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    A paradigm shift is happening in Speech Recognition applications.

    Our Team: The Best in the BusinessOur team combines the abilities of talented minds from the business and speech technology world to provide the best quality products to customers. Experienced entrepreneur, investor, and business executive Pawan Jaggi leads Speetra.

    Speech analytics technology is not just for mobile phones. In the next five years, we believe Speech will play a vital role in Customer and Employee Experience Management.

    GoAmbition, is the worlds first totally automatic assessment and learning platform that assesses the articulation capability of an individual through our intelligent algorithms. Today, GoAmbition is being recognized all over the world as a premier solution for Talent Recruiting and Management.

    pulseM captures the customers literal voice and opinion from mobile phones, tablets or computers and provides real-time notifications and sentiment analysis. Since 2010, weve expanded into markets in the U.S., Japan, and India.

    Our Goal GoAmbition pulseM

    The dedicated team at Speetra has over 100 years of combined experience in . .

    Speech Analytics

    Machine Learning

    Natural Language Processing

  • With more than 250,000 users and counting . . .

    Our platforms interactive assessments utilize text, audio, video, and scenario-based questions to provide the best engaging experience. Intelligent speech and writing algorithms analyze speech, writing, pronunciation, soft skills and more to ensure the most accurate and comprehensive evaluations.

    The engagement market is about to change, and we are going to revolutionize it.

    Were humanizing engagement with speech.

    GoAmbition runs on a cloud infrastructure, eliminating the need for hardware and making it fully scalable to fit the size of your company, large or small.

    We cater to BPOs, virtual call centers and large enterprises for their assessment and learning needs.

    PulseM is designed to help companies consistently deliver optimum experience to their customers and employees. It combines state-of-the-art speech technology and an intuitive workflow to put customers and employees at the center of decisions and actions. The outcome is improved customer loyalty, happier employees and profitability for our customers.

    With pulseM, we want to understand the current state of the customer and employee experience and see how it changes over time. We know that a great customer and employee experience leads to improved loyalty. This is the key to retaining top performers while increasing bottom line revenue. PulseM creates dialogue between businesses and their customers by letting them speak. Speech is

    PulseM modernizes the way we engage by letting customers speak.

    Interested? Get started now.www.speetra.com | sales@speetra.com | 303 - 641 - 3087

    natural and the key sentiment that is missing from the market. PulseM acquires natural, real-time sentiment within 15 seconds and achieves high participation rates. Our customers get full access to audio and text reports along with ability to share the relevant testimonials on social media. PulseMs detailed customized reports enable industry leaders to make well-informed decisions about their businesses.