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  • Specialist Aerospace Supplier Celebrates 5th Year of Consecutive Growth

    FSL Aerospace recently announced that it has achieved its fifth year of consecutive growth. As a specialist supplier of fasteners and fixings, we have grown our sales and expanded our capabilities to meet the require- ments of the expanding aerospace and defense industries.

    This year’s growth at FSL Aerospace has come both from new customers as well as a deeper relationship with our existing custom- ers. It has also included a landmark eight-year contract to supply hardware components to Meggitt Sensing Systems (MSS) of Basing- stoke, UK, for use in the next generation of aircraft engines.

    This contract builds on a relationship spanning more than 15 years between FSL Aerospace and MSS, and will see FSL sup- plying fasteners and fixings for Meggitt’s sensors for the new LEAP engines, which are already being used by industry giants, Boeing, Airbus and Comac.

    FSL has invested in new capabilities and successful- ly secured re-accreditations for ISO9001 and AS9120. The aerospace and defense supplier has an impressive 99.3% right first-time ac- curacy rate and has secured its sixth consecutive SC21 bronze award.

    FSL Aerospace is securing managed growth, consistently and strongly. This is due to our highly effective systems and processes, and also to our dedicated team. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole FSL team, both colleagues and suppliers, which enable us to deliver for our clients time and time again.

    By building a strong reputation in the aerospace industry through its consistently reliable supply chain management, our company has been able to establish strong connections with the giants in the aerospace segment.

    FSL Aerospace has been supplying and supporting the aerospace and defense industries since 1985. It has an un- restricted product range, extensive product knowledge and

    52 Fastener Technology International/October 2017

    by: Richard Woodward, General Manager FSL Aerospace Ltd. Unit 33 Riverside Way Uxbridge Middlesex UB8 2YF, UK www.fslaerospace.co.uk

    provision of specialist logistical solutions such as DLF, VMI and Kanban systems.

    With its increased drive and clear capabilities, FSL is aiming to develop programs with existing clients as well as

    Expanded capabilities have allowed company to keep pace with the ever-growing aerospace and defense industries.

    FSL Aerospace staff member, Simon, processing inventory in the company’s warehouse.

  • October 2017/Fastener Technology International 53

    developing new clients in the aerospace industry this year. To find more information about the products available

    from FSL Aerospace, please visit the website listed below. www.fslaerospace.co.uk FTI

    Company Profile: FSL Aerospace is a world class supplier of fasteners, fixings and associated components, supporting the aerospace and defense industries since 1985. When you buy from FSL Aerospace, you are investing in a result. Great quality, competitive price and on- time delivery are fundamental. FSL’s goal is to understand your real organizational needs. The company can then build a long- term partnership by providing a highly tailored, proactive ser- vice to add true value to your business. www.fslaerospace.co.uk

    Fasteners and fixing components supplied by FSL Aerospace.

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