South Hill Designs Catalog - Spring/Summer 2015 (US-English)

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7400 E. Tierra Buena Lane, Suite 101Scottsdale, Arizona 85260southhilldesigns.comSpring/Summer 2015A Lifestyle Business for Fun-Loving WomenTwo dads, five little girls, and the desire to make a difference These were the seeds that made South Hill an astonishing success within one year of launching.South Hill is a home party company that offers beautiful, personalized jewelry. Just as importantly, its an international community of female entrepreneurs, providing a lifestyle business designed to be fun, inclusive, creative and profitable.Founders Brian Palmer and Joe Ochoa were successful executives in corporate America, but that wasn't the environment they wanted to share with their young daughters. They dreamt of building a different world to prosper infor their children, and by extension for thousands of other women. Rather than launch a conventional company that would only enrich themselves, they pictured an opportunity that would spread its benefits to more and more people. Encouraged by their wives, Riley and Tamara, they set out to realize their vision.South Hill was shaped to give female entrepreneurs a chance to shine while embracing their love of living, Joe says: Our idea was to offer a simple business based on an irresistible product, and then build a culture with women-friendly values: creativity, collaboration and caring.Brian adds: Theres another core value that defines South Hill, and thats fun. We believe that business can be a social lifestyle to enjoy with friends, with love and laughter every step along the way.Our storyWith South Hillyou can create personalized jewelry that enables you to share your story and express your unique style!Build your locket by choosing coins, screens, charms, and droplets.Enhance your look with our fabulous NEW wraps, necklaces, earrings and bangles!2 make life beautiful 3 Hosting a South Hill Designs Social is a great way to get together, share stories and make beautiful jewelry.BOOKING REWARDWe appreciate you helping us book additional socials with your friends & family. For each Social booked at your own Social, you may choose any item from our collection at 50% off the retail price. earn free jewelryhave fun with friendsIts easy and fun!All you need to do is invite your friends and family.A trained South Hill Designs Artist does the rest.SOCIAL SALES HOSTESSREWARDS 1/2 PRICE ITEM$200$299 10% 1st Item$300$499 15% 2nd Item$500$999 20% 3rd Item$1,000+ 25% 4th Item Host a Social 5 4 make life beautifulNew Lockets INCLUDES AN ELEGANT 18" CHAINLARGE LOCKETS 1.25" diameter; holds 610 charms {depending on charm size}MEDIUM LOCKETS 1" diameter; holds 46 charms {depending on charm size}MINI LOCKETS 0.75" diameter; holds 13 charms {depending on charm size}LARGE SILVER TONEwith clear crystals$30.00LK-7015-LG-STLARGE SILVER TONEmatte finish$26.00LK-7005-LG-SLLARGE GOLD TONEmatte finish$34.00LK-7005-LG-GTLARGE ROSE GOLD TONEmatte finish$34.00LK-7005-LG-RGMEDIUM SILVER TONEwith clear crystals$28.00LK-5015-MD-STLARGE SILVER TONE$26.00LK-7005-LG-STLARGE GOLD TONEwith clear crystals$38.00LK-7015-LG-GTLARGE ROSE GOLD TONEwith