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Specialized Main Catalog 2015 蓝祖彬 Chris


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    2015 Specialized

    2015 Specialized

    2015 Spe




    2015 Specialized mountain


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    mountain Road multi useKids

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  • 2015 Specialized

    Table of conTenTS

    Brand Statement 4

    mountainBike 14

    mountainbike technology 16

    XC race 26epic 28Stumpjumper HT 32crave 36

    trail 40camber 42Stumpjumper fSR 46Rockhopper 50

    all mountain 54enduro 56

    Gravity 60enduro evo 62Status 64demo 66

    Sport trail 68pitch 70

    Fat Bike 72fatboy 74

    dirt. Park. Street. 76p.Series 78

    kids 82Hotrock 84

    road 90

    road Bike technology 92

    aero 98Venge 100

    Competitive road 104Tarmac 106allez 110

    endurance road 114Roubaix 116diverge 120Secteur 124

    Cyclocross 126crux 128

    adventure touring 132awol 134

    track 136langster 138

    triathLon 140Shiv 142

    muLti uSe 146

    e-Commute 148Turbo 150

    Fitness/mobility 152Sirrus 154crosstrail 160Source 164crossover 170daily 174expedition 178

    equiPment 180

    helmets 182

    Shoes 190

    Saddles 198

    Gloves 208

    tires & tubes 216

    roval Wheels 228

    Grips & tape 234

    Swat 240

    Components 242

    Pumps 258

    multi tools 266

    Computer 270

    Cages & Bottles 272

    Bags 278

    Lights 280

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    Innovate or dIe

    good enough never created anything truly great. at Specialized we are driven by a singular vision produce the best cycling products in the world. its a bold ideal, but its at the root of everything we do. Striving to be the best is a constant and sometimes exhaustive journey, but its the foundation of our success. its a simple concept that yields impressive results. innovation is wound into every product we make because innovation is Specialized.

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  • 6I am SpecIalIzed

    We love bikes. Riding them, making them, and getting new riders on them. To be Specialized is not a destination, but a journey to continuously grow as people, cyclists, and to challenge ourselves to give you the best products for how you ride. from our world-class athletes to our dedicated team of product managers, engineers, designers, and dealers, were all riders firstwe are Specialized.

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  • 8Remember the 70s? Yeah, neither do we. What we do know is that in 1974 we decided we wanted to start making the best bike stuff we could. by riders, for riders. Sure our bell bottoms may have gotten in the way a few times along the ride, but from all of us here at Specialized we just wanted to say thanks. because of you, well never stop looking forward. Heres to another 40 years.

    FIrSt FoUrtY

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    Be one wIth YoUr BIke

    Your body is just as unique as the rides you look for. body geometry helps tailor that uniqueness into a seamless combination of rider and machine. a bike that works with your unique active riding position is a bike that will take you farther than you thought possible, and with more comfort. With body geometry shoes, saddles, gloves and the body geometry fit methodology, weve engineered a full range of products that help you climb faster, descend more confidently and ride with less fatigue. because the less you think about the bike, the more time you have to enjoy the ride. be one with the bike.

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    made In racIng

    every S-Works product is created with purity of purposeto give the worlds best riders the equipment necessary to race to their potential. developed in unison with World champions and olympic gold medalists, when it comes to S-Works there are no limits on innovation or invention. money is no object, no tradition too sacred to slay.

    check out the new catalogue for S-Works Roadbikes, mountainbikes and equipment. coming out fall 2014, available at your local Specialized dealer.

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  • moUntaInBIke

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    FSr SUSpenSIonmaXimum ComFort, ControL and eFFiCienCY > We blazed the trail in active and independent suspension, and have been refining it ever since. FSr technology delivers more comfort, control and efficiency than any other suspension design, by effectively isolating chain and brake loads. through our 20-year progression of FSr weve been able to tune the ride to match the experience. the result: FSr technology is used to capture both Cross-Country and downhill World Championships.



