spelled backwards it's a whole new world of surfactants...PLURONIC POLYOLS

Download spelled backwards it's a whole new world of surfactants...PLURONIC POLYOLS

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  • Backwards? Yes. We've reversed the molecular structure of our original (and highly successful) Pluronic polyols. We call the new ones Plu-ronic R polyols. R is for

    reverse . . . get it? The results are more interesting than the chemistry. We have a completely new fourteen-member group of surfactants. Their per-formance is as predictable as that of the original Pluronic polyols. And, like them, they can be se-lected for their properties on a special grid . . . the Pluronic R Grid . . . that minimizes costly trial and error screening.

    You'd expect this new, patented Pluronic R group to also be as versatile as the original. And you'd be right. Except that its members exhibit some interesting characteristics of their own . . . one being exceptionally lowfoam; another, solubility in many ali-phatic and aromatic solvents. Result: they open a whole new world for formulators. Specifics? Pluronic R polyols are 100% active, nonionic and of a low order of toxicity. Ideal for seekers of new formulations for hard surface detergents, rinse aids, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textile dyes, and a myriad of other applications. They foam, defoam,

    emulsify, demulsify, suspend, bind, solubilize and do just about everything you could ask. And they come in all forms, ranging from clear liquids to flakable solids. Now, we've spelled out Pluronic polyols, both forwards and back-wards. If you want to know more, write and ask about our new Plu-ronic R (that's reverse) polyols. BASF Wyandotte Corporation, Industrial Chemicals Group.

    BASF Wyandotte Corporation Wyandotte, Michigan 48192

    spelled backwards it's a whole new world

    of surfactants...



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