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Indian weddings are silk sarees as they look royal and elegant symbolizing the essence of purity and makes a woman look like a diva with a sublime mystique look.


  • 1. Nalli Silks Wedding Sarees

2. Nalli SilksArt of choosing Indian wedding sarees Fashion trends change so rapidly that any per-conceived dream saree design might have been already obsolete by now. 3. Nalli Silks Saree Prints If you are have normal build, they make you look larger while if you are shorter they will make you look even shorter. 4. Nalli Silks Saree Border Saree borders are an important part of the saree. It accentuates and enhances the beauty and personality of a woman 5. Nalli Silks Saree Color Saree color plays an important role while choosing your wedding saree. 6. Embroidery Work, Zari Work, Stone Work, and Heavy WorkDepending upon the body type you need to choose the type of embroidery or Zari work, or stone work in your saree. 7. About us:https:/ / +MetromelaOfficial/ https:/ / metromela https:/ / MetroMela https:/ / metromela/