the room may change, you may all of a sudden feel warm air surround you, you may also experience goose pimples or a tingling sensation at the back of your neck or head area.

    A fragrance may appear out of no where and you may not be able to indentify the scent or describe it.

    You may see different coloured lights out of no where with no explanation. If you see lights, please do not be afraid you will not see an angel appear until you are ready to. Angels do not want to alarm you.

    You might be able to hear the angel talking to you or communicating with you, talk back, they can always hear you.

    Feeling of intense love and compassion when angels are around. You may experience a sudden change in your mood such as happiness, feeling of wanting to cry etc.

    Seeing white feathers that suddenly appear in the most unlikely places, this is a sign angels are with you, to comfort you and ready to answer your questions.

    You may feel as if there is a presence in the room or a feeling of you are being watched and not alone. A feeling of someone has brushed passed you.

    Angels can appear to you in dreams even if you dont realise it. You may awake with a solution to a problem or feeling more positive.

    All of the above signs are very positive and can happen to anyone.

  • Page 4 Issue 4

    Does the above title scream out to you? Are you someone who is developing your skills, believe you have a gift but dont have a clue what you have or dont understand it? Psychic abilities are made up of different gifts, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairalience and claircogni-sance. You can either have one of these gifts or you can have a range of them.

    Clairvoyance: is the ability to see spirit. You may have clairvoyance if you dream in colour, which can be vivid, you can remember your dreams for months, maybe years in the future. Doing this with your eyes closed as well you are able to easily see a object you choose. When someone says think of an elephant you can see the elephant in your minds eye, you can see all the detail, description of the elephant and relay it back. When drawing again you can picture something and draw it from mem-ory. Can you see lights or peoples auras? Can you catch something moving from the corner of your eye? Do you get mini movies that flash in your minds eye? Clairaudience: is the ability to hear your Higher Self, i.e. Spirit Guides. Have you heard a voice clearly directed at you but no one was around at the time? Did this voice turnout to be help-ful? Do you get buzzing or ringing in your eyes for no reason? (Again with all medical matters please get your ears checked out to rule anything out). Do you sometimes hear voices when you are about to drift off to sleep or just about to wake up? Do you hear music playing in your head? Do you get words popping into your head, which are relevant to the situation you are currently in or answering ques-tions you have been asking? Do you easily recognise when someone is lying to you? Do you hear songs with the perfect words at the perfect time?

    Clairsentience: is the ability of emotions, physical feelings or general known as gut feelings. Do you sometimes get a tingling sensation over you body or a part of your body for no reason? You feel deeply emotional, especially others emotions and feelings? Do you feel the need for time alone to re-charge your batteries? A person who is sensitive and thin skinned? Knowing the path and knowing what is right for you? Easily sense energies from environment, people and animals. Intuitive/psychic empath also comes into this category. But more so have the ability of clairempathy. Empath is aware and feel the emotional experiences of people, group of people, places and or animals. They can sometimes feel overwhelmed as they try to understand what is happening, they feel like they have no control over their experiences. Claircognizance: ability of intuitive information pops into your head. Do you analyze things and think through things often? Do you get ideas that seem to come from no where? Are you mentally creative inspired? Good at solving problems? Often make subtle assumptions that turn out to be true? Do you know things are going to happen ahead of time? And turn out to be right? Do you seem to know the difficult answers to life? Do you have knowledge of events you would not normally know about? Do you see something that might happen in the future and later turns out to be true? Clairalience: is the ability to smell odours. Can you smell odours that don't have any kind of physical source. Instances of this could include smelling the per-fume of a deceased aunt or the cigar smoke of a beloved grandfather.

    I think I have a gift but dont know what it is

  • I ssue 4 Page 5


    What is an aura? Everything in the universe is a vibration and everything has energy, even down to material objects, everything has energy and this is why when you pick something up from someone past you can read it due to its energy, even down to plants. Auras can change very quickly especially around non living objects such as crystals, stones, water etc. Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds us. Why do I need to see auras? The auras that we give off, the colour hide different meanings, which can be valuable for us to understand us as a person. For instance you might be able to see a persons thoughts before they even open their mouth. If you are having a conversation and the person doesnt agree with what you are saying you may be able to see in their aura that they are lying to you. Auras always show our true intentions and true nature. When you see someone with a bright clean aura this means the person is good and spiritually advanced, even if the person in question is not aware of this fact. A person with a dark and grey aura can indicate this person has dark intentions, regardless of what they are giving out on the outside to others. Believe it or not a lot of people have weak auras, this is due to them having fear of the unknown, they live their life in a materialistic attitude,