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South Indian Bridal MakeupStep by step instructions


Before Your Apply Makeup

Follow the CTM routine at least 6-months before the wedding day

Did you ace your CTM routine?Lets start.

The primer serves as a base that helps you keep your makeup intact throughout the ceremony.

The best strategy to conceal dark circles, pigmentation, acne spots and other blemishes on your skin is touse a concealer.

Apply the foundation on your face and neck so that the makeup blends with your skin.

Fixing powder allows you to create a waterproof base that can withstand sweating and tears (both expected a lot in a south Indian wedding)!

Baking powder is applied under the eyes, cheekbone, forehead, chin, and bridge of the nose. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes for the baking process to complete.

Work with eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, baking powder and Kajal to bring life to your eyes.

Use abronzerto highlight your hairline, cheekbones, neck and jaw. The trick to applying a bronzer is to choose areas that the sun would naturally hit it!

Contouring brush will allow you to define your facial features. It gives the appearance of a higher cheekbone and slimmer chin and nose.

Use a blush for the cheeks to give that healthy pink look for the bride. Use baking powder to further define the makeup.

Use a lip liner to line and fill in the lips. Then apply the lipstick shade of your choice using a lip brush.

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