clear crystals$38.00LK-7015-LG-RTMINI SILVER TONEwith clear crystals$26.00LK-3015-SM-STMEDIUM SILVER TONE$24.00LK-5005-MD-STMEDIUM GOLD TONE$30.00LK-5005-MD-GTMEDIUM ROSE GOLD TONE$30.00LK-5005-MD-RTLARGE SILVER TONEwith black crystals$38.00LK-2005-LG-BLKMINI SILVER TONE$22.00LK-3005-SM-STGOLD TONE DIAMONDwith white enamel$44.00LK-2013-LK-CRMMINI ROSE GOLD TONEwith clear crystals$30.00LK-3015-SM-RTMEDIUM SILVER TONEwith pink crystals$34.00LK-9015-MD-ROSESILVER TONE DIAMONDwith black enamel$40.00LK-2013-LG-BLKVINTAGE OVAL LOCKETmatte silver toneLK-2014-OV-SL | $44.00VINTAGE OVAL LOCKETmatte gold toneLK-2014-OV-GL | $48.00VINTAGE OVAL LOCKETmatte rose gold toneLK-2014-OV-RG | $48.00SILVER TONElocket braceletadjustableBR-4001-LG-ST$44.00GRAPHITElocket braceletadjustableBR-4001-LG-GN$50.00Vintage elegance at its finest. Express your sense of style and fashion with an antique feel.MEDIUM LOCKET RINGrose gold with crystals$44.00 SIZE 6: LK-8015-MD6-RG1 SIZE 7: LK-8015-MD7-RG SIZE 8: LK-8015-MD8-RGAll lockets are made with Swarovski Crystals. Locket Ring6 make life beautiful 7 Coins MEDIUM COINS $8.00 | LARGE COINS $9.00Be creativeM: CO-302-MD-ST L: CO-402-LG-STM: CO-302-MD-RG L: CO-402-LG-RGM: CO-303-MD-ST L: CO-403-LG-STM: CO-303-MD-RG L: CO-403-LG-RGM: CO-304-MD-ST L: CO-404-LG-STM: CO-304-MD-RG L: CO-404-LG-RGM: CO-305-MD-ST L: CO-405-LG-STM: CO-305-MD-RG L: CO-405-LG-RGM: CO-307-MD-ST L: CO-407-LG-STM: CO-307-MD-RG L: CO-407-LG-RGM: CO-300-MD-ST L: CO-400-LG-STM: CO-300-MD-RG L: CO-400-LG-RGM: CO-306-MD-ST L: CO-406-LG-STM: CO-306-MD-RG L: CO-406-LG-RGM: CO-308-MD-ST L: CO-408-LG-STM: CO-308-MD-RG L: CO-408-LG-RGM: CO-311-MD-ST L: CO-411-LG-STM: CO-311-MD-RG L: CO-411-LG-RGM: CO-309-MD-ST L: CO-409-LG-STM: CO-309-MD-RG L: CO-409-LG-RGM: CO-313-MD-ST L: CO-413-LG-STM: CO-313-MD-RG L: CO-413-LG-RGM: CO-310-MD-ST L: CO-410-LG-STM: CO-310-MD-RG L: CO-410-LG-RGM: CO-602-MD-ST L: CO-502-LG-STM: CO-602-MD-RG L: CO-502-LG-RGM: CO-601-MD-ST L: CO-501-LG-STM: CO-601-MD-RG L: CO-501-LG-RGM: CO-600-MD-ST L: CO-500-LG-STM: CO-600-MD-RG L: CO-500-LG-RGM: CO-316-MD-ST L: CO-417-LG-STM: CO-316-MD-RG L: CO-417-LG-RGM: CO-322-MD-ST L: CO-420-LG-STM: CO-318-MD-RG L: CO-420-LG-RGM: CO-317-MD-ST L: CO-418-LG-STM: CO-317-MD-RG L: CO-418-LG-RGSILVER TONEGOLD TONEROSE GOLD TONEM: CO-302-MD-GT L: CO-402-LG-GTM: CO-303-MD-GT L: CO-403-LG-GTM: CO-304-MD-GT L: CO-404-LG-GTM: CO-305-MD-GT L: CO-405-LG-GTM: CO-307-MD-GT L: CO-407-LG-GTM: CO-300-MD-GT L: CO-400-LG-GTM: CO-306-MD-GT L: CO-406-LG-GTM: CO-308-MD-GT L: CO-408-LG-GTM: CO-311-MD-GT L: CO-411-LG-GTM: CO-309-MD-GT L: CO-409-LG-GTM: CO-313-MD-GT L: CO-413-LG-GTM: CO-310-MD-GT L: CO-410-LG-GTM: CO-602-MD-GT L: CO-502-LG-GTM: CO-601-MD-GT L: CO-501-LG-GTM: CO-600-MD-GT L: CO-500-LG-GTM: CO-316-MD-GT L: CO-417-LG-GTM: CO-318-MD-GT L: CO-420-LG-GTM: CO-317-MD-GT L: CO-418-LG-GT 9 8 make life beautifulVINTAGE OVAL LOCKETSCREENS AND COINS | $12.00Screens MEDIUM SCREENS $8.00 | LARGE SCREENS $9.00SC-OV-1003SC-OV-1009SC-OV-1006SC-OV-1016SC-OV-1000SC-OV-1012SC-OV-1004SC-OV-1010SC-OV-1007SC-OV-1015SC-OV-1001SC-OV-1014SC-OV-1005SC-OV-1011SC-OV-1008SC-OV-1017SC-OV-1002SC-OV-1013New silver tree of life screenGold peacock screenRose gold art deco screenM: SC-MD-1002 