    SmooThing The Terrain increaSeS an aThleTeS

    endurance > Active suspension is free to absorb

    trail-induced forces so the riders body doesnt

    have to, ultimately reducing fatigue.

    conTRolmaXimum TracTion meanS greaTer conTrol > The

    FSR design is independent of chain and brake

    forces, therefore its free to compress and rebound

    over terrain features whether youre pedaling or

    not; allowing the tires to maintain contact with the

    ground a greater percentage of the time.

    efficiencYmaXimizing each roTaTion of The crankS iS The

    key To riding efficienTly > The FSR drivetrain is

    independent of the suspension, so pedal stroke is

    not affected. Chain torque wont engage the

    suspension, so as a rider puts effort into the pedals

    the bike will propel forward, not up and down.

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    iTS faST. iTS eaSy. iTS correcTevery Time > Think suspension set up is

    confusing? Think again. The groundbreaking AUTOSAG feature is

    exclusive to Specialized FSR models, and allows you to set up your

    suspension with only the push of a button.


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    Swat IntegratIonEVERYTHING YOU NEED, RIGHT WHERE YOU WANT IT > Would you duct tape spare tools on the

    hood of your sports car, or tire levers on the gas tank of your motorcycle? Of course not, so why are riders slapping

    these items on their high-end mountain and road bikes? Until now, there wasnt an integrated and convenient

    solution to carrying necessities during a triathlon, road race, or trail ride where a hydration pack isnt required.


    SWaT: THe inTegRaTed RideR SoluTion

    An acronym for Storage, Water, Air and Tools,

    SWAT technology incorporates bikes, riders, and

    equipment by putting all necessities in a clean,

    sleek, and aerodynamic location thats precisely

    where you want them.

    Road/TRiaTHlonIntegrated storage options, such as the Fuelcell,

    Fuelselage, and Tripod, offer aerodynamic ways to

    carry food, air, tools, and spare tube on the Shiv.

    Fuelcell Aero StorAgeShiv FuelSelAge hydrAtion SyStem

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    appaRelDeveloped as the perfect synergy of storage and

    freedom of movement, apparel with SWAT

    integration is worn underneath the jersey and short

    to keep cargo against the body, eliminating the

    need to use a pack on most rides. The SWAT

    system provides patented storage for food, water,

    air, and tools in bib pockets.

    THe mTb Xc KiTA fully integrated emergency repair kit to solve any

    minor mechanical repair, while also eliminating the

    need to wear a hydration pack. The Kit includes a

    frame-mounted storage box which contains a 29

    inner tube, Co2 head, and tire lever with room for

    other essentials, plus two Zee Cage II water bottle

    cages, a Top Cap Chain Tool, and the EMT Cage

    Mount Tool.

    The EMT tool can be mounted in a slot on the

    bottom of the toptube on the Epic and via the

    bottle cage on the SJ HT. SWAT prepped

    Specialized bikes (2015 Epic, Stumpjumper HT &


    mtB Xc Kit

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    BraInPEDAL SMARTER, NOT HARDER > When ultimate suspension efficiency and control on the trail are required,

    nothing compares to the Specialized Brain. Found on the Epic and Stumpjumper HT XC race machines, and super-

    versatile Stumpjumper FSR trail bike, the Brain has been refined and tuned to perform on varying terrain for the sports

    most demanding riders. The Epic is the first full-suspension bike to win a Cross-Country World Championship

    (its won several in fact), and in each of those victories riders were propelled to victory aboard the one-of-a-kind

    Brain shock. Not only the go-to choice for full-suspension endurance racers, the trail-tuned Brain shock has elevated

    the Stumpjumper FSR above and beyond its legendary status.


    WHaT doeS THe bRain do?

    Simply put, the Brain allows the rider to go faster

    with more control. The idea came from

    understanding that hardtails are great at pedaling,

    while full-suspension bikes handle better in the

    rough; the Brain puts those two together. With its

    inertia valve technology, it knows the difference

    between rider inputs (pedaling) and terrain bump

    forces (rocks, ruts, and roots), meaning it is firm on

    smooth terrain to transfer all of the riders pedaling

    effort into forward motion, and then instantly

    transitions to active in the bumps to maintain more


    HoW doeS iT WoRK?The Brain technology is based around an inertia

    valve design. A weighted mass sits on a light

    spring, limiting the flow of oil. On smooth terrain,

    this means oil is not flowing, so the suspension

    stays firm for efficient pedaling. When the wheel

    strikes a bump, the weighted mass overcomes the

    spring, immediately allowing oil to flow and the