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<ul><li> 1. THE RISE OF SOCIAL GAMING(And how to get more out of your social advertising) DAN FERGUSON, NATIONAL SALES MANAGER P +61 2 9212 3555 | DANIEL@SPIRALGLOBAL.COM </li> <li> 2. Im DanI work at Spiral Media. Loading20% </li> <li> 3. Source: Zynga Statistica </li> <li> 4. ON FACEBOOK: Facebook and social games have a symbiotic relationship 50% of all new sign ups to FB are solely to play social games. Facebook has moved from ACQUISITION to RETENTION. Facebook is becoming a content destination! Mobile will be key to growth </li> <li> 5. WHOSPLAYINGSOCIALGAMES? Loading40% </li> <li> 6. WOMEN LEAD THE CHARGE IN SOCIAL GAMING USAGE 59% OF SOCIAL GAMERS ARE WOMEN THE PROFILE OF THEAVERAGE SOCIAL GAMER ISA 43 Y.O. WOMAN WITH TWO CHILDREN Source: PopCap Gaming Research February 2011 </li> <li> 7. Over 2.5 Million Women in AU alone!25 6 Hours: 11mins a month 60 per user. 12mins a Day. Source: Nielsen Answers December 2011 </li> <li> 8. Under 18s 18 - 24 25 - 3435 - 49 50 - 64 65+ </li> <li> 9. TOP SOCIAL GAME SITESAUSTRALIAS TOP 10 SOCIAL GAMESJANUARY 20121. CityVille Zynga2. CastleVille Zynga3. FarmVille Zynga4. Texas HoldEm Poker Zynga5. The Sims Social Electronic Arts6. Words With Friends Zynga7. Empires &amp; Allies Zynga8. Indiana Jones - Adventure World Zynga9. Bejewlled Blitz Electronic Arts10. Mafia Wars 2 Zynga </li> <li> 10. ZYNGA SPECIFIC:A LOOK AT ZYNGAS AUDIENCE1.5Million MAUs in AU 642,000 MAUs in AU 1.2Million MAUs in AU </li> <li> 11. INSIDE ASOCIALGAME Loading60% </li> <li> 12. LOOKING INSIDE A SOCIAL GAME:HAVE YOU PLAYED A SOCIAL GAME?Hands up if youve played a social game? Have you ever played Poker? Scrabble? Monopoly? Raised a virtual crop?Games are inherently social, only now TECHNOLOGY facilitates theinteraction. </li> <li> 13. SOCIAL GAMING COMPONENTS:FOR THE USER: STATUS ACCESS POWER STUFF </li> <li> 14. It gives mesomething to do when Im in the mood for something mindless </li> <li> 15. Its a good way to spend time alone </li> <li> 16. I wonder howmy crops are going? </li> <li> 17. Boredom </li> <li> 18. LOOKING INSIDE A SOCIAL GAME: The mindset: I want to be entertained Social games are free Theres no hardware required They are intuitive and easy to play They are G rated Can play them with friends. </li> <li> 19. SOCIALGAMES ASANADVERTISING CHANNEL Loading80% </li> <li> 20. TIME SPENTPLAYERMOTIVATORS </li> <li> 21. The creation of a one size fitsall, universal definition ofengagement is unlikely." </li> <li> 22. PRODUCTS ARE PEOPLE TOO! </li> <li> 23. Brand Preference Importance of content Time </li> <li> 24. AD EFFECTIVENESS: The Challenge:SOCIAL STREAM: Drive engagement with the new SunRice ready-made meals range AND drive Likes of the new SunRice Facebook page. The Solution: Spiral Social Stream 750x500 Branded Poll with CTA driving to SunRice Facebook page and consumer promotion. The Results: 88% Of the Likes to the SunRice Facebook page in a 3 week period (11,852) 74.89 seconds Average time spent with brand 19.91% Share Rate of total engagements 74.79% Engagement Completion Rate </li> <li> 25. FEELING TOWARDS BRANDS AFTER SEEIN </li> <li> 26. 1. Its about engagement; with the environment &amp; with content2. Its how people are choosing to entertain themselves now an entertainment choice competing with TV.3. Brands have the opportunity to capitaliseon and message to big audiences, spendinglots of time in social games. </li> <li> 27. THANK YOU 100% Completed START </li> <li> 28. Im here to answer your questions! </li> </ul>