L: SC-WG-1005M: SC-MD-1014 L: SC-WG-1014M: SC-MD-1016 L: SC-WG-1025 L: SC-WG-1020M: SC-MD-1008 L: SC-WG-1011M: SC-MD-1001 L: SC-WG-1004M: SC-MD-1013 L: SC-WG-1013M: SC-MD-1017 L: SC-WG-1026 L: SC-WG-1019M: SC-MD-1007 L: SC-WG-1010M: SC-MD-1003 L: SC-WG-1006M: SC-MD-1015 L: SC-WG-1015M: SC-MD-1018 L: SC-WG-1027 L: SC-WG-1021M: SC-MD-1009 L: SC-WG-1012New chevron screenLOCKET BRACELET SCREENS | $12.00SC-LK-EM-129SC-LK-EM-128SC-LK-EM-130M: SC-MD-1005 L: SC-WG-1008M: SC-MD-1011 L: SC-WG-1002M: SC-MD-1019 L: SC-WG-1028 L: SC-WG-1017 L: SC-WG-1033 L: SC-WG-1032M: SC-MD-1004 L: SC-WG-1007M: SC-MD-1010 L: SC-WG-1001M: SC-MD-1020 L: SC-WG-1029 L: SC-WG-1016 L: SC-WG-1035 L: SC-WG-1031M: SC-MD-1006 L: SC-WG-1009M: SC-MD-1012 L: SC-WG-1003M: SC-MD-1021 L: SC-WG-1030 L: SC-WG-1018 L: SC-WG-103410 make life beautiful 11 Screens ZODIAC SCREENS | SILVER TONE $9.00Embellishmentslarge lockets onlyAriesSC-ZO-2001Jet BlackL: SC-CR-EM-100$28.00ScorpioSC-ZO-2008HematiteM: SC-CR-EM-105 | $24.00 L: SC-CR-EM-102 | $28.00TaurusSC-ZO-2002Bermuda BlueL: SC-CR-EM-101$28.00SagittariusSC-ZO-2009Red MagmaM: SC-CR-EM-104 | $24.00 L: SC-CR-EM-107 | $28.00GeminiSC-ZO-2003CrystalL: SC-CR-EM-103$28.00CapricornSC-ZO-2010Red MagmaSC-CR-EM-106$32.00CancerSC-ZO-2004Mint AlabasterM: SC-CR-EM-120 | $24.00 L: SC-CR-EM-121 | $28.00AquariusSC-ZO-2011LeoSC-ZO-2005Rose Water OpalM: SC-CR-EM-122 | $24.00 L: SC-CR-EM-123 | $28.00PiscesSC-ZO-2012VirgoSC-ZO-2006LibraSC-ZO-2007CRYSTAL EMBELLISHED COINS | $12.00L: CO-419-LG-ST L: CO-419-LG-GT L: CO-419-LG-RGCRYSTAL EMBELLISHMENTSswarovski crystalsFor the VintageOval Locket 13 12 make life beautifulSimple eleganceSC-A-SL-3000SC-A-GL-3026 SC-A-SL-3007 SC-A-GL-3033 SC-A-SL-3014 SC-A-GL-3040 SC-A-SL-3021 SC-A-GL-3047 SC-A-SL-3001 SC-A-GL-3027 SC-A-SL-3008 SC-A-GL-3034 SC-A-SL-3015 SC-A-GL-3041 SC-A-SL-3022 SC-A-GL-3048 SC-A-SL-3002 SC-A-GL-3028 SC-A-SL-3009 SC-A-GL-3035 SC-A-SL-3016 SC-A-GL-3042 SC-A-SL-3023 SC-A-GL-3049 SC-A-SL-3003 SC-A-GL-3029 SC-A-SL-3010 SC-A-GL-3036 SC-A-SL-3017 SC-A-GL-3043 SC-A-SL-3024 SC-A-GL-3050 SC-A-SL-3004 SC-A-GL-3030 SC-A-SL-3011 SC-A-GL-3037 SC-A-SL-3018SC-A-GL-3044SC-A-SL-3025 SC-A-GL-3051 SC-A-SL-3005 SC-A-GL-3031 SC-A-SL-3012SC-A-GL-3038SC-A-SL-3019 SC-A-GL-3045 SC-A-SL-3006 SC-A-GL-3032 SC-A-SL-3013 SC-A-GL-3039 SC-A-SL-3020 SC-A-GL-3046 MONOGRAM SCREENS | SILVER TONE | $9.00 large lockets onlyMONOGRAM SCREENS | GOLD TONE | $9.00 large lockets only 15 14 make life beautifulCharms $5.00 eachBe beautifulCA-PR-101CA-AS-100-BLCA-AS-101-OMCA-PR-102CA-AS-100-WOCA-AS-101-OCCA-PR-103CA-AS-100-VRCA-AS-101-ABCA-PR-104 CA-AS-100-DICA-AS-101-CBCA-PR-105CA-AS-100-HCCA-AS-101-PBCA-PR-106CA-AS-100-VPCA-PR-107CA-AS-100-POCA-PR-108CA-AS-100-STACCENTS* Pearls sold 3 per pack* Swarovski CrystalsCA-AN-2002CA-AN-2011CA-AN-2021CA-AN-2032CA-AN-2003CA-AN-2012CA-AN-2022CA-AN-2033CA-AN-2004CA-AN-2013CA-AN-2023CA-AN-2030CA-AN-2018CA-AN-2014CA-AN-2024CA-AN-2031CA-AN-2028CA-AN-2015CA-AN-2025CA-AN-2034CA-AN-2008CA-AN-2016CA-AN-2026CA-FM-2365CA-AN-2009CA-AN-2019CA-AN-2027CA-AN-2010CA-AN-2020CA-AN-2029ANIMALSJanCA-BT-100-JANFebCA-BT-100-FEBMarCA-BT-100-MARAprCA-BT-100-APRMayCA-BT-100-MAYJuneCA-BT-100-JUNJulyCA-BT-100-JNLAugCA-BT-100-AUGSeptCA-BT-100-SEPOctCA-BT-100-OCTNovCA-BT-100-NOVDecCA-BT-100-DECCA-BT-102-JANCA-BT-102-FEBCA-BT-102-MARCA-BT-102-APRCA-BT-102-MAYCA-BT-102-JUNCA-BT-102-JNLCA-BT-102-AUGCA-BT-102-SEPCA-BT-102-OCTCA-BT-102-NOVCA-BT-102-DECCA-BT-103-JANCA-BT-103-FEBCA-BT-103-MARCA-BT-103-APRCA-BT-103-MAYCA-BT-103-JUNCA-BT-103-JNLCA-BT-103-AUGCA-BT-103-SEPCA-BT-103-OCTCA-BT-103-NOVCA-BT-103-DECBIRTHSTONES* Swarovski