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  1. 1. The (Waters,Spiderwick2008,Chronicles US)
  2. 2. Music The spiderwick chronicles starts off with low string and a flute thatsuddenly makes an appearance which suggests that there is somethingthat is going to come out very quickly. As the opening sequence carries onthe music adjusts to a higher pace which makes the viewer engage withthe film as it creates a sense of anticipation. Throughout the openingsequence their are quick strings of a high pitch that come at randomintervals during the opening sequence suggesting that there is somethingthat is unusual in the film, in this case it would be magic.
  3. 3. Cinematography Cinematography is used to give hints at what is going to be shown in thefilm. This is proven by the use of an extreme close up on a drawing of amythical creature and then in the next shot the word ogre is shown whilstit is being written. This tells the audience that what they are about to seeis something to do with fairytales and mythical creatures. The extremeclose up of the drawing shows the amount of detail that has been put intoit showing that it was influenced by either their imagination or theyactually saw the creature.
  4. 4. Editing Their is a variety of editing styles within this openingsequence. One of which is a jump cut when the man isflicking through the book so the audience feels as if he isin a rush and doesnt have the time to be on each page fora long time. Another editing technique used is a crossdissolve on the building to show the passage of time andhow the building changes in appearance over the 80 yeartime lapse.
  5. 5. Mise-en-Scene Within one of the shots the one of the elements isgiven away by a sprite that is enlarged by amagnifying glass. This shows that myth is anelement within the film which is being brought tolife, so this could also influence the audience intothinking that there are other mythical creatureswithin the film. It could also mean that there is anelement of magic in the film which is backed up bythe use of the non-diegetic shimmering sound itshows that their is a magic behind the myth.