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  • mttion; monitoring and reporting; interoperability; Programming Models and Algorithms: parallel and dis-tributed programming frameworks; workflow management;map-reduce algorithms and extensions;

    Applications: data-intensive applications; scalable analytics;traditional HPC applications in the cloud; data warehousing.

    Submission GuidelinesAuthors are invited to submit papers to this special is-

    sue using the Elsevier online submission system found athttp://ees.elsevier.com/jpdc. The submission must include a cover

    United StatesE-mail address: joseph@umiacs.umd.edu.

    Dr. Jimmy LinCollege of Information Studies,

    University of Maryland,College Park, MD 20742,

    United StatesE-mail address: jimmylin@umd.edu.

    Available online 27 July 2009J. Parallel Distrib. Co

    Contents lists availa

    J. Parallel Dis

    journal homepage: www

    Call for Papers

    Special Issue of the Journal of Parallel andComputing


    Guide for Authorshttp://www.elsevier.com/locate/jpdc/authorinstructions

    Background and ScopeCloud computing is emerging as a cost-effective paradigm

    for accessing and provisioning computational resources over theinternet. Although todays solutions vary widely in their service,programming, and business models, they are invariably supportedby large collections of physical resources spread over multipledistributed data centers. The expected unprecedented scale ofthese environments raises numerous new research questionsand opens up new avenues for exploration by the parallel anddistributed computing research community. This special issueseeks to catalyze this activity by focusing on all aspects pertainingto both classical and emerging topics in parallel and distributedcomputing with relevance for building scalable infrastructure forcloud computing.

    TopicsSpecific topics of interest include but are not limited to:

    Cloud Architectures: compute, network, and storage architec-tures; consistency, reliability, and fault-tolerance models; pri-vacy and security mechanisms;

    Operational Aspects: design and construction of data centers;power and resourcemanagement; virtualization and consolida-0743-7315/$ see front matterdoi:10.1016/j.jpdc.2009.07.002put. 69 (2009) 813

    ble at ScienceDirect

    rib. Comput.


    Distributed Computing: Cloud

    letter, abstract, manuscript, figures and/or tables, and a briefprofessional biography of approximately 100 words accompa-nied by a photograph. Please refer to the Guide for Authors linkon the journal home page for complete submission instructions(http://www.elsevier.com/locate/jpdc).

    Important DatesFull paper submission: September 1, 2009First Review Due: November 15, 2009Second Review Due: December 15, 2009Acceptance notification: December 31, 2009Final paper: January 31, 2010

    Guest EditorsDr. Gregory Chockler

    Dr. Eliezer DekelIBM Haifa Research Lab,

    Haifa University Campus,Mount Carmel,

    31905 Haifa, IsraelE-mail addresses: chockler@il.ibm.com (G. Chockler),

    dekel@il.ibm.com (E. Dekel).

    Dr. Joseph JaJaInstitute for Advanced Computer Studies,

    University of Maryland,College Park, MD 20742,

    Special Issue of the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing: Cloud Computing


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