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  2. 2. Spectaclesare not only about visioncorrection, rather it can be your perfectstyle accessory. Spectaclesfor men,women and kids are now available in differentframes,colours and powers. Like some people are particular about theirperfumes,there are several such people whoare pretty much particular about theirspectaclesand spectacle frames. Previouslyspectacleswere prettyuncomfortable and hideousand people were reluctantto wear it. However,things have changed a lot,giventhe enormousbrands available inthe market has given ample of opportunitiesfor the spectacle wearer to choose from a wide range of collection.The eye wear brands are leavingno stone unturnedto add the special tinge of stylinginto theirproducts. The spectaclesbrands are now trying to getrid of the lumberedlooksthat was once an aspect relatedto spectacles.At presentthe designersare focusingon making the spectaclesthat wouldsuit the shape of your face and the colour tone of your skin. Currently,lots of bigbrands are exhibitingtheirproductsonline and garnering attentionfrom the young crowd. There are lot of virtuesof spectacles,as you know that you can wear them to avoid any sort of eye infection,eye strains and eye sight issues.It isnot always about rectifyingyour farsightednessornearsightednessissuesbutalso to avoid any circumstances that can lead to these two. Giventhe rush in our daily life,unhygieniclifestyle canbe a big cause behindour poor eye condition. Spectaclescan be a shieldtoavoid or reduce the chancesof eye diseases,not onlythat but can also provide protectionto your eyesfrom UVArays, ifyou pick your glasseswisely.It isalways advised to take the spectaclesthat helpssafeguardingyour eyesfrom the glaring effectofyour computers and laptops. It is a known fact that the rays emittingfromthe laptops and computers can be very harmful to your eyes,sochoosing a spectacle that helpsshelteringyoureyesis the bestone. Getspectaclesthat protect your eyesas well as accentuates your image. Youcan always visit your nearby spectacle stores and pick your pair of spectacles.Frames are now-a-dayslot lighterthan before and are available in differentcolours,no more the same old black and brown frames for your spectacles.You can get spectacle framesto suityour needand personality.So go to your nearby spectaclesstoresand get your pair now. For More information please check our sites: Website:http://www.visionexpress.in/ Blog: http://www.visionexpress.in/blog/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/visionexpressindia LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/reliance-vision-express-pvt.-ltd-