Crystals 17 16 make life beautifulCharms $5.00 eachCA-CS-2102CA-CE-2201-PKCA-CS-2101CA-CE-2212CA-FM-2329CA-FM-2334CA-CS-2103CA-CE-2201-YLCA-CS-2132CA-CE-2217CA-CE-2213CA-CE-2216CA-CS-2104CA-CE-2203CA-FM-2322CA-CE-2220CA-FM-2332 CA-CE-2218CA-CS-2105CA-CE-2219CA-CS-2121CA-CE-2206CA-CE-2215CA-NU-2015-GLCA-CS-2106CA-CE-2207CA-CS-2122CA-FM-2330CA-CE-2208CA-NU-2015-SLCA-CS-2107CA-CS-2131CA-CS-2108CA-CS-2130CA-CS-2109 CA-CS-2110CAUSESCELEBRATIONSCA-FA-2426 CA-FA-2423 CA-FA-2408 CA-FA-2421 CA-FA-2425 CA-FA-2427 CA-FA-2413 CA-FA-2404 CA-FA-2430 CA-LV-2732CA-FA-2420 CA-FA-2422 CA-FA-2424 CA-FA-2414 CA-FA-2416 CA-FA-2419 CA-FA-2406 CA-VT-3134 CA-FA-2428 CA-FA-2401FAITHCA-FM-2302CA-FM-2312CA-LV-2735CA-FM-2303CA-FM-2313CA-FM-2306CA-LV-2742CA-FM-2218CA-FM-2308CA-FM-2217CA-FM-2220CA-FM-2215CA-FM-2310CA-FM-2216CA-FM-2311CA-FM-2309CA-FM-2301CA-FM-2214CA-FM-2221CA-FM-2219CA-FM-2222FAMILYFLAGSFOODCA-OC-2602CA-FM-2340CA-FM-2344CA-FM-2345CA-FM-2351CA-OC-2603CA-FM-2339CA-FM-2331CA-FM-2338CA-FM-2363CA-OC-2631CA-OC-2604CA-OC-2625CA-FM-2347CA-FM-2364CA-OC-2627CA-FM-2315CA-FM-2337CA-OC-2630CA-FM-2366CA-OC-2610CA-FM-2317CA-FM-2343CA-OC-2611CA-FM-2367CA-OC-2614CA-FM-2346CA-OC-2612CA-FM-2325CA-FM-2327 CA-FM-2335HOBBIESCA-FM-2342 CA-FM-2328CA-FM-3201CA-FM-3206CA-FM-3204CA-FM-3202CA-FM-3207CA-FM-3205CA-FM-3200CA-FM-3218CA-FM-3205CA-AN-2019CA-FM-3217CA-FM-3203CA-FM-3226CA-FM-3216CA-FM-3225CA-FM-3210CA-FM-3215CA-FA-2417CA-FM-3212CA-FM-3220CA-AS-101-CSCA-FM-3209 CA-FM-3214HOLIDAYSCA-FM-3219CA-FM-3227CA-FA-2429CA-FM-2365CA-FO-2501CA-FO-2513CA-FO-2504 CA-FO-2515 CA-FO-2506CA-FO-2518CA-FO-2517CA-FO-2519CA-FO-2508CA-FO-2520CA-FO-2509CA-FO-2521CA-FO-2510CA-OC-2601CA-FO-2511CA-FO-2507CA-FO-2522 CA-FO-2526CA-FO-2523 CA-TR-3002CA-TR-3032CA-TR-3027 CA-TR-3022CA-TR-3021CA-TR-3036CA-TR-3028CA-TR-3045CA-TR-3023CA-TR-3037CA-TR-3046CA-TR-3039CA-TR-3024 CA-TR-3040CA-TR-3029 CA-TR-3025 CA-TR-3038CA-TR-302618 make life beautiful 19 Charms $5.00 eachCA-LE-1001-A-SLCA-LE-1001-J-SLCA-LE-1001-S-SLCA-LE-1001-B-SLCA-LE-1001-K-SLCA-LE-1001-T-SLCA-LE-1001-C-SLCA-LE-1001-L-SLCA-LE-1001-U-SLCA-LE-1001-D-SLCA-LE-1001-M-SLCA-LE-1001-V-SLCA-LE-1001-E-SLCA-LE-1001-N-SLCA-LE-1001-W-SLCA-LE-1001-F-SLCA-LE-1001-O-SLCA-LE-1001-X-SLCA-LE-1001-G-SLCA-LE-1001-P-SLCA-LE-1001-Y-SLCA-LE-1001-H-SLCA-LE-1001-Q-SLCA-LE-1001-Z-SLCA-LE-1001-I-SLCA-LE-1001-R-SLLETTERS SILVER TONECA-MS-2803 CA-FM-2348 CA-MS-2805 CA-MS-2807 CA-MS-2809 CA-MS-2804 CA-MS-2808 CA-MS-2810 CA-MS-2801MUSICCA-LE-1001-A-GLCA-LE-1001-J-GLCA-LE-1001-S-GLCA-LE-1001-B-GLCA-LE-1001-K-GLCA-LE-1001-T-GLCA-LE-1001-C-GLCA-LE-1001-L-GLCA-LE-1001-U-GLCA-LE-1001-D-GLCA-LE-1001-M-GLCA-LE-1001-V-GLCA-LE-1001-E-GLCA-LE-1001-N-GLCA-LE-1001-W-GLCA-LE-1001-F-GLCA-LE-1001-O-GLCA-LE-1001-X-GLCA-LE-1001-G-GLCA-LE-1001-P-GLCA-LE-1001-Y-GLCA-LE-1001-H-GLCA-LE-1001-Q-GLCA-LE-1001-Z-GLCA-LE-1001-I-GLCA-LE-1001-R-GLLETTERS GOLD