Sort out your life with a to-do list

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  • Sort Out Your Life

    with a To-Do List

  • There is something so very

    satisfying about crossing a task

    off your To Do list.

  • If you dont write yourself any other handy lists, this is a very good

    place to start.

  • If your To Do list is very long, then

    you might need to examine your life

    a bit. Do you really need to get all

    those things done in one day?

  • Or can some of them be left off,

    delayed slightly or delegated?

    Perhaps its time for you to be more realistic in your expectations for

    yourself and possibly say no to a

    few requests.

  • Dont beat yourself up and tell yourself youre a failure just

    because youre not Superman or Superwoman and cant get

    everything in a massive list done

    within a 24 hour period.

  • Even if you could get it all done,

    you wont be able to sustain that sort of pressure for long burnout and/or depression are likely results

    of this sort of over-achievement.

  • The Greeks have a proverb that

    says that if you try to do more than

    three major tasks in one day, the

    gods will kick you. Its good advice!

  • But theres more to making lists than just To Do lists.

  • Another very good list that will help

    you beat stress and make you feel

    better about yourself is a gratitude


  • This sort of list will help you get

    some perspective on life and help

    you realise that youve got plenty to be happy about.

  • You can write one big gratitude list

    in a single session where you try to

    list, say, 50 things that youre grateful for.

  • Another possibility is to have a

    gratitude list as a form of journal,

    where you write down a minimum

    of six things that youve enjoyed that day or youre grateful for.

  • These can be simple things, such

    as sunny weather or great cup of coffee for morning tea or more

    significant things like manage to close the deal with that important


  • Gratitude lists are especially helpful

    if you feel the years creeping up on

    you and you start hankering to be a

    teenager again:

  • make a list of all the reasons why

    the age you are is better than

    being a teenager (come on, you

    dont really want to go back to the days of school uniforms, exams

    and acne, do you?).

  • Gratitude lists look back, but other

    lists look forward.

  • Make a list of your goals. These

    can be from any area of life, such

    as career, family, travel or health.

  • Dont censor yourself nobodys going to see this list except you!

  • Live your life to the fullest. Beat the

    stress and sort out your life with a

    smart to-do list.

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