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The Spiritual Journey Retreats Brochure is for women who have suffered relationship loss either through death, break up, divorce, or because of a relationship break down or the children have left home. You may find that you are finding it challenging to know who you are, what you want to do next, or that you just want to take a break from the past. The Spiritual Journey Retreats guarantees to give you back your clarity, confidence and peace of mind.


<ul><li><p>Why struggle on your own, when you dont have to.</p><p>A Journey of Heartbreak Blues Into Abundant </p><p>RadianceIf Not Now Then When? Deserve A Re (al) Treat</p><p>Discover the 1 ingredient to bring you peace and fullment </p><p>Indulge in Beauty To Feel Like a Million </p><p>Dollars</p><p>Invest in you: the quickest way to grow </p><p>your bank balance</p><p>After Mr Ex, Whats </p><p>Next? </p></li><li><p>Whats insideWelcome4 - 5 A short introduction to Marina Pearson, the founder of Divorce Shift and Spiritual Journey Retreats. </p><p>Features: 6 13 A Journey from heartbreak blues into abundant radiance.Discover how you can also learn to trust yourself again, by reading Marina Pearsons inspiring journey of how she transformed her self-doubt and lack of self-esteem that crippled her nances, </p><p>relationships and health into attracting her soul mate and living the life of her dreams. </p><p>14 17 If Not Now Then When? Deserve a Re (al) Treat You only live once, right? Dont you deserve to live a bigger life? Discover why retreats are the key to nding you, getting clarity on </p><p>what you want to remove the self-doubt and nd the </p><p>peace of mind that you are yearning for. </p><p>2 3</p><p>p4</p><p> p6</p><p> p14</p></li><li><p>Marina, is a heartbreak expert for women, best-selling author of Goodbye Mr Ex and the founder of Divorce Shift an organization that supports women to recover from their ex relationships. She is also the founder of Spiritual Journey Retreats - retreats that focus on fabulous women who want to get away from it all and re-discover who they are to trust themselves again after heartbreaking times in their life. </p><p>She is known for catalyzing women into their greatness after relationship loss leaving them feeling like the best thing since sliced bread!</p><p>She is her life long k-study. She has been divorced, grew up with a divorced mother and has been through countless break-ups. Because she has been there, done that, got the T-Shirt and written the book she is able to empathize with her clients at a much deeper level. </p><p>During the last 3 years Marina has supported women </p><p>to own their own greatness after relationship breakdowns through her coaching and workshops.</p><p>She has discovered that there are 7 Universal Principles in life that allow women to naturally recover and blossom which she will be sharing on the retreat.</p><p>She believes that healing from a divorce or break up starts with letting go of the ex, which can often leave women doubting themselves, falling into unhealthy relationships or feeling at a loss. </p><p>Marina now wants to address this next step of the journey to invite women to experience self-renewal; to listen, trust, reclaim their self- con dence and experience </p><p>bliss from the inside out. The Spiritual Journey </p><p>Retreats open themselves up not only to women who have suffered the loss of an ex but who have been through heartbreaking times and wish to re-discover who they </p><p>really are and transform how they experience themselves. </p><p>She has been featured in The Guardian and Daily Mail as well as magazines such as Prima, Glamour Magazine, Soul &amp; Spirit, Now, Best, Marie Claire and Take a Break. She is also a proli c </p><p>blogger for The Huf ngton </p><p>Post, YourTango Experts and E-Harmony.</p><p>A Few Things you may not know about Marina She loves travel, adventure and exploration she has travelled to every continent and lived in 9 different countries! So you are in good hands when it comes to </p><p>exploring other countriesShe has been practicing </p><p>yoga for the last 12 years and understands the power of transformation that yoga has.</p><p>She loves coconuts! Best form of re-hydration that there is and she also thinks they are very tasty!</p><p>She has jumped out of a helicopter and gone skiing in the Canadian wilderness.</p><p>She lives in Hertfordshire with her partner Marc who she loves very much. </p><p>She loves all things beautiful and seeing women blossom.</p><p>Marina has been featured in...</p><p>Welcome</p></li><li><p>Who am I and what do I really want for me? This was the question that I asked myself after coming out of my very painful divorce. Even thought I knew that I was over him, I still did not feel like me again, and there was a part of me that yearned to feel whole again. </p><p>Perhaps you feel this way as you have come through heartbreaking times to nd that </p><p>confronting life on your own is not as nice as you thought it would be. </p><p>At the time (like many women I speak to who have had their condence </p><p>knocked) I couldnt see what value I had and denitely couldnt see </p><p>what I would bring to a relationship.