TONECA-LV-2701CA-LV-2709CA-LV-2728CA-LV-2702CA-LV-2733CA-LV-2718CA-LV-2702-PKCA-LV-2713CA-LV-2726CA-LV-2715CA-LV-2720CA-LV-2727CA-LV-2725CA-LV-2723CA-LV-2730CA-LV-2731CA-LV-2721CA-LV-2729CA-LV-2711CA-LV-2708CA-LV-2736CA-LV-2714CA-LV-2724CA-LV-2712CA-LV-2716CA-LV-2741CA-LV-2739CA-LV-2717CA-LV-2734CA-FA-2432LOVECA-NU-1002-0-SL CA-NU-1002-1-SL CA-NU-1002-2-SL CA-NU-1002-3-SL CA-NU-1002-4-SL CA-NU-1002-5-SLNUMBERS SILVER TONECA-NU-1002-6-SLCA-NU-1002-7-SL CA-NU-1002-8-SL CA-NU-1002-9-SL CA-FM-2371 CA-NU-1002-10-SLCA-NU-1002-0-GL CA-NU-1002-1-GL CA-NU-1002-2-GL CA-NU-1002-3-GL CA-NU-1002-4-GL CA-NU-1002-5-GLNUMBERS GOLD TONECA-NU-1002-6-GLCA-NU-1002-7-GL CA-NU-1002-8-GL CA-NU-1002-9-GLCA-OC-2613CA-FM-2326CA-FM-2349CA-FM-2323CA-OC-2615CA-OC-2619CA-OC-2620CA-FM-2324CA-OC-2607CA-OC-2632CA-FM-2350CA-OC-2622CA-CS-2111CA-OC-2608CA-FM-2353CA-OC-2623CA-FM-2333CA-OC-2628CA-FM-2352CA-OC-2633OCCUPATION20 make life beautiful 21 Charms $5.00 eachCA-AT-2902CA-AT-2910CA-AT-2903CA-AT-2911CA-AT-2904CA-AT-2912CA-AT-2905CA-AT-2913CA-AT-2923CA-AT-2906CA-AT-2914CA-AT-2924CA-AT-2932CA-AT-2940CA-AT-2927CA-AT-2939CA-AT-2907CA-AT-2915CA-AT-2925CA-AT-2933CA-AT-2918CA-AT-2928CA-AT-2937CA-AT-2908CA-AT-2916CA-AT-2926CA-AT-2934CA-AT-2921CA-AT-2930CA-AT-2938CA-AT-2909CA-AT-2917CA-AT-2929CA-AT-2935CA-AT-2922CA-AT-2931CA-AT-2936SPORTSCA-TR-3033CA-FM-2341CA-TR-3014CA-TR-3020CA-TR-3043CA-TR-3003CA-TR-3010CA-TR-3015CA-TR-3031CA-TR-3006CA-TR-3034CA-TR-3012CA-TR-3011CA-TR-3030CA-TR-3009CA-TR-3035CA-TR-3017CA-TR-3042CA-TR-3041TRAVELCA-VT-3101CA-OC-2617CA-VT-3130CA-VT-3126CA-VT-3102CA-VT-3113CA-VT-3125CA-FA-2411CA-VT-3103CA-VT-3114CA-VT-3123CA-VT-3128CA-VT-3104CA-VT-3118CA-VT-3133CA-VT-3127CA-OC-2616CA-VT-3115CA-VT-3124CA-VT-3106CA-VT-3105CA-VT-3116CA-VT-3132CA-VT-3135CA-VT-3107CA-VT-3120CA-VT-3122CA-VT-3136CA-VT-3112CA-VT-3121CA-VT-3131VINTAGECA-TR-3013CA-OC-262622 make life beautiful 23 ChainsFACETTED BEAD CHAIN 32" | CH-BD-300S-ST-32 | $23.00 FACETTED BEAD CHAIN 32" | CH-BD-300S-GT-32 | $23.00MULTIFACETTED LINK CHAIN 28" | CH-FA-525-ST-28 | $23.00 MULTIFACETTED LINK CHAIN 28" | CH-FA-525-GT-28 | $23.00ELONGATED CABLE CHAIN 28" | CH-EC-625-ST-28 | $23.00 ELONGATED CABLE CHAIN 28" | CH-EC-625-GT-28 | $23.00DIAMOND CUT BALL CHAIN 20" | CH-DC-725-ST-20 | $23.00 DIAMOND CUT BALL CHAIN 20" | CH-DC-725-GT-20 | $23.00NATALIE CHAIN 16"+3" | CH-VN-FL-ST | $23.00 NATALIE CHAIN 16"+3" | CH-VN-FL-GT | $28.00SOFIA CHAIN 16"+3" | CH-OL-SM-ST | $23.00 SOFIA CHAIN 16"+3" | CH-OL-SM-GT | $28.00MADISON CHAIN 28"+3" | CH-OL-MD-ST | $26.00 MADISON CHAIN 28"+3" | CH-OL-MD-GT | $38.00OLIVIA CHAIN 16" +3" | CH-PT-STM-ST | $23.00 OLIVIA CHAIN 16" +3" | CH-PT-STM-GT | $28.00TEXTURED OVAL LINK CHAIN 32" | CH-OL-825-ST-32 | $26.00 TEXTURED OVAL LINK CHAIN 32" | CH-OL-825-GT-32 | $48.00TAMARA CHAIN 28" +3" | CH-OL-PRL-ST | $38.00TAMARA CHAIN 28" +3" | CH-OL-PRL-GT | $52.00SILVER TONE GOLD TONERILEY CHAIN 16" +3" | CH-CROSS-ST | $23.00 RILEY CHAIN 16" +3" | CH-CROSS-GT | $28.00PEARL LAYERING CHAIN | CH-TR-475-ST-28 | $28.00TEXTURED INTERLOCKING LINK 18-21" | CH-IL-425-ST-18 | $26.00ROLO WITH RING STATION 1821" | CH-RO-650A-ST-18 | $26.00ROLO WITH RING STATION 1821" | CH-RO-650A-GT-18 | $26.002MM STEEL BALL CHAIN 22" | CH-SC-725-ST-002 | $18.003MM STEEL BALL CHAIN 