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A brief review of selected NDSU soybean production management trials conducted in 2013.


<ul><li> 1. 2013 Soybean Production UpdateGreg Endres, Extension area agronomist NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center 701-652-2951</li></ul> <p> 2. South-central ND season review Plant establishment Timing of weed control 3. inchesMay-Sep monthly rainfall, Southcentral ND, 2013 4. Soybean Establishment Study, CREC, 201113 2 tillage systems conventional and direct seed (no-till) 2 planting dates multiple trials 4 (planting time) fertilizer treatments 6-24-6 applied on low-med P (7-9 ppm) and high-VH K (141-216 ppm) soil untreated check, broadcast, 2-inch band POST fungicide (2 of 4 reps) Funded by ND Soybean Council 5. May 30July 22conventionaldirect seed 6. Soybean Establishment Study, Carrington, 201113: SEED YIELD WITH TILLAGE SYSTEMS 60 52.5 51.850 4040.8* 45.9 45.345.243.4*40.8conventional30direct seed 20 10 0 2011201220133-yr aveAveraged across planting dates and fertilizer treatments 7. Soybean Establishment Studies, CREC, 2011-12:SEED YIELD WITH PLANTING DATES 60 50 4053.7 43.5 **50.640.737.6 *3030.327.9early 19.520 10 0 Carrington 2011 May 5/19Carrington 2012 Apr 30/May 15New Rockford Wishek 2012 2012 May 2/17Apr 24/May 16normal 8. Soybean Establishment Study, CREC, 2013: Planting datesMay 29June 12 9. Soybean Establishment Study, CREC, 2013:Planting dates impact on plant development and agronomic factors Dates for plant development Planting datesEmergenceFlowerMaturity (R8)May 29163196273June 12171202280867Plants/APod heightTest weightPlanting datesJune 28cmlb/buMay 29134,740253.7June 12129,430452.1Difference in days 10. Soybean Establishment Study, CREC, 2013:SEED YIELD WITH PLANTING DATES 50 43.142.940 3029-May 12-Jun20 10 0 CarringtonAveraged across tillage systems and fertilizer treatments 11. Planting date x maturity group, Prosper, 2013Planting dates: May 13 and 28 Maturity groups: 0.1 and 0.7 (DSR 0101 and 0747) 12. Planting date x maturity group, Prosper, 2013 Planting dateStandYieldplants/Abu/APlanting dateMay 13146,56045.8May 13May 28165,62040.4Yield0.146.00.7 May 28Maturity group45. 13. Planting date x maturity group, Wishek, 2013Planting dates:May 24June 6 14. Planting date (4) x variety (2), CREC, 2013 Burton Johnson 15. Soybean Establishment Study, CREC, 201113: SEED YIELD WITH PLANTING-TIME FERTILIZER 60 50 43.742.343.045.346.045.840 check30broadcast 2" band20 10 0 20132011-13P = low-med and K = high-VH. 6-24-6 applied as band at planting or broadcast PRE (not mechanically incorporated). Averaged across planting dates and tillage systems. 16. Soybean establishment study, CREC, 2013: 50SEED YIELD WITH FUNGICIDE 1 44.530 20unt reat ed check Priax or1010bu/ A4041.54 fl oz/A at R3-4 stages 17. NDSU Soybean Foliar Fungicide Trials, 2004-13 (29 trials):50SEED YIELD 1 43.730 20unt reat ed check fungicide010bu/ A4041.9Headline or Priaxor applied primarily at R1-3 stages (V2-R4). Yield statistically significant (LSD 0.05) in 5 of 29 trials. 1Source: Markell et al. 18. Soybean yield loss from weeds Timing of initial weed control Weed height Soybean stage At planting (soil application) VC-V2 (unifoliate to 1st 2 to 4 inches trifoliate) V2-V4 (2nd to 4th 6 to 8 inches trifoliate) V4-R2 (4th trifoliate to &gt; 10 inches full flower) Untreated check NDSU: 4 site-years (2011-12).Soybean yield bu/A 48.046.945.237.7 19.3 19. Soybean timing of initial weed control, Carrington, 2013early POST June 21 20. July 11 late POST 21. Soybean yield with timing of initial weed control, Carrington, 2013. 3532.829.830Bu/A25LSD (0.05): NS27.4 22.922.720check at planting15ePOST10lPOSTmPOST5 0 Carrington 22. Soybean timing of initial weed control, NCREC (Minot), 2013Sep 12 23. NDSU Research Summary of Soybean Plant Establishment Factors Factor ^Tillage system Previous cropAB(Oct 2013)reduced tillYield &gt; (%) 7conventional tillNDSU trial site-years 19*wheat7soybean6no6Seed inoculation with soybean history Seed fungicideyes yes10no19^Planting date&lt; early May13mid May4150-175,000 14-215 5100-130,000 28-3020 19broadcast05*at planting5band (away from seed) early POSTPlanting rate (pls/A) Row spacing (inch) ^P at planting time ^Timing of Weed Removal05* *Data from trials conducted during 1999-2013 24. Questions?</p>