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This is a presentation that I created to talk with my daughter's 5th grade class about space and the importance of science. I worked on the EO-1 satellite primarily and show the value of remote sensing and how it relates to ecology, meteorology and environmental science.


  • 1.Space Science

2. Who am I?Consultant to NASA EO-I JPL NASA HQEducationBiochemistry- Univ. of North CarolinaBusiness- Regis UniversityEngineering- Capitol CollegePilot 3. Earth Observation System 4. EO- 1Launched November 2000 from Vandenburg Air Force Base 5. What is EO-1?Spacecraft designed for observation of Earth Solar Powered Size of a large SUV Multiple sensors Short wave and thermal Infra-Red Visible light Ultraviolet 6. SensorsTrue ColorFalse Spectrum 7. Sensors 8. Sensors- NOLA 9. Sensors- NOLA 10. How to test?Spacecraft cant be fixed after launchSpacecraft is essentially a robotRuns 10s of millions of lines of codeRequired an entire farm of computers to simulate: Spacecraft Space Earth 11. Jet Propulsion LabCollaboration between NASA and CalTech


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