22" | CH-SC-725-ST-003 | $20.00BRIGHTON CHAIN 18" +3" | CH-CK-VN-ST | $34.00BRIGHTON CHAIN 18" +3" | CH-CK-VN-GT | $48.0024 make life beautiful 25 Droplets *COMES WITH 2MM BALL CHAINDog tagsRepresent your home country and showcase your style.Locket Extender 1"SILVER: $8.00 CH-LE-850-ST-01GOLD: $10.00 CH-LE-850-GT-01ROSE GOLD: $10.00 CH-LE-850-RT-01Locket Extender 3"SILVER: $8.00 CH-NE-850-ST-03GOLD: $12.00 CH-NE-850-GT-03ROSE GOLD: $12.00 CH-NE-850-RT-03Triple Locket TassleSILVER: $20.00 CH-LT-850-ST-03GOLD: $24.00 CH-LT-850-GT-03ROSE GOLD: $24.00 CH-LT-850-RT-03$8.00DS-1330$8.00DS-1670$6.00DS-1400$8.00DS-1370$8.00DS-1320$6.00DS-1411-PK-ST$8.00DS-1390$8.00DS-1322$6.00DS-1411- TI-ST$8.00DS-1391$8.00DS-1321$6.00DS-1500-WT-ST$8.00DS-1600$8.00DS-1392$6.00DS-1411-PK-RT$8.00DS-1610$8.00DS-1710$6.00DS-1500-WT-RT$8.00DS-1630$8.00DS-1690$6.00DS-1500-WT-GT$8.00DS-1640$8.00DS-1680$6.00DS-1290-PK-ST$8.00DS-1650$6.00DS-1350-CL-ST$8.00DS-1660$6.00DS-1330-BL-STSWAROVSKI DROPLETS$14.00DR-SW-2001-SH $14.00DR-SW-2002-CR$14.00DR-SW-2003-ROSWAROVSKI CRYSTAL CHANNEL EARRINGS$28.00ER-SW-1002-CR$28.00ER-SW-1003-RO$28.00ER-SW-1001-SH EXTENDERS & TASSLESFACETTED BEAD CHAIN 32" | CH-BD-300S-RT-32 | $23.00ELONGATED CABLE CHAIN 28" | CH-EC-625-RT-28 | $23.00NATALIE CHAIN 16"+3" | CH-VN-FL-RG | $28.00SOFIA CHAIN 16"+3" | CH-OL-SM-RG | $28.00MADISON CHAIN 28"+3" | CH-OL-MD-RG | $38.00OLIVIA CHAIN 16" +3" | CH-PT-STM-RG | $28.00TAMARA CHAIN 28" +3" | CH-OL-PRL-RG | $52.00ROSE GOLD TONERILEY CHAIN 16" +3" | CH-CROSS-RG | $28.00ROLO WITH RING STATION 1821" | CH-RO-650A-RT-18 | $26.00BRIGHTON CHAIN 18" +3" | CH-CK-VN-RG | $48.00ChainsMULTIFACETTED LINK CHAIN 28" | CH-FA-525-RG-28 | $23.00United StatesCH-DG-TAG-US$26.00CanadaCH-DG-TAG-CA$26.00United KingdomCH-DG-TAG-UK$26.00Puerto RicoCH-DG-TAG-PR$26.00TEXTURED OVAL LINK CHAIN 32" | CH-OL-825-RT-32 | $48.0026 make life beautiful 27 Get layeredJoin the layering craze and showcase your own fashion sense with as few or as many wraps and bracelets that your arm desires. Arm candyrose gold metallicWR-RGM-1006champagne metallicWR-CH-1004black with silver studsWR-BK-1001cognacWR-FAL-1014silverWR-SL-1002silver metallicWR-SLM-1005oliveWR-OL-1008antique whiteWR-FAL-1016black with gold studsWR-BKG-1010royal blueWR-RB-1009eggplantWR-EG-1007mintWR-MN-1010blushWR-SSG-1014SOUTH HILL SIGNATURE WRAP BRACELETS | $26.00leather wraps look great lay ered with our locket bracelet 29 28 make life beautiful Vintage bangleSILVERadjustable braceletBR-4021-WR$24.00Personalize your vintage bangle with beautiful, removable charms stamped on both sides.SILVER TRINITY BRACELETdark grey stringadjustableBR-4001-TR-ST | $26.00BLACK CRYSTALbeaded wrap braceletadjustableWR-SSG-1016 | $36.00GOLD TRINITY BRACELETdark grey stringadjustableBR-4001-TR-GL | $26.00TITANIUM AND PEARL CRYSTALbeaded wrap bracelet adjustableWR-SSG-1015 | $36.00ROSE GOLD TRINITY BRACELETdark grey stringadjustableBR-4001-TR-RG | $26.00CORAL, ROSE GOLD AND PEARLbeaded wrap braceletadjustableWR-SSG-1017 | $40.00BRACELETSEarringsSILVER ROUND HOOPER-RD-1004-SL | $24.00GOLD ROUND HOOPER-RD-1005-GL | $26.00ROSE GOLD ROUND HOOPER-RD-1006-RG | $28.00SILVER OVAL HOOPER-OV-1007-SL | $24.00GOLD OVAL HOOPER-OV-1008-GL | $26.00ROSE GOLD OVAL