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  • 1. Starfish Parts

2. This white disc on the aboral surface is the Madreporite________________Its function is _______________________ Let water intowater vascular system 3. A=?ampulla A Its function is toSqueeze to control water ___________________________ entering/leaving tube feet 4. stomachThis organ is the _____________ 5. LABEL THE PARTS of the Water Vascular system#2#1 =__________ringcanal__________#2 =#1 #3Stone____________ dfsdfcanal#3 =ampullae ________________ 6. A Digestive glandsB gonadsC ossicles 7. This diagram represents the 3 structures youlearned about on the surface of a starfish.The blue structures are spines _____________ protectionfor _____________________.The red structures are ____________Skin gillsfor Exchanging gases/removing nitrogen waste____________________The green structure is a _____________ pedicellariafor _________________________ keeping the surface free of organisms 8. A mouthB Ambulacralgroove withtube feet 9. These are located in the ambulacral grooveTube feet Their function is ?Locomotion, suction cups can grab food,pry open clam shells, surface can exchangegases and nitrogen waste 10. This opening on the oral surface is themouth _____________This seastar is showing aboralyou its ___________surface. 11. This tube is the______________ Stone canal It has Calcium _______________ carbonate _______________ in it to make it hard. madreporiteIt connects the _______________________ring canalto the ___________________ 12. A spinesB Tube feetC ambulacral groove 13. The arrow ispointing at theAmbulacral________________ridge___________ The part of the water vascular system that is found inside this ridge is the Radial canal ______________________ The part of the nervous system that isRadial nerve found inside is the _________________ 14. These 3 arms farthest from the madreporite are called the_______________ trivium 15. This starfishis showing you itsoral_____________surface. 16. AIdentify A Ring canal 17. Tell the function of each part:Opening for watervascular system madreporite _____________________Absorb nutrientsDigestive glands _____________________Connect madreporiteto ring canal Stone canal ______________________Plates that fuse to formskeleton ossicles ______________________gonadsMake sperm or eggs _________________Exchange gases and get rid of nitrogen wasteSkin gills _________________ 18. These structures that lie under the digestive glands are the gonads________________ Their function is to ____________________ Make eggs or spermreproductive Their body system is _______________ 19. These are located at the tip of each armeyespotsTheir function is To sense light and dark______________________ 20. Tell the function of each part:Keep skin free of organisms pedicellariae_____________________Extruded out throughmouth during feeding Cardiac stomach ________________Stomach that connectsPyloric stomachto digestive glands ______________________Squeeze to move waterup and down in tube feet ampullae_________________spines 21. This white disc on the aboral surface is themadreporite ________________It belongs to the Water vascular____________________ systemIts function________________ entering the WVSOpening for water 22. This part of thestomachconnects tothe mouthcardiac 23. ID THE PARTS SHOWN ABEC DFA = MADREPORITE_________________AMPULLAEE = ___________________ STONE CANALB = _________________TUBE FEETF = ___________________ RING CANALC = _________________ RADIAL CANALD = _________________ 24. The digestive glands connect to thepyloric __________________ stomach.cardiac The ___________________ stomach isextruded out of the mouth duringfeeding 25. This space aroundthe organs is the________________coelomType of body cavityfound in echinodermsAcoelom Pseudocoelom Eucoelom EUCOELOM 26. These 2 arms closest to the madreporite are called the_______________ bivium 27. Identify B(seen as bubblesalong ambulacralridge) BampullaSqueeze to move water Its function is ____________________ up and down in tube feet 28. #1#2 #3 #4Stone canal#1 = _______________Ambulacral ridge#2 = _______________ ampullae#3 = _______________ Ring canal#4 = _________________ 29. Pyloric stomachA= __________________________ Cardiac stomachB=__________________________Digestive glandsC= __________________________D=__________________________anusmouthE= __________________________ 30. These greenishbrown structuresare the Digestive glands________________Tell their functions Make bile____________________ Finish digestion____________________ Absorb nutrients____________________ 31. These whitestructures on thesurface arespines________________They connect down below to the skeleton_____________ underneath.Their function is________________protection 32. Echinoderm larva with wings bipinnaria________________Type of symmetry seenin the larval formbilateral____________________Type of symmetry seen in adult echinoderms________________radial