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    June 17, 2015

    Upcoming Rotary Events

    Upcoming Events Last Thursday June 25, 2015 Ruth Chris Steak House

    Whats for Lunch Asian Beef and Broccoli with Steamed Rice

    Wink Jones receives Paul Harris +6 Pin

    What does it mean to receive a Paul Harris pin? For every $1,000 dollars donat-ed to the Rotary Foundation, by an individual, a Paul Harris pin is awarded. Wink has donated at least $7,000 to the Foundation in order to receive his Paul Harris + 6 pin. A portion of the money given to the Rotary Foundation comes back to the club in the form of District Grants. The remainder stays with the Foundation for international grants.

  • Object of Rotary The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise. Rotary Websites Boise Southwest: District 5400: Rotary International: RI Foundation: Greater Boise Rotary Foundation:

    Souwester Publication Committee: Nancy Chinn - Andrea Thornton Bryan NunesInternational Minute PressPrinting Newslet-ter Editor: Nancy Chinn Published Weekly for the Rotary Club of Boise Southwest

    Pretty Cool Stuff

    Wink Jones Interviewed Terry Bowman. Terry joined Rotary after visiting many other service clubs when he retired from the Navy. He was good at remem-bering names so he was chosen as president of the club within three years. He was instrumental in starting the Sunrise Club. He joined Rotary for business reasons but now loves Rotary for the people. He enjoys visiting with people at Last Thursdays where he has discovered just what Mike Jones did in the 60s. George Weissbecks son got mar r ied last week and took off for Europe for the honeymoon. Mowbraw Brown was happy with Barbara Dorsey for coming up with three more motorcycles for Iron Man. Jim Brandstetter just got back from two weeks in Italy with wife Gwen and Daughter. Fun times.

    Wine Raffle at Lobster Fest

    We will be having a wine raffle at the event, if you have a special or unique bottle of wine you would be willing to donate, please let George Weissbeck know. The raffle will be lim-

    ited to the amount of wine donated, i.e. 30 bottles, then only 30 tickets will be sold, everyone will win a bottle who purchases a ticket. Keep thinking of Auction Items for the event.

    Auction Items are Needed for the Lobster Fest

    Some auction items that oth-ers have donated are: Spanish lessons, white water float trips, fishing outing. Guitar lessons, earrings. So start thinking of your network of

    people and what you can give for the auction. Do you have a nice painting or print that you are tired of? Perhaps someone else will want it. Ask your hair-dresser or barber to donate. Or when you get your nails done, ask them to donate. Or, how about throw-ing a dinner party for 8 at your house including wine. Anything goes. Of course we would rather have items, but if you really dont have anything to donate, you can write a check, or stop at the ATM and give $50 to the cause.

    All members are invite to a Cele-bration of Life for Minnie Benton on Friday, June 26th from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. at the home of her nephew Ed Altman and his wife MJ Byrne: 6529 Plantation Lane, Boise ID 83703-2644. Please have them RSVP by text to MJ Byrnes cell phone: 208-850-4155.