HOOPER-OV-1009-RG | $28.00CHEVRON EARRINGSsilver with crystalsER-OV-1012-SL | $34.00CHEVRON EARRINGSrose gold with crystalsER-OV-1010-RG | $36.00GOLDadjustable braceletBR-4001-WR-GLD$24.00BR-4002-WR$14.00BR-4003-WR$14.00BR-4004-WR$14.00BR-4005-WR$14.00BR-4006-WR$14.00BR-4007-WR$14.00BR-4010-WR$14.00BR-4013-WR$28.00BR-4020-WR$14.00BR-4015-WR$14.00BR-4019-WR$14.00BR-4016-WR$14.00BR-4018-WR$14.00BR-4017-WR$14.00BR-4024-WR$14.00BR-4027-WR$28.00BR-4026-WR$14.00BR-4025-WR$14.00BR-4023-WR$14.00BR-4022-WR$14.00BR-4012-WR$14.00BR-4011-WR$14.00BR-4009-WR$14.00BR-4008-WR$14.00BRACELETS AND CHARMS30 make life beautiful 31 Help others-back side-Ochoa & Palmer FamiliesWalk for Wishes 2014Support Wishful Thinking. Every 38 seconds, Make-A-Wish grants the wish of a child with a life-threatening issue. Support the cause through the purchase of South Hill's Wish products.South Hill Designs has a national alliance with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.We have designed a selection of jewelry to support the mission of Make-A-Wish. South Hill will donate proceeds of these products to help bring hope, strength and joy to children with life-threatening illnesses.p lusCA-CH-4001 $5.00CA-CH-4003 $5.00CA-CH-4002 $5.00 CO-416-LG-ST$9.00CO-416-LG-GT$9.00CO-416-LG-RG$9.00CHARMS LARGE COINSBR-4032-WR$14.00BR-4031-WR$14.00SC-CH-4001$9.00VINTAGE BANGLE CHARMSLARGE SCREENWISHsilver bar necklaceNK-BAR-116$34.00BAR NECKLACEBe inspiredDesigned to bring sophisticated elegance and hope to your everyday style, the back side of this beautiful necklace is stamped with South Hill's signature chevron pattern.INSPIREsilver bar necklaceNK-BAR-100 | $34.00FAMILYsilver bar necklaceNK-BAR-103 | $34.00LOVEsilver bar necklaceNK-BAR-106 | $34.00MOMsilver bar necklaceNK-BAR-109 | $34.00AMORsilver bar necklaceNK-BAR-112 | $34.00INSPIREgold bar necklaceNK-BAR-101 | $36.00FAMILYgold bar necklaceNK-BAR-104 | $36.00LOVEgold bar necklaceNK-BAR-107 | $36.00MOMgold bar necklaceNK-BAR-110 | $36.00AMORgold bar necklaceNK-BAR-113 | $36.00INSPIRErose gold bar necklaceNK-BAR-102 | $38.00FAMILYrose gold bar necklaceNK-BAR-105 | $38.00LOVErose gold bar necklaceNK-BAR-108 | $38.00MOMrose gold bar necklaceNK-BAR-111 | $38.00AMORrose gold bar necklaceNK-BAR-114 | $38.0032 make life beautiful 33 Choose the Starter Kit that best suits your budget and your goals.$59.00{$140.00 value}$199.00{$800.00 value}Your first step...Join our familyITS FUN ITS LUCRATIVE ITS UNLIMITED ITS SATISFYINGWe believe in having fun while building your business. There is no greater fun than friends creating beautiful things together.Our compensation plan pays you up to 40% commissions whenever a customer buys jewelry because of your efforts.Because you can enroll other Artists, youre not limited to what you can achieve on your ownyou benefit financially from the efforts of others.The biggest reward of being an Artist may be the happiness you bring to your customers and the prosperity you bring to your team.SOCIAL INTRO JEWELRY 1 locket 3 charms 1 screen 1 wrapBUSINESS TOOLS Getting Started Guide 10 catalogs 10 postcards 10 order forms 25 business cards 10 Host Brochures 10 Opportunity Brochures 1 interested in South Hill pad 1 ring sizer 1 month