</p><p>I walked around feeling like I had parts of me missing. I remember distinctly one day, as I had my arms wrapped around my mother crying on her shoulder for the up-teenth time, that all I felt was this incredible sense of loneliness; a sense that there was something </p><p>wrong with me and that I was sorely misunderstood. </p><p>The weird thing was, that from an outsiders point of view; I had a great life and that there was no reason for me to feel the way I did about myself. I had the money, brains and looksand yet I still felt scared and unhappy.</p><p>You know, right?I am sure that you know how hard it is to go through a major change? Either because you have had to do deal with the loss of someone in your life through death, or maybe the loss of a partner through divorce or a breakup, a loss of a business partner, a fall out with a child or maybe your children have now left and you feel empty because you dont know who you are any more</p><p>These sorts of relationship losses as women can knock our condence for six and </p><p>its important for us to re-group to own the inner strength that we carry so we can see how amazing </p><p>we really are. whatever your </p><p>situation has been, the feeling of not knowing who you really are and not knowing what you want can be scary, right? You suddenly realise that there is no certainty in the world, and that you are on your own and you nd </p><p>yourself holding back.</p><p>6 7</p><p>Maybe you are a little bit like me in thatI couldnt be in a good healthy relationship as I felt I needed the other person to complete me.</p><p>My nances suffered. As I </p><p>was not investing in myself, I would waste my money on material items and booze, </p><p>which left me worse off mentally and emotionally.</p><p>My health suffered, I became anaemic, my hair was thinning and going grey and I spent most of the time worrying about my future </p><p>My mental state suffered, I would sit unhappily in my past, which denitely did not allow </p><p>me to bring my best self to </p><p>A journey from heartbreak blues into abundant radience</p><p>I feel completely relaxed and de-stressed, Ive really enjoyed the yoga. This has been a beautiful and relaxing retreat to spend with my partner. We were both made to feel very special. Inner Temple is a place once found always treasured. Thank you. Michael - New Zealand</p><p>Testimonial</p></li><li><p>any situation, especially not at work.</p><p>In short, I was barely survivingmy one thought that went through my head was what is the point?</p><p>And thenAnd then one day I was at an event where the speaker said you are all powerful on the inside, why do you keep holding back? </p><p>That is when I realised that I was like a lot of women who were not exuding their purpose in life. I decided to make a stand, to regain my radiant self and to stand in my beauty and power.</p><p>I found that there were 3 keys to get thereI found that there were </p><p>3 keys for me to stand in my condent self that is </p><p>relevant for every woman</p><p>1) To listen to myself2) To trust myself3) To immerse myself in a beautiful environment to nurture and blossom.</p><p>And then came the most profound realisation of all</p><p>You become wealthier, feel more at peace and attract love when you invest in youThe more I invested in myself, the more money I generated and the healthier my relationships got. I felt I deserved to charge more, I found clarity in what I wished to do and have now met my soul mate. I am living a life that I never thought was possible, with everything that my heart desires. </p><p>The cool thing about nally listening to myself </p><p>and trusting my inner voice was that it was actually very simple. I didnt have to face any demons or go through lots of pain. All I had to do was realise that my thoughts were creating my reality and distinguish between thoughts that were holding me back and the voice on the inside that was guiding me. </p><p>However, I could not have done this on my own. The support I got from my mentors that had been through this was worth the ride. </p><p>Let me let you into a little secretIf you think you can do it on your ownit will cost you more in your health, nances and relationships, </p><p>than if you seek the help. </p><p>By getting the support I needed..I now support women to overcome heartbreak, I have written a bestselling book Goodbye Mr Ex, I have been in the media, I am now being invited to speak and share my message, when 3 years ago the thought of writing a book or being up on stage petried me. </p><p>8</p><p>I would like to stay longer - maybe 7 days. I would like to spread the art class over 2/3 days as it was so enjoyable. It was just so great I wouldnt change anything else. The Inner Temple mini retreat was one of the best holidays I have ever been on. Lucy, Perth</p><p>Testimonial </p></li><li><p>I tell you this as you can also do what your heart desires by understanding that your thinking is what will keep you stuck. </p><p>Attracting what I want in my life is almost effortless these days and I am doing what I love. </p><p>The best thing about trusting my own wisdom and living in abundant radiance, is that I am able to have peace of mind most of the time, which allows </p><p>me to tap into a state of bliss that I had never experienced before.. </p><p>And you can too its only a thought away. </p><p>Imagine, having a deep sense of wellbeing where your happiness does not rely on nding a man, </p><p>compromising your health for success, having money in the bank account to feel safe or making peace with </p><p>your past.Well you can..