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The 160th SOAR operates three typesof helicopters. Perhaps the one mostfamiliar to many readers is the MH-6 orAH-6 Little Bird. The MH-6s are the smallgunships used so effectively in the Battleof Mogadishu and shown in the film BlackHawk Down. The MH-6 is a light utilityhelicopter modified to transport up to sixtroops on outboard benches along itssides. At least some MH-6s incorporateforward-looking infrared radar (FLIR) systemsfor night operations and intelligencegathering. The MH-6 may be configuredfor fast-roping and STABO (StabilizedBody) operations. The MH-6s minimalsize allows it to insert small teams ofoperators directly onto buildings or othertargets. The small size also makes iteasily deployable by transport aircraft; aC-141 can transport six Little Birds and aC-130 can transport three. Within 15 minutesof unloading them, the helicoptersare mission ready.


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