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  • Canadian Spiritual CenterCanadian Spiritual Center


    spiritual teacher, educator & author.

    His extensive research on the power

    of the present moment is helpful for

    everyone on this planet.

    He lived with monks and

    gained profound knowledge.

    His life is based on living

    from moment to moment,

    meditation & deep connection with nature.

    He believes in surrender & let it go.

    If this now is okay, then the next now is also okay

    Meditation brings wisdom,

    creativity and death of ego

    The whole purpose of my teaching is transformation not education

  • About book

    Sanjeev has written a book -


    He invites readers to celebrate each moment

    The Power of Present Moment teaches lessons on living an aware,

    mindful life filled with joy. He encourages readers to drown out the

    noisy din of today's fast-paced world, take a deep breath and enjoy each

    second as it comes, The Power of Present Moment

    Inspired by his own life experiences, he sets out to teach lessons on

    getting rid of problems and negative emotions. There is always

    positivity or light in our life but people do not see it, but when you live

    from moment to moment it is already there, he explains.

    An excerpt from The Power of Present Moment:

    Since knowledge is based on dead experience or fact or figure or pieces

    of information or it is borrowed from books or scriptures, forget all

    about knowledge. The real knowledge starts, which is based on

    observation, exploration, self-discovery, meditation and living from

    moment to moment.

    Knowledge is significant when it grows within but not forced upon or

    working hard. There is nothing to learn. You have to be ready to

    unlearn! YOU ALREADY KNOW TOO MUCH, and all that you

    know is false, think of unlearning. That is the beginning of wisdom.

    The Power of Present Moment

    (published by

    iUniverse, America).


  • Mindfulness is the way of life

    Mindfulness is the ability to see the things as they really are and

    it sees the deep and true nature of all phenomenon, which is

    taking place in this moment without any prejudice or


    It is just the witness or watchfulness or observation of thoughts.

    It sees THE things deeply, down below the level of concepts and

    opinions. This sort of deep observation leads to a complete

    absence of confusion, the real nature of things.

    Mindfulness improves productivity

    What happens when a doctor does an operation? He is totally

    there mindfully that is okay, but as soon as he moves into the past

    or future, he is not able to focus on the operation because of past

    memory or thinking about the future is interfering into present

    moment leads to unsuccessful operation because he was not in

    the moment and mindful.

    Eat meals with mindfulness. Taste every morsel of food and enjoy

    the aroma, flavor and texture of food.


  • Nature is divine

    Nature is formless, limitless, boundless and infinite. It is another

    form of God which is higher self and vibrates at the highest level.

    Nature puts you in present moment

    All efforts or hard work are superficial if you try to get connected

    with nature. It cannot reach to the center of being, just be relax or

    totally relax in the moment with only surrender, because all

    efforts are useless and futile. It has nothing to do with your

    innermost being. You can get everything in your life whatever

    you had expected from the nature. They would give you millions

    times more, may be when you ask for one flower they would give

    you millions of it.

    Nature is beyond everything

    We spend whole life in earning money and end up in frustration

    because we are more connected with material needs, but

    problems come out when we forget true self or higher self which is

    already within us, this innermost being cannot be discovered by

    material desires, but it can be discovered only by deeply

    connecting with nature.


  • The power of Meditation

    Meditation is an effortlessness effort to relax in the moment with

    thoughtlessness awareness. It is focus on the breath. It does not

    matter how many times you disconnect with breath, but to keep

    coming back on the breath is my practice.

    Let the thoughts come in and go out because it is not your

    thoughts, just observe them as it is. It is just observation,

    witnessing of the thoughts, you have to see the thoughts as they

    really are but never label or judge any of them whether it is

    positive or negative.

    As you watch, slowly mind becomes empty of thoughts and there

    is a emptiness created inside you, turns into nothingness, you got

    connected with universe and become alert, aware and conscious

    end up producing higher vibration energy; vacuum formation

    takes place in which old energy moves out and fresh energy moves


    The more you meditate, the more you say, Let the ego die. The

    more you meditate, the more you become aware that a certain

    death is taking place, but it is not your death - I am going to

    die. You are not going to die, only the I, the ego, the personality

    or individuality or identification is going to die.


  • Transformation is bliss

    Real transformation takes place when you suffer deeply in

    silence, finally end up in blissfulness but it is a great mystery to

    know it because suffering is always a blessing, but we miss it and

    keep on missing it, because it is beyond understanding until you

    have experienced it.

    I got transformed when I deeply connected with nature but

    nothing has happened when I got profoundly connected with

    human being. It means the love between nature and human

    being is more powerful than anything.

    Those who suffer superficially, end up committing suicide or with

    nervous breakdown or as a moving dead body. Only a deep

    sufferer can understand it by experiencing. Buddha suffered

    silently when he was living luxurious life in a palatial building, he

    left material life and lived with poor people in order to understand

    the suffering and finally he got transformed.

    The power of unconditional love

    It is the highest and purest form of love. It can only transform

    our lives because it is immense, powerful and connect with the

    nature. For example, the love between parent and child.

    Unconditional love arises from the core of the heart and

    penetrates to the depth of heart. It means that the people who

    carry this quality, they look at the things as they really are

    because there is no judgement involved. It is also called divine

    love, present within all. It can heal all kinds of wounds because it


  • always grows by sharing with living and non living things on the

    planet. It never dissolves but IT always multiplies with sharing.

    Only natural love is unconditional because it comes from within

    and free from everything. Mother Teresa used to love poor

    people, her intention was to help poor people. This love is totally

    unconditional with deep gratitude and serving to mankind. The

    way Jesus Christ used to heal the poor people by showing

    unconditional love by touch.

    Anger is poison

    There is no difference between anger and venom. When a snake

    spits venom, it always harms others and itself as well. When you

    put anger on someone else, you are getting more harmed than

    others. We cannot suppress or repress it because it is already


    We can prevent anger by awareness of it. Whatsoever energy, we

    put to create anger, we can change this energy by crying or

    laughing or screaming or weeping, by doing this energy of anger

    converted into energy of crying because energy is same but it

    always change the form, now you feel that anger is already gone.

    Whenever anger happens, let it happen to us. Feel, taste and

    meditate on it. Go deep down and experience it. Finally a shift

    happens from anger to love.

    Silence speaks

    Silence means stop chattering and wandering of mind. It

    happens when you are in thoughtlessness awareness stage where


  • you can see the thoughts as they really are without judgement.

    First few minutes, you see that mind is chattering but when it has

    settled down then you feel that a great force has arisen within,

    which makes you still and silent.

    It is the process where ego keep on transcending and you are at

    the center of being where all noises disappear, but innermost

    being is there which only speaks.

    Silence is heard existentially, only silence can be heard and

    understood. Words can be heard but only superficially. We are

    conditioned to understand only words, not silence because we are

    educated in that way, but we have to go beyond words, to reach the

    wordless space within us.

    Thoughts are things

    Take care of what we think because thoughts travel. Words are

    secondary. Only thoughts can discover who we really are