</p><p>I have a dreamI have a dream to take women who want to fully blossom into who they have always wanted to be on retreats around the world.</p><p>What I found was that when we take ourselves out of our usual environment to surround ourselves by beauty, nature and good people, we can be at peace </p><p>more of the time. I remember when I rst </p><p>got back to the UK, when my initial trauma of my divorce was over, and I was at the stage of learning to trust myself again, that I decided to go on my very rst holiday </p><p>on my own. I was petried! </p><p>I decided that I would go to a yoga retreat as I knew that there would be people there that I could connect with, who would share the same values as me. It was an </p><p>incredible experience, but I only wish that I could have maintained contact in some structured way.</p><p>It was reecting on this </p><p>one day that I thought that maybe just maybe that there were amazing fabulous women out there like me who would want to explore beautiful places but not on their own...aand it was from these thoughts that I decided follow my heart to invite you to come along on this </p><p>For the last 5 days in Bali, I have met very wonderful people, experienced something that I have never felt before which I cant describe in words. Its like I found inner peace and a way to release my anger. Mandy Yong Yeo, Singapore</p><p>Testimonial </p><p>1110</p></li><li><p>journey to listen, trust and tap into how incredible you are. </p><p>My journey into trusting myself to access my innate wisdom, which now leads the way to live a bigger more enriched life has been made possible by my insights in beautiful places such as Bali, that will bring you closer to your own truth of who you are to allow you to share, connect, grow and indulge in self-love for an entire week to create a circle of trust. </p><p>Who are the Spiritual Journey Retreats for? Courageous women like you who have gone through loss and who are thinking what is next for me? Wealthy women who wish to reconnect with their inner power, rejuvenate their soul and restore themselves slowly back to wholeness after having faced a big life </p><p>change. Motivated women who are ready to set out on the next part of their voyage to re-discover who they are. </p><p>These retreats will have you living your life from a place of leadership and resolve, instead of unconsciously seeking permission from others, and feeling that you are not good enough and dont deserve an incredible life.</p><p>Because you do deserve more.I can now tell the difference between my fear voice and my innate wisdom voice and I have learned to trust that my wise voice inside is showing me the way. </p><p>At any point I hear my voice of fear when I am about to pay for something my heart wants, I let the voice of fear subside and check in to ensure that its the right decision for me. This has changed my life! </p><p>In fact, I went heli-skiing in February 2013 because I listened to my innate wisdom and trusted it. Was it a lot of money? Yes! Was I scared to spend it? Of course I was. Did I feel like I didnt deserve it? Hell yes!!!! </p><p>BUT..I knew deep in my heart, if I looked back on my life </p><p>and I had not taken this opportunity that I would have lived to regret it. The insight I got was that at any time we feel fear, happiness is waiting for us patiently on the other side. </p><p> Do you want to look back years from now wishing you had done something to change the wayyou feel?</p><p>Dont you think its worth parking your fears to golive the life you deserve?</p><p>Are you not worth it? </p><p>12 13</p><p>I think I had some wonderful time for rest and reection </p><p>although perhaps 4 nights was too short for me to fully let go. However the reection process </p><p>has been ongoing! I really felt that the retreat was important for me in terms of clarifying a few things. Amy, Australia</p><p>Testimonial </p></li><li><p>What if you could take time out for you and leave the past behind? </p><p>What would life be like if you could focus on you again to really connect with your inner worth and power?</p><p>Well you can. 7 days of BLISS on the Spiritual Journey Retreat in Bali with me and a number of beautiful souls. </p><p>Imagine.. Waking up to a beautiful breakfast and sharing the experience with a wonderful group of like-minded women.</p><p> Getting away from it all so you no longer have to deal with the day-to-day stresses and challenges that are wearing you out. Walking down a beautiful white sandy beach and knowing that your life is perfect as it is. Getting clarity on exactly what you want in your relationships </p><p>and discovering what relationships are really about. Becoming your own best-friend knowing that you are worthy and deserving of being more and having more. Not having a care in the world and putting all your worries behind you.</p><p>PRE COMMUNITY: Unlike any other retreat out there, we will have a monthly online get together to start the conversation about how to tap into your innate wisdom, while you learn to trust it to grow your self-</p><p>condence and start to get </p><p>clarity on what you want.Connect with a group </p><p>of like-minded women so you turn up to the retreat knowing each other already without the hassle of going into a group of new people cold saving you time and effort.</p><p>POST COMMUNITY: I have often found that when you come back from having had an amazing time somewhere with a group of special...</p></li></ul>