back officeSOCIAL STARTERJEWELRY 3 lockets 63 charms 2 chains 2 droplets 4 screens or coins 2 wraps 1 pair earrings 1 bar necklaceBUSINESS TOOLS Getting Started Guide 25 catalogs 25 postcards 20 order forms 25 business cards 10 Host Brochures 10 Opportunity Brochures 1 interested in South Hill pad 1 South Hill tote 1 polishing cloth 1 charm case 2 charm tweezers 2 glass votives 1 ring sizer 1 month back officeSOCIAL ESSENTIALJEWELRY 4 lockets 1 locket bracelet 69 charms 4 chains 2 droplets 6 screens or coins 1 embellishment 2 wraps 1 crystal wrap 1 pair earrings 1 bar necklace 1 vintage bangle 1 bangle charmBUSINESS TOOLS Getting Started Guide 25 catalogs 25 postcards 20 order forms 25 business cards 10 Host Brochures 10 Opportunity Brochures 1 interested in South Hill pad 1 South Hill tote 1 polishing cloth 1 charm case 2 charm tweezers 2 glass votives 1 ring sizer 1 month back office*See website for a detailed list of items included in each kit.I came into South Hill searching for a way to earn extra money and ended up making it my full time job. Every day I change the lives of others by simply sharing my own experience and the opportunity. I show others how South Hill has a REAL opportunity for professional growth. I own my own business and my destiny. I am proud to say that I am also financially free. Thank you South Hill, I love your line of products, and have great respect for the company. Maribel B. Toa Alta, Puerto RicoInitially, I wasnt interested in joining a new company but decided to take a look after two weeks. It was love at first sight! I loved the ability to choose which charms I wanted to wear in my locket on a daily basis. All I did was show others the amazing product line and soon my sales were taking off like a rocket. What I love most is that is impossible to help someone on your team without helping yourself at the same time! South Hill has shown me that you dont have to have a formal education, be the best dressed or skinniest girl in the room to be successful. Being genuine is what counts. South Hill is my home and I wouldnt want to be any other place. Julie M. Alabama, United StatesMy South Hill Story is one born out of a love for beautiful jewellery, but also of a desire to make things personal to me. South Hill has changed my life immeasurably. Financial freedom is something that many of us seek. I have four small sons, who are continually out-growing-clothes. Not having to worry about where to find the money to pay for new uniforms or an endless string of school trips is a huge relief. Im also more social now! Chatting with ladies as we create masterpieces, hearing their stories, and hearing my teams success is just as exciting for me as it is for them because I know Im making a difference. Sam D. Bodelwyddan, United KingdomBecoming an Artist is FUN!Here's what real Artists are saying about their South Hill Journey:* South Hill Designs does not guarantee that Independent Consultants will be successful. Your financial results are dependent on your effort, dedication and sales skill. Statistics on actual income results are in South Hill Designs Consultant Income Disclosure Summary at$199.00{$600.00 value}$299.00{$900.00 value}34 make life beautiful 35